Ch12 - p02

January 11, 2017, at 12:00 AM

Let's start off with a battle. I really enjoy the odd mix of armoured knights fighting giant magicky robots plus skull goaty snake dragons plus cavalry. Once it's all brought together it's a beautiful motley mess.


  1. first! weee first time wee i never get to say that, yay!
    ark on
  2. Why does it sometimes seem more sad when war animals die in battle than the existence of the actual war itself? Perhaps because it is not cause, only something they have been blindly trained for. At least humans can drape themselves in patriotism and try to find meaning when there is none.
    Hans on
  3. BTW love seeing magical giant mecha in this comic
    ark on
  4. This arc looks sweet!
    JudgeMontrose on
  5. Birthday update!! Sweet! Poor vliegeng. D:
    Snowy on
  6. Looks awesome! Can't wait for more pages :D
    Auranox on
  7. I'm real happy you're back!
    anon on
  8. Nice start Ashely! What is that net behind the Mecha, some kind of pymeric defense field?
    Bullmoose2016 on
  9. Thanks for coming back to us. Life has been difficult enough, doing without Unsounded has made it worse. Why are these people fighting?
    Hilfy on
  10. I don't speak the language, but I'm pretty sure our pilot buddy is about to be offered a show of "what they're after".
    Holaved on
  11. Oh! I finally realized what the pyra-mechs remind me of. Phyrexians!
    Mic on
  12. @Bullmoose: It's right on the coast, so perhaps it's the edge of the khert? Wouldn't that be nifty..
    Melarec on
  13. @Mic Just hope that Yawgmoth is no where to be found.
    Despair on
  14. War never changes, but it looks prety damn awesome in this world :D!
    Dénes Balázs on
  15. I just love all the FFX references and easter eggs. At least one of the blades of the firewalker construct in the middle of the top frame appears to be modeled after the Brotherhood sword. And another one seems to resemble Caladbolg. What can be more fitting for a FFX-themed double-wielder?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  16. First of all, welcome back! Second of all...who are the opposing forces here? Cresce and who else?
    Sarah on
  17. @Bullmoose: My theory is that it's a targeting grid on the heads-up display in one of the firelopers.
    Some Old Guy on
  18. @Sarah. Alderode I'm pretty sure, since they are at war and they got their armour and ride those creepily awesome skull-snakey-thingys which I always forget the name on. Vliegeng?
    Scarlet Robe on
  19. Those appear to be Unluck Dragons falling from the sky. This must be their Imminently Ending Story.
    sinnison on
  20. Magnificent page! The grid could be a Crescian border defense system, maybe?
    GreenArcher on
  21. So happy we're back (he meant to comment on Monday). The art kinda makes the dude in the middle of the construct's transparent head look cut in half, with the black ring and the blood that appears to be trailing out of his middle.
    rovingpen on
  22. @Melarec: The khert is projected from the ground, so its edge is a certain distance from it. That includes the bottom of the ocean, so you need to be over a sea of certain depth to actually leave it. I'm pretty sure this is a net made of solidity aspect, created with a pymaric carried by the construct that was developed as a quick way to counter vliegengs.
    YairJ on
  23. Bet on the Aldish Phrase? I'd try with "You ask US what we are after!?" Or something like that. Well, it could also be "The only good Crescian is a dead Crescian"... :D
    Sparky on
  24. Ashley has answered some questions over on Tumblr: The mesh is a barrier cast by Crescian wrights to try to keep the vliegeng from crossing the river (and it is a river, not the ocean), the Aldish soldier is insulting the manhood and/or virtue of the fireloper crew, and the Aldish forces are "looking very pointedly for something very important."
    Now the unanswered questions:
    1. What are they looking for? the weaponized silver? Uaid? some new plot device not yet introduced? some old plot device that's gone unnoticed?
    2. Who is the Aldish soldier in the last panel? Lemuel? a new character not yet named? a throwaway character we'll never see again?
    Some Old Guy on
  25. Poor vliegeng, they don't get armor? ;; i suppose that might hamper their flight, though. i'm curious to see where this POV is heading...
    99redragons on
  26. (MRW I'm reading the description: "OMGosh Ashley, if you say 'moiety' one more time..." ;P)

    Pretty epic scene, there. Just watched that same scene in Disney's Hercules (Hydra with a Colombian necktie, anyone?) Those vliegeng look awful goofy, though. It's so cool to see inside the firelopers, though; giant pymaric shield, two guys inside, one in a sort of flying seat-thing with arm controls? How cool.

    Thanks YairJ for clearing that up for Melarec.

    Khyrberos on
  27. OH THANK GOD YOU'RE BACK oh thank heavens I didn't think I was going to make it I'm SO HAPPY LET'S DOOOOO THIIIIIIIIIIS
    John M on
  28. Aha. Thanks everyone; that does make much more sense.
    Though I do like the idea of the edge of the Khert being visible when Pymary is being worked nearby..
    Melarec on