Ch12 - p22&23

March 10, 2017, at 12:00 AM

And we're back! With two pages and a scene change. I missed the kids.


  1. ...Back.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  2. Welcome back! I hope it was productive and not stressful. I just love it when you break out of the page frames with your story!
    Keyshe on
  3. So, are colors around the dolls pymary or just Matty's imagination?
    Himself on
  4. Ahh... Beautiful, beautiful pages. Such intrigue & wonder. And the childlike joy! Matty is the best.

    @Ms. Cope, that middle panel (Quigley's reproach at Matty's decree) is perhaps one of the best short-hands for seeing your improved quality. That panel, nay, this whole comic, is positively drenched in artistry. Love it.

    Was the con fun?

    Khyrberos on
  5. Welcome back! And Quigley's expression is so sad and adorable XD
    Roo on
  6. "Deeeeeaaaaad" ahahahaha
    Citron on
  7. Oh, the humanity! Poor Quigley, when your own son is on the opposing team. His face is priceless. Clearly the lady is sending Duane on a quest. What a perfect guy for the job. I wonder how far back her involvement goes.
    Zlukaka on
  8. I don't get the "Papa, set you on fire." Part of the dialog. Matty kid's talk?
    Kzqai on
  9. Confirmation at last that the Good Lady is straight up manipulating Duane! Unless that speech bubble is very poorly placed, she apparently confirms that Ssael slew the gods. This is surely her attempt to live in his world so as to gain his trust and spur his ambition. She is no Ssaelit devotee. Even if this basic fact is simply true (that Riv and Yerta lie dead at the end of the khert), her concession of Ssaelit cosmogony as historical reality is suspect.
    spen cyrrh on
  10. @Kzqai: That line puzzled me too for a bit. After some thought, I concluded that Matty must be asking his dad to set the doll version of himself on fire, as part of the epic duel Matty's staging.
    Matt on
  11. not a bad retelling. Someone with more artistic talent than I have should do a fan comic of Matty retelling the whole story from his perspective.
    ReyMonoArdilla on
  12. Wonderful. I think this is the first time we've seen solemn small-boy Matty really at play. He's playing out variations on some of the dire things he's seen... which is a little kid's way of processing them.

    I like the way he's responding here. The psychology strikes me as very believable, given what he's been through... not just the adventures we've witnessed, but his whole life.
    Sessine on
  13. Quigley's excursion in the "went ate you killing me?" panel is priceless!! Wonderful stuff. Welcome back!!!
    Sharpeslass on
  14. Corrections: "expression" not "excursion" and "why are" not "went ate." I've clearly still not mastered "Swype".
    Sharpeslass on
  15. weeei, Unsounded's back! And with a definitive definition for its title, no less! Did the "shower" clean off Lady's beak "tattoo"? (which if it is the case, guess it was no tattoo... XD )
    Sensenic on
  16. As much as pouting Quigley is hilarious, the classic comedic censoring of a scathing, somewhat inappropriate remark is brilliant. It's too bad Sette wasn't there to hear it... XD
    The_Squished_Elf on
  17. And that's why I am no parent :D

    Bestest expressions ever. (And just because: Pyew!)
    Corbie on
  18. I would also be concerned if my son were killing me off..
    Even if it were just with toys..
    Melarec on
  19. love quigley's face on middle panel :)
    strannik on
  20. We missed the kids too! I particularly like these types of interactions you draw so well. The Lady is quite ominous, hard to know how much of it is sheer manipulation. Aha, maybe Duane IS Ssael after all :D !!
    Karel on
  21. Hahaha! I love the expression on Quigley's face.
    Aragem on
  22. Oi, not only does he kill his papa off in his epic action figure finale, he then asks him to set it on fire. That's just brutal, Matty.
    Alphalogic on
  23. Matty is quickly rising in my "favorite characters" list. Or, to be more concise: "omg lol".
    TachyonCode on
  24. Sette is "experimenting" on Duane... I think this matter deserves a bit more attention...
    Ammash on
  25. You put a lot of work into making the website conform to the story, and it really pays off.
    DomineSatanas on
  26. And "tail-freak" wanting to experiment on Mr Adelier before he wakes up. After that dream maybe she should let sleeping Zombie/plods be. Those arms in the first page becoming Matty's arms in the 2nd page, this is just amazing.
    Iceea on
  27. "Papa, set you on fire". .... this has to be the most beautifully done recap reminder I've ever seen. and it's hilarious.
    wr4ith0 on
  28. So who made Matty's doll? His dad? So cute!
    anon on
  29. Quigley's face :D
    Fawnet on
  30. I pray for duans safety, who knows what cruel horrible plans setty has for duane
    Asshat on
  31. I think Lady Ilganyag knows what's there and wants it but for some reason can't access it. I think she knows that Duane can get it for her but wouldn't do so if she told him what it is.
    Luke on
  32. so, @MMM is a chatbot, right? Are we supposed to be guessing?
    name on
  33. This comic remembered me of a child I knew who used to hold funerals for her Barbies... I wonder what she's doing right now... end of random thougts.
    Sparky on
  34. Yes! Hope the con was good to you, Ms. Cope! Also, I get the feeling that "experiment" involves ink... :)
    Holaved on
  35. @Sensenic: In addition to page 22 of this chapter, the beak markings are also missing in panels 5 and 6 of page 19, and in chapter 7, page 37, panel 4 (which is Lady Ilganyag's first appearance in the comic). When they are there, they aren't always drawn the same way. Artistic license? Artistic error? Polymorphic tattoos? Only Ashley knows.
    Some Old Guy on
  36. yay! i can't wait to see what Sette's been up to
    Watchit on
  37. @Watchit Agreed. Further more, just to start conversation, i have to say that Sette is my favorite character in the comic. I'm actually starting to dislike Duane. i think it has to do with how the narratives seem set up to me. I fell like Duane is searching for a good death. he has a past, and now he wants to be gone, properly and with honor. He wants to act and live as a hero again, and die as one. Sette has a much shorter past, but also one that has more mystery to it, both because of plot and because she deliberately ignores the bad parts, focusing on the now, and on the future. Because that's what she has to look forward to. I'm sure there will be twists and turns, but i believe the happy ending of the story would be Duane finding a good death, and Sette at least finding another journey free from her family's past.Or they might both die. Though more likely, Sette dies trying to fix the Khert after Murkoph goes aggressive nihilist on it somehow due to Titty-Bird fucking up big time, and Duane has to live with it, with atleast more conviction in being the hero than before.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'2 on
  38. I like how Quigley’s still reading the newspaper, even with everything else going on around him. Its a smart policy to keep abreast of world events when you’re an outcast despised by both the continent’s major powers.
    Jim Handy on
  39. I like how Quigley’s still reading the newspaper, even with everything else going on around him. Its a smart policy to keep abreast of world events when you’re an outcast despised by both the continent’s major powers.
    Jim Handy on
  40. Sorry about the doublepost.
    Jim Handy on
  41. I cannot but think that having his father killed in the play-fight is Matty expressing his frustration with this father. The whole "working for slavers and worse and lying to Matty about making things better for him". He loves his father, but sometimes he doesn't like him very much, and sometimes this is for good reason. Meanwhile, Adelier is a decent post-man, who happens to look friendly in Matty-vision? So now he's Matty's hero? Meanwhile, the "member" quip. Is that playing off of some word in the dialog I'm missing, or is it just Quigley being snippy? (He may be a better man than me, but he probably doesn't have any manhood.)
    The Gorram Batguy on
  42. I'd say you got it in one, T.G.B.
    Holaved on