Ch12 - p19

February 22, 2017, at 12:00 AM

Forgive a pensive and troubled corpse his ramblings.


  1. A very mystery school way of looking at the world, Duane. This comic jives with everything I love, ty Ashley!
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'420 on
  2. Theological monologues are always a great form of exposition.
    Pest on
  3. "Forgive a pensive and troubled corpse his ramblings."

    Not just him. Lady Ilganyag also reveals a lot.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  4. Corpse forgiven
    Sherell on
  5. Avast seems to believe that the background image of the main inlay of this website is a "threat".
    DarkRevenant on
  6. Holy shit. A positive post from MMM.
    Not a Name on
  7. Cue Murkoph.
    Tehbeefer on
  8. I hate to say it, but in addition to DarkRevenant's post I'm getting a warning from Avast about Chapter 11's index image (/index/11_thumb.jpg). I'm sure these are just false positives though.
    Enkidu on
  9. Not using Avast, but Adblock plus was giving me grief about the background until I turned it off (first time I've been back to the site since I installed it) just contributing info. =D
    Xenowolff on
  10. There's a background image? I assumed it was "this background left intentionally blank" for effect. Turned AdBlock plus off, still no background :/ Also this might be the first time I've commented here i don't remember, so lemme just add :heart eyes at the entire comic:
    Shweta on
  11. The great ramblings hide some fancy action: does the Khert's physics work differently, or did the weird branch just stop his fall? Was he trying to go down the Khert?
    Karel on
  12. Those hand-tendril things are such a wickedly creative piece of the khert, gosh. also it's interesting how you show duane's so much more comfortable walking in it in his dreams (walking off the cliff blithely, etc) - not much regard for his body there. Wonder if that says more about his mentality than most ...
    kradeelav on
  13. @DarkRevenant,Xenowolff,Shweta: [eerie disembodied voice of Obi Wan:] Use the Source, Luke.
    If you look at the html code for pages 17, 18, and 19, you'll see that we went from no background to a color gradient to a solid white background. The comic pages haven't had an actual background image since Chapter 11, page 89. It appears that Ashley dropped the background image for the Ilganyag/Murkoph scene and never added it back. Or were you referring to the comment page (i. e., this one)?
    Some Old Guy on
  14. @someoldguy comment page for me, don't know about any of the folks you were talking to.
    spoop on
  15. Haven't done anything different with the site, guys, so not sure what could be setting off flags. I use uBlock and am not getting any.
    Ashley on
  16. @Karel: It seems physics here are merely a notion. He simply walked over the edge, and was then walking on it's underside. Reminds me a lot of lucid dreaming.
    Alphalogic on
  17. Speaking of backgrounds, chap 11 pages 90, 91, 92, have no background. Chap 12 the last 2 pages, 18 & 19 have no background. Now I'm behind a myriad of firewalls etc and Adblock at work and I've never gotten an Adblock notice or a squawk from all the other IT crap so I don't know what to say. I didn't try to examine the HTML code.
    Iceea on
  18. 1) Is Dwayne weeping? Are the facial lines I perceive in the two vertically middle panels tear streaks? Or are those lines something else altogether? 2) By what does he mean "silver ghosts"? I remember red ones and yellow ones, but not silver. Does he mean Silver, as in Silvers/Plats from Alderode, perhaps lamenting their short earthly lives?
    The Gorram Batguy on
  19. @Batguy: I think those lines are some sort of khert lines. I believe the silver ghosts he's referring to are the memories/blood eels that were attracted to the silver weapon back in chapter 10. I seem to remember Delicieu saying something about helping them escape the khert.
    Some Old Guy on
  20. the virus warnings are definitely being set off by the false flag of MMM actually making a positive comment about this comic for once
    imhilarious on
  21. @Ashley Your site is fine. Avast is throwing a bunch of false positives again. @DarkRevenant Avast is broken; check their forums.
    Dakhath on
  22. Y'know, it occurs to me that this might be the first time in months that Duane's had someone on his own mental level to talk to. He probably has a ton of venting to get out.
    Fawnet on
  23. In re Mad Monster Maniac's comment "Lady Ilganyag also reveals a lot." and Fawnet pointing out the two are on a level intellectually (and both are rather impractical - the Lady tries to protect children but generally kills them quite horridly), two thumbs up ... WAAAY up. Sette and Murkoph are a similarly grounded, empirical and practical pair.
    Honzinator on
  24. @Everyone, read the first commenter’s name more closely. No virus alerts here and adblockers seem fine. The fish cowering together from that eel is adorable and all is right in the world.
    Anonymous on
  25. I really like your 2 metaphors used in the third panel the dialogue in general is really good. Bonus points for Duane's David Bowie in Labyrinth effort that ended quite poorly. Great page :)
    Clint on
  26. We are metaphorical chameleons. we have our tails and ability to blend in. and a wonderful ability to cause chaos.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'2 on
  27. while i was looking at the lovely visuals of this page, i also imagined the dialogue to be taking place in the format of one of those dinosaur comics.
    butte on
  28. The silver ghost is Murkoph, methinks.
    Ithildyn on
  29. It's not just Avast; I'm running Firefox in Linux, and it saw fit to turn off the backgrounds for the past few panels. Something gave it indigestion.
    Zepp on
  30. I am using Lightning on Android (7.1.1), and the background was also blank for me a few minutes ago.
    Guest on
  31. Duane sells his philosophy well. Given the realities we've seen of the khert, I'd be inclined to share those opinions, with the exception that I think that Duane will inevitably be disappointed in whatever truths this comic reveals about Ssael.
    Early on
  32. The background is not missing, there's clearly an intentional difference when Duane enters the khert, notice how the background changes from the deep blue of water to pitch-black, then gradually fades away as he enters the other world. We'll get backgrounds back when he wakes up, I'm certain.
    Minnesaenger on
  33. Oh Duane, you, you god damned unicorn! It's nice to feel like you resonate with a character, even just a little.
    K on
  34. @ Some Old Guy Ah, yes, I think you're right on both points. Well done, and thanks for responding.
    The Gorram Batguy on
  35. I think Duane is Ssael, he just doesn't know it yet.
    Citron on
  36. "Evil" is very personal term. It is very dependent on culture and social-cell of a person who operates with it (also sometimes on his emotional state or personal experience). It is incredibly fuzzy and unspecific. Using it in conversation makes sense only for dialog between people who are on the same page about it's meaning >_>

    And it seems Duane and BlackTongue are on the same page about it. Which speaks volumes about that pair of misfits. They do have a few points to talk about, and what importantly, they need it. Perhaps they would not dislike to have that complex talk, even if there would be no need.

    By her expressions, actions and consequences of her actions, I don't get a vibe that BlackTongue is doing something underhanded to brainwash and use Duane as chess piece.

    She IS changing Duane. Her words, although tactful, are definitely targeted to budge and morph Duane's philosophy. But if his current understanding of world is inadequate then might suffer even more where otherwise he could be unharmed.

    As for Duane's ramblings - it's interesting that I don't get a liking to his creed, but still like his personality (which was formed by that creed I don't like ^ ^), and what's more interesting than that, I understand where his Ssaelism was born from - from facing problems and questions I find defining my own way of worldview. Unusual feeling - feeling not alike yet related by that crossroad... I wonder what could be the proper words to express it.
    Jenny on
  37. I find Duane's comments here to belong to the sort of religious fanatics who started the Inquisition, burned heretics and witches and nationalistic maidens at the stake, and burn religious texts that have been translated from Latin so the common people could read them. He seems very far from the husband of a lovely wife and the father of daughters. He reminds me of the desert monks who flee to isolated caves so they can be nearer to God, while avoiding all of God's creations. Clearly he hates the world because of what was taken from him, thinking only to curse the gods for the world, yet not willing to look at the evil and darkness within the soul. He thinks the soul is light and the body is darkness, much like how the Gnostics saw the soul as pure and the material body/world as evil.
    Horosha on
  38. @Jenny I agree. Duane's rant is VERY similar to my own thoughts on this subject. If we truly WERE made in his image, then why are our bodies so dang fragile? Why are we gifted things only to have them later be taken away? What is the point? I can honestly see why Ssaelism is popular over there. I might have been a follower myself. Maybe it's the narrative and the concept I enjoy. A man tired of how the twin gods ran the world, took them out, and took control himself to improve it.
    J.P. on
  39. I have only a vague idea of the plot at the moment, and even less of an idea what the hell he's talking about. (so confused, sorry)
    Noi on
  40. @Noi Currently, Duane is having a dream. Atleast his version of dreaming. He's inside of a magical plane, talking theology with a magic six titted bird lady who may or may not be a goddess. In the real world, Duane is a ravenous zombie who tied up on a barge, setting sail down a river with a Plat who hates him, a Crescian who is wrapped up in some kind of magic mumbo jumbo(only shown once, and a little betailed girl who may be at risk of being sold as a sex slave if she ever gets home. Two biggest countries, which they are currently in one, are going to war.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'2 on
  41. thanks that helped a lot
    Noi on