Ch12 - p18

February 20, 2017, at 12:00 AM

If anyone in the world is in a position to ask god to explain himself, Duane, I'd say it's you. You're in his neighbourhood, go find him! Surely one of the giant horrors can Google Map him for you.


  1. OK, Kasslyne being a Crapsack World is finally admitted.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  2. That Khertscape is GORGEOUS! All the little DETAILS... Also I want to know what the Khert is up with all those "giant horrors".
    The_Squished_Elf on
  3. I'm really hoping Duane wakes up wrapped in Uaid's stomach tentacle things. I would like Duane waking to find himself awkwardly enveloped by pymarics and/or constructs to become a frequent occurrence.
    ReyMonoArdilla on
  4. Every time Duane gets to pontificating about his god, I wonder: if it turns out the gods never did exist, would he just pull up his boots and take Ssael's place? He's just a man, not a god - but that's the whole point of his religion, isn't it?
    JohnSmith on
  5. he's gold underneath that cape - wonder what cosmic reasoning for this is. There must be a reason for bird boobs to take sucha an interest. Murloc struggles, she ain't helping him lol
    feather on
  6. I wonder is Duane doubts Sseal... would Duane remake the world if he was in Sseal's position?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'420 on
  7. @Mad'Monster'Maniac'420: It's "Ssael", not "Sseal".
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  8. I find Duane more pensive and calm when he is in the Khert. It's like a different Duane. His beliefs are or will be shaken by the Khert, for sure ... Don't like how Lady I flatters him, though. What game is she playing?
    Karel on
  9. Also: the Khert has predators!! Can a happy squish truly disappear? With the memory it is, too?
    Karel on
  10. Ever since Rahm and Bastion's conversation about Lady Ilganyag I am amused by the notion that any black tongue would cry themselves to sleep if they knew how much face time Duane is getting with her.
    Asthix on
  11. Ohh boy, so were talking human extinction because only then is the possibility of every human reaching him !
    Mistwraith on
  12. If my assumptions are correct, none of the memories remaining in the Khert truly disappear... they just get more diffuse, condense into various substances, Khert-flora, and Khert-fauna. // I'm assuming something like the conservation of mass and energy is at play in that realm, otherwise it would make a very poor "ever-after hoard". // Obviously there is also some principle at work, that keeps like memories with like, to some extent - I say, look to the red and yellow scheme that never seems to vanish even from the "terrain", if you want an inkling of proof. (Blues and grays also seem to exist, although blues I'm guessing are bittersweet but powerful memories that aren't quite suffering, and grays I'd guess would be... memories of hardship and labor?) // Also, one of those "horrors" in the background is clearly two people gettin' it on...
    TachyonCode on
  13. I love the two little fishies hugging in the last panel!
    MikeLinPA on
  14. "so bloody fleeting"--am wondering whose blood it is that gives this oath its meaning in this world.

    Duane is bound to discover something that sheds new light on the writings of Ssael. I keep trying not to guess. Too deeply influenced by human experience. Anyway I sincerely doubt that if Ssael existed and made his way to some original source, he couldn't kill it--maybe stop its life-building experiments. And retool the khert system? Build fast lane or EZ Pass system? And watch that break down too?
    awhorl on
  15. All hail Sseal, He Who Lays About and Eats Fish. He Who Teaches the Value of Not Thinking About It and Simply Acting For Better.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'2 on
  16. Is it just me, or is titty-bird (I can't remember her name right now, sorry) being almost a confident for Duane right now? It's... oddly reassuring to see, to be honest.
    Turtle Lord on
  17. So. I've been reading some back-chapters and thinking. From Rahm and Bastion's talk, we now know that Bastion has spent a significant length of time as an "awol Black-Tongue" for lack of a better term, and that he has done so apparently on a mission or missions, for Lady Ilganyag. And Bastion created undead Dwayne only six years ago. Could Dwayne's entire undead existence be at her command? Is he a pet project of hers from the start, perhaps to create another Khert walker? And now, she is perhaps grooming him toward some specific purpose?
    The Gorram Batguy on
  18. That's a pretty insightful squish there in the third panel.. Wonder where it learned so much about Ssael..
    *giggles* (I guess it's supposed to be Duane talking, isn't it..)
    @Karel; & @ThatImpossibleParticleStream;
    I would like to think that things like the Squishes are just unprocessed (or not fully processed) memories. They get eaten, digested, then pooed out and become part of the "floor" or "ground," as it were. The predators are simply big memory processors.
    At least.. It'd be nice to think that..
    The Squish is probably just straight up dead.
    Melarec on
  19. @Mad'Monster'Maniac'2: "All hail Sseal"

    Hmm, Christ, Aslan, Ssael...there must be some world, where the local Messiah is a seal.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  20. @M'M'M An Unsounded AU where everyone is seals. Except for Sette. She is a sea lion.
    OtherJustin on
  21. @M'M'M ALL HAIL SSEAL! FISH FOR THE FISH LORD! BLUBBER FOR HIS BUTT! (welp, that turned into an Ed phrase. read it in his voice) @OtherJustin i really want to see that au now. And it even makes sense with Sette. Sea lions are more nimble on land than seals. The land can be the khert. Or something. Seals are better swimmers. Though sea lions are ironically the more social species
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'2 on
  22. @OtherJustin, @Mad'Monster'Maniac'2:
    This alternative universe is where "We all float down here!"
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  23. MadMonsterManiac - literally for God's sake, man. Their world, like ours, is not a "Crapsack word" any more than it is Paradise. To have free will, we have to ahve the freedom to screw up. Would any truly loving parent give any child everything it wants? Only the most willfully blind fool would ... because constant wish fulfillment ruins people more than even torture does. Duane is a sophisticate in such things, not a modernist child. There's a reason (which I do not know and am eager to learn or just guess at) why his sect resembles Calvinists, warring against sybaritic pagans.
    Honzinator on
  24. @Honzinator: I have previously outlined in detail which differences from the real world make Kasslyne a Crapsack World. And now there is an explicit in-the-world statement to this effect. Do I need to say more?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  25. @Melarec Yes that would be nice to interpret it this way.. Even though the hugging squishes seem so relieved to have been spared.. Oh God there are even pieces of the eaten one coming out o__o
    Karel on
  26. @M'M'M I don't think Duane's statement can be taken as confirmation, the reason being that it is an in-world statement, which is merely the character's opinion, not necessarily the author's.
    Anon 1389 on
  27. @Anon 1389: I simply agree with Duane. He is right. As to the author - this is not a "show and tell". Once she SHOWS, there is no need to TELL. And what she showed us is unambiguously Crapsack World.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  28. @ Honzinator @MMM @anon The world is built for drama. Ideological extremes, magic, and we're at it's most dramatic moment. Or a dramatic moment, where the world goes even more insane and dramatic, aka terrible. Duane is a rotting mess and Sette is a confused mess. Both question their place in the world, and the world expresses this, by being at war with itself. Crapsack World seems extreme, but so far it's stuck to the tv tropes definition of crapsack world. The situation keeps getting darker and worse. I think it will get lighter, at least have more down time on the barge, like the first chapter, but currently: Duane is wrapped up in supernatural shenanigans, Cresce and Alderode have declared war, and Sette is at risk of being sold as a sex slave. Things have gotten a lot worse. the reason i say Kassalyne is not a Crapsack world, is because things could get better. For instance, the Liontailed Monotremes is on it's way, and wipe out the inferior peoples.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'2 on
  29. @Mad'Monster'Maniac'2: "For instance, the Liontailed Monotremes is on it's way, and wipe out the inferior peoples."

    Yes! And this is how "Unsounded" will have its happy ending!
    But then, there will no longer be a Crapsack World called Kasslyne.
    In its place there will be a blissful Eden called Settetania.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on