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February 15, 2017, at 12:00 AM

Okay, maybe this part didn't actually happen. But the rest was spot on!


  1. "Unsounded" count: 3
    JediJax on
  2. The khert is aliiiiive... with unsounded muuuuusiiiiic....
    Us on
  3. Isn't that a line from Ssael's scripture? "And let us sound the great Unsounded!"
    Yazuki on
  4. Should have skipped Wednesday and publish at least two pages on Friday for stronger effect, unless the entire sequence is longer, then more pages and a longer wait would be in order. I would be OK with that. Something like this needs a complete narration of the entire event.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  5. I knew it, I knew it! Was too busy passing the Plague amidst my brood to say so, but I (internally) called it! This is no flashback, this be a dream!

    I am just eating up the dialogue on this page. This Black Tongue is just so mellifluous & dire. And that eye-thing!? I know we'll never get an explanation, but I gotta know what's going on with that! Third eye??


    Khyrberos on
  6. Dream sequence
    Citron on
  7. Okay, from Lem's face, I'm more convinced of the suicide theory.. Not fully though.
    And it seems Duane is having a bad dream? or a corrupted memory? Interesting seeing the Silver here..

    @TripleM; For every update, I go back and read the previous page and then the new page. I find it helps the flow and is far more engaging than reading only the new page.
    Something to consider, anyway.
    Melarec on
  8. so what is this great "unsounded" i hear?
    Weeb on
  9. Is this a dream? Or after rebirth? Can't tell... can't wait till the next.
    Tyu on
  10. Oh hey, Title Card. Roll Credits.
    Wolfric on
  11. @Melarec: "For every update, I go back and read the previous page"

    But we cannot go forward and read the next page. Hence my suggestion.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  12. @MMM (Yet again) It's getting seriously tiring reading every single page and every single time you attempt to find something wrong with it. I know you're just going to disregard this like you do every single time someone says something remotely negative towards you, but might as well try to get through a bit. It isn't helped that you almost always disregard/argue with anyone else's opinion. As to the comic itself, I'm taking this to be one of Duane's night dreams. The imagery towards the end of it reminds me of his later times in the Khert.
    Not a Name on
  13. Is Duane having some sort of ... fleshback?
    mangor on
  14. @mangor Well done, sir (or madam). Well done.
    ReyMonoArdilla on
  15. Duane's in the Khert (I think)! Is he having some doubts? Dangerous, Duane, you true Ssaelit!
    Karel on
  16. Well, that's the silver weapon in the lower right corner, or I'm a Marmoset.
    Holaved on
  17. @TripleM, you do know you can just wait and read the whole chapter at once, right? that's what is for.
    Mousie87 on
    Zelameh on
  19. The diologue for this and the poetic implications of the title gives me braingasms.
    Zelameh on
  20. This page is beautiful. Well, like always? This comic is great, man!!
    Damiano on
  21. The dialogue on this page reminds me that sounding is the process of measuring the depth of the water. If the khert is the great Unsounded, does that mean it is the great Unmeasured?
    Rix Scaedu on
  22. Ashley, you have a true gift for doing dream sequences.
    kradeelav on
  23. Can always count on you, Triple-M, to tell Ashley what she *should* with a sense of inevitable authority.
    McFerocious on
  24. @McFerocious: "a sense of inevitable authority."

    Only death and taxes are inevitable. I am not.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  25. The fact I can never tell between flashback and nightmare sequence speaks volumes about the subtlety of this comic.
    Turtle Lord on
  26. AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!! I can't take it! I keep telling myself to let a few pages build up, but I don't, and then AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!! I think I know why bears hibernate. It's because the suspense is KILLING THEM!!!
    John M on
  27. @ Triple-M: Death, taxes, misery, and the curious tendency of objects placed on one's lap while sitting to gravitate to and beneath one's ass, in my observation. But only when they're not being observed. I'll write a paper on the phenomenon of Ass Gravity some day but I don't anticipate it winning any prizes. Getting away from the tangent: I think you are a little bit inevitable. When I take the time to glance at the comments section I can always, without fail, expect to find you there towards the top. I think the day I check and don't find you I'll immediately be gripped with worry that you've gone and died on me. That's despite the fact that I seldom like the things you have to say -- not criticizing, just being frank. I think over the years I have come to accept that for good or ill, you will always be You, and you don't owe it to me or anyone to change how you present yourself in these comments even if they grate on the ol' nerves a bit. So I don't think we'll ever get on well, Triple-M, but you're golden. I expect you to inevitably be here for years to come, otherwise my world might turn inside out.
    McFerocious on
  28. @MMM @John M I think of this sputtering of pages as talking with someone with a cognitive deficit.
    FrogCrossing on
  29. @McFerocious: "I expect you to inevitably be here for years to come"

    Ssael may pluck me out of here any time He wishes. Suddenly!
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  30. This panel is Nice.

    That blacktongues looked awesome on so many layers! Also badass cloak! Badass mask! Badass tattoo!

    His words are awesome too.

    That's how you make badass villains! I mean yeah - he is one of many blacktongues so you can say he is a casual. But badass nonetheless.

    Also just now managed to see all the updates after new year.

    Central building in ch12_06.html is absolutely sexy. It's as insane as khert and it blows my mind. That combination of arches, natural gardens, floor windows, and almost zero bearing support... It has all sorts of interesting ways.

    I have a guess about that building's worst enemy in Unsounded world, but it's just a wild guess yet. ^ ^
    Jenny on
  31. Thank you for the positivity Jenny. And i suddenly have images of our favorite betailed lass jumping out of a castle window with a panicked expression. And remembering my name's sake's comment about what the liontailed monotreme's invasion would look like. Why am i listening to Ravel's Bolero while writing this?, it always ends with a ramping disaster scenes going through my head.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'2 on
  32. Such a great page, as every other page is <3 Also I don't follow other people's confusion about Lemuel's reaction on the previous page? I thought the woman pretty clearly committed suicide and Lemuel's response was sheer shock and a reflex reference to Ssael's law against self-slaughter (whereas Duane was referencing the decree against reanimating the dead?) Though this is just supposition on my part.
    Roo on
  33. @Mad'Monster'Maniac'2"Why am I listening to Ravel's Bolero while writing this?"

    Well, that's easy. The entire melody of Ravel's Bolero is woven around a steady, constant, unchanging background beat. It's always there, behind the melody, always discernible. This rhythm reminds you of atomic clocks on space warships of liontailed monotremes, counting down the time until their arrival to an orbit around the sun of Kasslyne. The rising vigor of the melody reflects the sequence of activating the shipboard systems, warming the space-cold ships up to comfortable temperature, filling them with breathable air instead of vacuum, and, finally, waking up the hibernating liontailed monotreme troops from their suspended animation. The culmination of the Bolero toward the end symbolizes the actual invasion of Kasslyne by the liontailed monotremes.
    Truly, this is what Ravel's Bolero is an allegory of!
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  34. The tendrils, the metallic looking tendrils, reaching up from the bottom edge...
    namelessbastard on
  35. @tripleM Do all the Liontailed monotremes look the same, or do they have slight deviations due to mutations? Do they have castes based on these mutations?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'2 on
  36. @Mad'Monster'Maniac'2: Liontailed monotremes exist as a single civilization for so long, that all racial and ethnic differences among them have disappeared. Their languages also converged into a single universal tongue. As a spacefaring machine civilization, they do occasionally suffer from mutations from accidental radiation exposure, however, these mutations are routinely cured by gene therapy. Genetic counseling is also available to prospective couples to avoid manifestation of recessive mutations in their offspring. Liontailed monotremes do not have castes and all enjoy equal rights and opportunities, but they have a system of narrowly specialized trade guilds due to lengthy and extensive training required to enter any of occupations available in their technotronic civilization. This long training pays off socially, because liontailed monotreme are a very long-lived species. As much as they have to lose from untimely death, this, however, does not diminish their courage, tenacity and ferocity in battle. They have a meritocratic market economy with very strong labor and consumer protections. They have no environmental law per se, since genetic engineering was conducted for so long, that entire natural environment of every one of their planets is a carefully engineered artificial ecology, specifically tailored for every particular planet being colonized or terraformed for the habitation of liontailed monotreme population. Their equivalent of our environmental law falls under the occupational safety and consumer protection legislation.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  37. @TripleM Okay, i see where i went wrong. I didn't know what monotreme meant. For some reason i thought you were talking about an asexually reproducing species. My mistake, i fisrt heard the theory in a post about wether or not sette possessed reproductive organs. I looked it up, and understand now. And now i have the mental image of a young Sette freaking out about people eating eggs. Do the liontailed monotremes have instincts that make them want to protect eggs?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'2 on
  38. Monotremes are echidnas and platypi - egg-laying mammals with all the frontal naughty bits stuffed all frog-like into the back-facing dirty bits - and I only now figured out we all mean Sette. She's lion-tailed and a monotreme. Poor lass. I really admires Duane's serious, committed faith, against the agit-prop of corrosive rationalists who think they've found secret knowledge but as often as not do really bad things justified to themselves with their intellect. Decency and wisdom trump mere brains in the real world.
    Honzinator on
  39. @Mad'Monster'Maniac'2: "Do the liontailed monotremes have instincts that make them want to protect eggs?"

    Of course. Eggs of liontailed monotremes that is. But they keep many species of poultry, including egg-laying dinosaurs and other reptiles, as well as farm mononoterme livestock, and use them for everything we use our poultry for, omelette, fried eggs, poached eggs, etc. included. We eat veal and lamb, do we not? Same with liontailed monotremes.

    Throughout their history, liontailed monotremes developed many kinds of communal incubators for liontailed monotreme eggs. These village and town hatching facilities greatly contributed to advancement of women's rights in the culture of liontailed monotremes, as well as to solidifying the social cohesion of the liontailed monotreme communities.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  40. @Honzinator: "egg-laying mammals with all the frontal naughty bits stuffed all frog-like into the back-facing dirty bits"

    Not only that - they secrete their milk right through the skin of their chests! Notice, that Sette has no VISIBLE nipples. However, given that mammaries have evolved from sweat glands, this is not all that different from us placentals. Monotremes just have them shaped and arranged differently. Puggles (the young of the monotremes aged between hatching and weaning, and those who apply this term to crosses between pugs and beagles can take a hike!) lick the milk, rather than suck it.

    As for their bits being naughty - they are extra-naughty: the copulative organs of male monotremes have all of FOUR heads! No wonder Sette was instinctively disgusted by advances of Artcrit Ramora. Eww!
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  41. @Honzinator: "Decency and wisdom trump mere brains in the real world."

    True, for our world. But not in the Crapsack World of Kasslyne.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  42. @tripleM I have missed a number of your entries on the lion tailed monotremes? did you ever state how Sette ended up on Kassalyne, or how she found her way into the care of Nary-a-Care? Secondly, i motion that the Liontailed Monotremes now be referred to as Settetanians, based on the name of our only confirmed specimen. Does anyone second the motion?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'2 on
  43. @Both MMMs: I humbly submit that we are all of us mollusks. Except me, I'm an impossible particle stream.
    TachyonCode on
  44. @Mad'Monster'Maniac'2: "did you ever state how Sette ended up on Kasslyne...?"

    I did. Here it is:

    "i motion that the Liontailed Monotremes now be referred to as Settetanians"

    Liontailed Monotremes populate a myriad planets, they can hardly be called collectively after any one of them. Sette may call them "Settetanians" once she sees them and realizes what they are. Remember, she never saw another liontailed monotreme. If anyone overhears her saying that, that may be the name they will be known under, uttered by the Kasslynites with the same attitude the Irish say "Black and Tans". But not for long - until the last Kasslynite falls to the relentless vengeful fury of the liontailed monotremes. Just like "Mas Afuera" is now known as "Selkirk Island", the liontailed monotremes will name their newly colonized world after Sette. And this is how former Kasslyne will become Settetania for all the eternity. Once the colony of Settetania is established, those liontailed monotremes, who consider Settetania their homeworld, will be known to all other liontailed monotremes as Settetanians. So there are no Settetanians yet. But there will be!
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  45. I call a motion to amend the motion that all participants are mollusks, exempting TachyonCode, who is an impossible particle stream. I wish to amend the assertion that we are all mollusks, and assert that we are instead undefined intelligent, sentient and sapient beings. I have no comment on whether or not TachyonCode is or is not an impossible stream of particles.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'2 on
  46. I call the question on any short hand name for liontailed monotremes?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'2 on
  47. @TachyonCode: "I'm an impossible particle stream."

    As any such stream, you must possess wave qualities along with corpuscular ones. This is how your personality is encoded into tachyons. No surprises there.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  48. @Mad'Monster'Maniac'2: "short hand name for liontailed monotremes"

    Do we need one? Copy-&-paste served me OK with the term "liontailed monotremes". I guess they call themselves "normal people", just like "maori" means "normal", "ordinary", "conventional". They are betailed creatures from outer space. Wanna call them "Spacetails"?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  49. Several ours after the fact, i have dropped the issue. In other cases, do you have any non liontailed monotreme related thoughts on the themes and plot of the story? i'm eager to see Sette interacting with people on the raft, Duane trying to be fatherly, and the likely loquacious arguments that Duane and Quigley are going to have. About everything.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'2 on
  50. hours, not hours. none, not non.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'2 on
  51. @Mad'Monster'Maniac'2: "do you have any non liontailed monotreme related thoughts on the themes and plot of the story"

    As to predictions - no, predictability of the plot, outside of obvious tropes, is low, which is good. As to general trends - fairly easy: there WILL be a lot of deception and betrayals, since betrayals have been repeatedly used as a major plot device, so it is reasonable to expect more of that. Expect believably disgusting villains, completely irredeemable. Keep in mind though, I may be mistaken. For example, the character of Elka was consistently revolting to me, despite reasonably comely looks. She was committing one despicable deed after another. And then she saved the kids from otherwise inevitable death at the cost of a disfiguring injury to herself. Subsequently she acted rather commendably to Emil Sava, again putting herself in peril. Her choices may or may not yield personal gain for her, depending whether the plot against Manaraishala Sonorie is successful, but at least Elka took sides, and, therefore, took risks. Still, Ashley described Elka to be prone to be "messing" even with her love interests - which appears to explain why nobody seems to come forward to become one. So expect to find more about characters you seem to know reasonably well.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on