Ch12 - p21

February 27, 2017, at 12:00 AM

Down there, birdwoman, geez. Is it Lady Ilganyag or Lady Macbeth?
Readers, I hate to do this, but I must head out of town to distant Seattle tomorrow and I won't have access to my work computer. I don't love the timing but updates will be going on hiatus until March 10. I'll come back that Friday with a two page update, at least, and the end of this scene. Hang tight until then, and thanks for your patience!


  1. How interesting..
    The wait is going to kill me, though.
    Melarec on
  2. No problem at all Ashley, hope you have fun. Say "hi" to Abbadon for me if you see him.
    Stretch on
  3. Lady Ilganyag's comment about the khert reminds me of the Library of Babel. The sum of all knowledge that was or will be is before you, but virtually all of it is meaningless. How frustrating that must be.
    OtherJustin on
  4. Thanks, Stretch! I didn't even know he was gonna be there, I'll definitely have to go try and surreptitiously take a photo of him from around a dark and sinister corner.
    Ashley on
  5. There's some more information on his site about where/when he'll be. If you find him you get a free print!
    Stretch on
  6. [Surreptitiously marks Ashley and Abbadon on the Shipping Wall]
    13 Red Spear on
  7. OMG! you're coming to Seattle!? holy shit! that's so close to where I live! I... Damnit I'd like yo meet you! I'm a huge writer! and right now I'm doing a pathfinder campaign (epic? of F Fricken course!) that has a lot of inspiration derived from your pick of different psychologies (personalities)between different characters and how they react together! UGHHHHHHHH! Sorry I'm just so mad that I know that the chances are so slim, but if you could meet with an avid fan! (in a completely public area cause I know how fking creepy this might be coming actross @___@) I'd be thrilled to pick your brain for creative thoughts!
    Corey on
  8. Omg. All of the grammatical and spelling errors in that last post... Apparently my excitement got the best of me. I feel so embarrassed.
    Corey on
  9. That last panel is so beautiful... Also, have fun at Seattle!
    Rainwalker on
  10. Eagerly awaiting your return. Safe travels.
    Alphalogic on
  11. Lady Ilganyag creeps me out something fierce and I love it. Also, safe travels to Seattle! Have fun and I look forward to your return on updates!
    Roo on
  12. Gotta tell ya, I'm dying to understand this beast better.
    spen cyrrh on
  13. Aww, I'm sorry, Corey! I'm not going to be at a table, just attending ECCC on Friday with a friend. You'll have to catch me some time when I'm properly at a convention booth. One day!
    Ashley on
  14. Enjoy Seattle, enjoy the snow?!
    Pa on
  15. We shall wait patiently as always :) hope you have a great time in Seattle!
    DeathDave on
  16. "Rare wisdom amidst infinite drivel"? Are they talking about the Internet?
    someone on
  17. Duane is an educated, but quite orthodox Ssael ... so why then was he so concerned with the well-being of the Senet beast he and his ward first encountered? Am I over-reading Ssaelian lack of respect for Senet beasts?
    Honzinator on
  18. "I have had to withdraw from them." Oh, very interesting. Weren't Bastion and/or Rahm remarking on that awhile ago?
    Fawnet on
  19. The most pressing question about this is whether Bastion was telling the truth about still being in touch with Lady I, or just faking it.
    TheDevilHimself on
  20. A tacit caster with their tongue removed can still cast their small, fast pymaries right? Do they do something extra to them besides remove their tongues?
    Ammash on
  21. @Honzinator: What gives you the impression that the Ssaelit are disrespectful towards the Senet beasts? Something on this page?
    Marcel on
  22. @Ammash; Well then, I suppose they'd have to kill the caster and burn the body.
    Or wrap their hands in a First Material..
    That might work just as well.
    Melarec on
  23. Huh. So going by a couple of pages ago, Lady Tittybird knows that the gods existed, and as of today we know that she shares that information with the Black Tongues. And yet their public policy, so to speak, is that the gods have never existed. Does this mean Lady Ilganyag is lying now? Does she lie to those who follow her? Or do they deliberately deceive the populace, proclaiming and encouraging atheism to hide an even more shocking secret?
    Jim Handy on
  24. Ughhh... always good to have a reminder of Duane's - extreme views about those who don't share his beliefs. The way he loves Sette despite everything makes one forget the side of him that says: "they're spreading lies so we pull out their tongue. My country is the best in the world".
    Fal on
  25. Oh my gosh I just saw this and kind of freaked out in hopes that you'd have a table at ECCC! I wasn't intending to go but that would definitely get me to try and find a way in last minute! I hope you have a good time, I hear it's a great convention but I haven't had a chance to attend yet!
    chlorine on
  26. "...but wisdom here is rare amidst infinite drivel" ain't that the truth anywhere you are, anywhere you look.
    Iceea on
  27. I just realized how terrifying "...but wisdom here is rare amidst infinite drivel" and her sharing of what she considers wisdom is from a creature that tries to suckle infants (and Murkoph) only to kill them.
    Honzinator on
  28. @Honzinator, yeah, and Duane isn´t fool enough to toe the line blindly with this Senet Beast. However, the first vignette looked like Ilganyag truly conmiserated Duane´s past experience. I would like to know what she hopes to gain with both of them cooperating. Or him "abiding" to what she says.
    Luchucholo on
  29. Luchucholo just reminded me that "the dude abides", or rather, the lady does. ;-)
    Honzinator on
  30. I just adore how poetic all your characters are, they keep stringing together such fancy words to paint startling pictures. This comic has probably got to be the most interesting comic I have read yet. Love it!
    Black on
  31. Well, you've managed to pull off the cosmogony trope in an original and riveting way, without forgetting the fantastic art. ... Why the hell are you not publishing? This comic beats any other comic published after Corto Maltese hands down.
    Arnuz on
  32. i really wanna see Lady I in battle... beautiful pages as always, Ashley. Have fun in Seattle!!
    99redragons on
  33. Some day, hopefully =D And I appreciate the response Ashley!
    Corey on
  34. Plot twist: The bird's a seperate entity, Ilganyag is an overgrown parasite, bird's choking as we speak and Ashley is too lazy to put in the gurgling sounds every panel when Il's out.
    nag nag nag nag authors cant be blank on