Ch12 - p20

February 24, 2017, at 12:00 AM

If you ever wondered what a baby mountain ogre (what Uaid is made out of) looked like in the wild, you can see some scuttling around their mama's back in the middle panel.


  1. Gorgeous page!
    Solucard on
  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww snap.
    Stretch on
  3. I like that green guy's butt.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'420 on
  4. At first, I was looking at the mountain ogres very carefully, looking for figures scuttling along their backs...

    And then it hit me. Those ARE the baby mountain ogres!
    Yazuki on
  5. Since Lady Ilganyag has to rely on the same stories as Kasslynites, there is no more value to what she says about the genesis of Kasslyne than the holy scripture of Kasslynite religions. Therefore, we learned no new information from her. What she says neither confirms, nor refutes the myths.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  6. Low blow, tittybird. Low blow.
    Bryn on
  7. Do you want to start a fight? Cuz that's how you start a fight.
    That guy on
  8. Wow
    Jenny on
  9. So adult mountain ogres aren't ogres that live on mountains; they ARE the mountain.
    TheMatchstickMan on
  10. I think that Lady Ilganyag's belief in the twin gods lends rather more credence to their existence than human religions. After all, humans have taught each other the belief in these gods, but the Lady had cognizance far before humanity did. The mythology of the twin gods, therefore, tracks fairly well with an understanding of the world before Man. Unless the Lady is either deliberately misleading Duane, or genuinely not remembering important details. I'm still not happy with marking down the gods and Gefendur mythology as absolute fact. But it seems more likely to be that than any particular religion lost to Gefendur crusading.

    It's interesting that the Tainish gods are unmentioned. As the first wrights, I might have thought they were more closely connected to its origins than most.
    Marcel on
  11. I don't know, Marcel, it could be that there is/was an omnipotent and timeless power and Lady I is well aware of it, but has no better name for it than the Twin gods. All of the baggage around the Gefendur religion is just something humans add to it. So I don't know, she also calls Duane "son of Ssael" implying Ssael is real. I just don't think she cares enough about it to split hairs.
    Fox on
  12. Spider Paw... I like that description for hands. Neat
    Crevab on
  13. @Marcel: She said: "I rely on the same stories as you".
    SAME STORIES. 'Nuff said.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  14. Did Ogres grow up? If so could they still grow up, or does the Khert keep that from happening anymore? And if it didn't could Uaid grow up with most of his body replaced with non-first materials? Either way it's kinda neat to see what Uaid would look like whole.
    Ammash on
  15. Dropping that Mikaila reference. Low blow crow-titties.
    Navarus on
  16. What mama? Oh! Ooooooh! BIG Mama!
    Narratorway on
  17. Oh wow, the pre-humanity world of eternal Senet Beasts gives me some strong Feelings about the concepts of ages ending.
    K25fF on
  18. Well, look at it this way Duane: Would you read a story without hardships, challenges and some food for thought? A "perfect" world would be plain boring. No one would create that - at least not if they intend to spend more time with it.
    SKy on
  19. Getting a real Gnostic vibe there, Duane.
    kuchra on
  20. @Fox: "... she also calls Duane "son of Ssael" implying Ssael is real" Odds are, she's using the name for him because that's what his religion calls its own believers. She's trying to respect his beliefs, because her knowledge of Sette disrespecting them by disregarding them (and how well that's worked for her) only causes him to argue with her belligerently. Though she does call Ssael a "paper god", and I think Duane has yet to take her meaning on that (being that he's largely invented and highly fictionalized by his own "faithful"). But this update does give me the hope that perhaps the Twin Gods are just visitors who've always been there, and that perhaps they weren't responsible for actually *creating* Kasslyne - it could've just already been there, in some form, and they changed it.
    TachyonCode on
  21. The gods aren't dead, Duane; they just went home. :-p P.S. If there's supposed to be a background image, I'm not seeing it. Disabled uBlock, even used a secure proxy - still nothing.
    Colin on
  22. Of course, we're just assuming Lady Ilganyag is telling him the truth. This all could be some scheme to advance her own agenda.
    Some Old Guy on
  23. I love the giant, cherubic Uaids.
    TheWrightStuff on
  24. Khert pages don't usually have background imgaes, Colin. I like to present them all on white, as they're happening outside the reality-space of the comic. When we return to reality, the site will return as well :)
    Ashley on
  25. Well, there goes my fan theory...@Ashley, you're amazing. Unsounded means a lot to me. Thank you so much. :D
    Luke on
  26. i like lady ilganyag's design much better here, for some reason. that isn't a slight against her design earlier, it's just less viscerally horrifying at this point. i wonder if duane in-universe expressed some qualms about her "human" appearance?
    ghost on
  27. @Marcel I think it was confirmed in an earlier ask that the old gods of Tain (or at least Lady Ilganyag) are the senet beasts.
    Smith on
  28. Duane is really enjoying this conversation, I think. Intelligent discussion!
    Turtle Lord on
  29. @Smith: This is new information to me, and I am looking forward to seeing if it proves true.

    @Fox: (Edit - coming back to this I have not answered your suggestion very well - it remains a valid interpretation of what's going on) There's still some value in seeing the Lady buy into that human baggage around the Gefendur interpretation. The Lady is specific and direct when describing her understanding of the gods - she does not claim any more knowledge of the subject than humans, meaning either that her knowledge comes from humans (making her very unreliable), that human knowledge comes from her, or that the Gefendur religion was derived from something more reliable than either the Lady or Humanity.

    @M'M'M: The stories she tells are completely unreliable, I agree. But as above, there is value in understanding her acceptance of these stories. We can tease information out from between the lines, from the attitudes and confidence with which she speaks, rather than simply taking her words as fact or disregarding them entirely. There is a middle ground, and I am going to try and find it.

    @Me: Right, so. The Gefendur mythology is derived from human knowledge, from Lady knowledge, or from a more reliable 3rd party.
    In the case of Human Knowledge: Gefendur was spread by the sword, which should not have affected the Lady, so why does she believe? Religion is also spread through exposure from a young age - clearly not so for the Lady. So, the Lady is either a convert, which is veeerry odd, or the assertion that there are twin gods is more convincing than just a human-forged religion.

    In the case of the Lady's Knowledge: She relies on the same stories as the humans. Her knowledge is no more convincing than humanity's, but if she originated this knowledge, why make up a story about the creation of the world that you have no inkling of, and then start to believe it yourself? An unlikely solution.

    In the cas of 3rd Party Knowledge: If a 3rd party, then it explains why both humanity and the Lady believe the same stories. Since there is no information that this is even true, much less who it might be, there's little more I can do with this. Such a being would have to be respected by the Lady to entertain its theories on the origin of existence. So, either the twins are real, or something very old and convincing believed they were, and managed to spread Gefendur not just to Humanity, but also convince some of the eldest Senet Beasts of the theology's viability.
    TL;DR: Where do the stories come from? Why does the Lady believe them? Asking the real questions.
    Marcel on
  30. A comment for Ashley on the no-back-ground pages. Might I humbly suggest to leave some space between the top of the page and the artwork. To me it looks like the artwork might be getting cut off at the top. It's still gorgeous as ever, just looks like something might be missing. Thanks for the comic, and when's the next book coming out?
    Iceea on
  31. Ammash, senet beasts don't grow up, they don't age or change. Ilganyag does qualify the "normal" races of "finite beings", because the senet beasts' main flaw in the eyes of the gods was that they were infinite beings. If you go back to the water women from the chapter cover -- they're all as they've been since their creation. The old water women were never young, the baby is older than humanity and will never stop being a baby, etc. They are as they are. They're not perfectly infinite because they can still be killed by violence, though. Eventually all the senet beast will disappear, as no new one can ever be created again. Humans on the other hand have a finite, but renewable existence. They cannot hope to live forever, but they can make new humans, who too will grow, change, and die.
    someone on
  32. I think we're missing something major here; There are CLOUD WHALES?!
    Mala on
  33. @Mala: They're called typhoon whales.
    Some Old Guy on
  34. Are those two mountains on the right ... cuddling? Are they ... canoodling? george-takei-oh-myyy.gif
    John M. on
  35. The "bloody child in the snow" remark may be a defensive move to throw Duane off balance so that he does not ask her what she's doing walking the khert instead of hanging up there with the rest of the surviving Senet beasts.
    awhorl on
  36. 3 observations: 1 Children bloody in the snow might not just be Duane's lost daughter, it might also mean birth in Winter ... or stingers' work - but mostly it is the handiwork of Lady Ilganyag herself taking kids under her wings. Quintuple entendre ... with the self-referential bit most horrifying of all. She is a predator upon Man and Two-Toes both, after all. 2 Saying "son of Ssael" and calling Ssael "a paper god" might imply he's a person who traveled the khert but doesn't actively interfere as she does. 3 Omitting the Tainish beliefs may be deliberately manipulative, and at odds with her rationalist policy of mutilation. Black Tongues who serve her, after all, not only killed Duane's daughter and left her "bloody in the snow" around the time she hid herself from them but also make it impossible for them to have children of their own bloody in the snow or otherwise. She's an odd Gnostic in that she's not interested in the secret wisdom, but makes people bow to it to achieve "rational" progress at the cost of the most irrationally barbaric self-harm, starting at tongue markings and ending with removing them,selves from the gene pool whilst alive.
    Honzinator on
  37. @someone Well thanks for the clarification! Although now I feel even more mixed about finding the "baby" ogres oddly adorable...
    Ammash on
  38. You say "children bloody in the snow" like it's a bad thing. Getting bloody on the snow/ice is what growing up in the upper midwest is all about!
    This Guy on
  39. Is it weird that of all the comments on this page, the one that makes me the most curious is the one about the Queen's philosophy? I mean, we already know that Duane is seriously biased against Cresce, but what about the Queen in particular does he dislike?
    Jordan on
  40. @jordan wasnt the group of people that off'd him claim it was for the queen?
    feather on
  41. Cresce is The Evil for him, so the Queen - head of that state - has to be too. After all she allows it to be that way and actively commands the slaughter of Aldish people, no? I don't think he has a problem with her as a person. The two of them might even get along if they started out neutral to each other. It's more the title, the position of Queen of Cresce that he hates.
    SKy on
  42. I have a theory, is murkoph related to ssael in any way?
    Alohameans on
  43. Wow. The world before the khert seems like it was really nice.
    Too bad it's almost extinct, now.
    Melarec on
  44. @Alohameans Well I know exactly what you are thinking... ;D Murkoph definetly is Saael!
    Fungion on
  45. I agree with Iceea on leaving some space at the top of pages. It has always bothered me about the Khert-pages; I keep trying to scroll up.
    Separator on
  46. I see more sympathy in the arch of Lady I's brow and the hang of her head on 'children bloody in the snow.' Though her choice of using the lizardfolk name foe humans is telling, off a greater familiarity with the scaleyfolk, or maybe a nudge to her own nature being very inhuman.
    Havenchaser on