Ch12 - p24

March 13, 2017, at 12:00 AM

I think Matty is unconvinced.


  1. Well SOMEONES not a morning person. Also, I like how Quigley has to dignify the idea of fighting Sette with an answer. he could beat up a ~12 year old*. Don't doubt his capabilities.
    Snowy on
  2. Rector Adelier is NOT in, Jivi.
    He is having an out-of-body experience.
    ...Must be after sunset.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  3. It seems Adelier woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
    Anon #1728 on
  4. So one of the differences between a plod and Duane is that Duane still retains his sentience and intelligence. Hmm...
    Ryn on
  5. I think that when you have to tell your son that you could beat up a little girl in a fight, you've already lost...
    John Smith on
  6. Seems Quigley has become a bit of a butt monkey.
    Pud on
  7. @Mad'Monster'Maniac pretty sure this is around sunrise. on page 23 jivi asked matty if breakfast was cleaned up, and matty said sette went to experiment on duane before he woke up
    Enigma on
  8. Well, Sette is quick with a knife and has sharp teeth.
    Himself on
  9. The meaning of that phrase is exemplified by -precisely- the sentiment you just expressed, Quig. I Can't Believe Mathis Quigley Is Like This
    a middle-of-the-road reader on
  10. @Enigma: "around sunrise"

    Must be BEFORE sunrise.
    Duane is not yet back into his body from the khert.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  11. Is that a spare arm I spy inside Uaid's belly?
    Nephilm on
  12. Please don't tease the Zombie...
    reynard61 on
  13. Surprisingly Cozy.
    Kaz on
  14. @Nephlim: That's the arm that Anadyne shot off back here. Uaid carried it with him when he left the warehouse, and it's been stored in his stomach compartment ever since.
    Some Old Guy on
  15. It looks like Jivi is deliberately trying to see what happens when he gets close enough, but the way he braces himself for a fight instead of startling back is very brave, and says a lot about him. What terror does a Zombie of the Good Way hold for a boy who escaped from *slavery*?
    Josh on
  16. Can't be saliva, so it must be teeth flying out of Duane's mouth. Oh. Of course, it must be river water. Why does Duane appear to have a tongue and facial muscles?
    FrogCrossing on
  17. @FrogCrossing The tongue is a leather pymaric to let him talk, I believe.
    J on
  18. I hope Jivi looking so "gangsta" all of a sudden is no more than a harmless joke on the author's part. I did not expect a character so clean-cut to be depicted so "ghetto".
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  19. ...What? I'm clearly not seeing that same thing. I'm not seeing him be depicted as "ghetto" at all. The only thing that can be misconstrued as gangster is the sideways cap and that's hardly indicative of being a gangster.
    Superpanda on
  20. Dangerously close to arguing with someone on the internet, but..."ghetto"? Really? What in the world are you talking about? Because he took his shirt off and he has some jewelry? Not trying to play Who's Got Less Unconscious Racism but I didn't notice anything unusual about Jivi here.
    Josh on
  21. Jivi has had that "jewelry" since the beginning. It means a lot to him -- recall when he took it back from Cutter? I think it's the one thing he has from his mother.
    Sessine on
  22. Are they swimming all the way to Shartesane ... or Cresce?
    Honzinator on
  23. It's like rock paper scissors. Sette beats Duane, Duane beats Quigley, Quigley beats Sette.
    Watchit on
  24. > Quigley beats Sette. Nah, she already has a father for that.
    Flyfly on
  25. Wait... Character finding Duane in the morning... Background disintegrating into white... Did Jivi just backstep into the Khert?
    Ben on
  26. Just an idea, but the more I read the more it crosses my mind; what if Murkoph is Ssael and was turned into that demented state somehow?
    Mike on
  27. Please Do Not Tap On The Glass, Zombies Are Irritable
    Fawnet on
  28. Hey look, someone using html in the comments.
    Author name on
  29. I'd be more willing to make fun of Quigley arguing about his odds against Sette if I wasn't somewhat concerned she might actually beat him. Underestimating her has resulted in failure and/or death for numerous people.
    Dragoon on
  30. @Superpanda, @Josh:
    It is the sideways cap. Incidentally, while on Earth it has a "gangsta" - no longer necessarily gangster! - connotation, it may have a totally different connotation in Cresce. What I am saying, Jivi is neither one of, nor does he identify with, juvenile delinquents. This is why his getup was looking so out of character for him at the first glance.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  31. Long time reader first time poster. I generally peruse the comment section after every well anticipated release by the author, I appreciate your work admirably, outstanding in every way. I have to admit mad maniac is very good at conjecture and tip-toeing around what ultimately can only be construed as passive aggressive behavior. It is nice to finally have confirmation, now that his lack of tolerance has been exposed.
    Jim on
  32. Whenever the comments get like this, I always like to imagine Ashley sitting at her computer reading them, rubbing her temple and looking completely dejected.
    Kap on
  33. To my namesake. I think you are associating images too much. If it would help you, imagine that Jivi simply plopped the hat on his head because he is currently living inside of the waterlogged body of a reanimated giant. and isn't wearing a shirt because he doesn't want to get it wet. side note to everyone else: Does it look like Jivi has gained weight and muscles since his first appearance? He looks a lot healthier to me.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'2 on
  34. @Jim: "mad maniac is very good at conjecture and tip-toeing around what ultimately can only be construed as passive aggressive behavior. It is nice to finally have confirmation, now that his lack of tolerance has been exposed."

    Jimmy, I can do even better. If you are in fact a "long time reader", you should remember this:
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  35. @Kap that's how I get when I read these comments too.
    Roo on
  36. @Mad'Monster'Maniac'2: "Does it look like Jivi has gained weight and muscles since his first appearance? He looks a lot healthier"

    As he should: Iori fed him well.
    As to perceivable impossibility to recover so fast, suspension of disbelief is not even necessary: Kasslynites ARE NOT humans, we know nothing of their metabolism, for that matter, we know very little of their internal anatomy, which could be quite different from ours. The Kasslynite innards in earthenware in the abandoned temple provide insufficient information in that respect.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  37. @TripleM it's also possible that a healing pymary was used, or something like that. Would explain why Iori was insistent on him eating so much. If he wasn't, the regeneration would have eaten away at his body.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'2 on