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March 15, 2017, at 12:00 AM

I can think of a number of reasons why certain parties might find Duane valuable but her theory isn't a bad one.


  1. Sette defending Duane warms the cockles of my heart.
    Stretch on
  2. It makes me happier than it should that Sette is finally accepting Duane openly.
    Not a Name on
  3. Dawwwwww. Forget "why some might think he's valuable," that's the nicest thing Sette has ever said about anybody.
    John Smith on
  4. @Ashley Cope While re-reading the comic I noticed the last page of Ch10 doesn't link to the first page of Ch 11.
    socordya on
  5. Reckon Murkoph thinks Duane is pretty valuable, after hearing that. The poor galoot, lusting after a galit...
    TachyonCode on
  6. Naughty Ssaelit get hit with the Zombie Stick.
    Marcel on
  7. Psst! Sette! Try SUNLIGHT to cast the shadow. That's like the first thing that comes to mind, and I'm irritated she hasn't come to the same conclusion.
    Sarah Hardister on
  8. Sette falls into the Khert on page 28 of chapter 7: Possible mechanisms for the Khert portal: - The shadow needs to be cast by sunlight - Blood eels need to be involved - Duane needs to feed directly before I was also thinking the shadow might need to be cast on blood, but it looks like the rug was that color before any blood got on it: And speaking of sunlight, did we ever find out why the sun didn't wake Duane? Does it take a bit for him to come to?
    doug on
  9. @Sarah Hardister She can't use sunlight. If the sun's out, Duane is sentient again and when it happened it was the middle of the night.
    Jordan on
  10. I always figured the shadow-rift was at least partially a result of Sette having recently blown up the local khert. All sorts of weird things were happening around there at that point in the story.
    Matt on
  11. @Jordan Perhaps Duane never wakes up until he is actually in sunlight, no matter the time? If so, she could try to keep him in a completely shaded area so he doesn't wake up during the day and then reveal some sunlight on him like last time.
    Jiko on
  12. @Jordan @Jiko in chapter 7, page 22, first panel the brothel worker says the "sun's been up a few hours". This is directly before Sette sheds some sunlight on Duane's supper (page 27). So Duane doesn't necessarily wake up just because the sun is up or even if he sees/is touched by sunlight. Maybe feeding makes it harder for Duane to regain control of his body? @Matt I'd forgotten about the Khert blowing up. That could definitely have something to do with it.
    doug on
  13. Regarding Duane's shadow-portal to the khert, I don't know if any special criteria needed fulfilling. As I read it, Turas' soul was tangled in the line connecting Duane's soul to his body. Since the line couldn't pull Duane out of the khert that morning, it acted like a door-stopper and kept the blink open until Sette untangled it at the end of the chapter.
    OtherJustin on
  14. Didn't we get a pretty good reason as to why this happened last time? The "thread" connecting Duane's soul to his body was tangled in the remains of Turas' soul/memories. As soon as Sette free the cord, it snaps them back out of the Khert and the hole snaps closed, now that Duane wasn't indirectly holding it open. The barrier was still thin, thanks to the damaged Khert, but Murkoph and Sette could no longer pass through it. The other exit was when Duane was attached next to the silver and the Khert was again severely weakened... Murkoph almost escaped then. So perhaps a weakened Khert combined with Duane's soul thread.
    Unburnt on
  15. Sigh... And how many times did I have previously to declare Sette to be Lawful Good, now that it finally became obvious?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  16. More of a Chaotic-Lawful Good, TripleM..
    Melarec on
  17. Awww all the Babs talking together warms my heart
    riffy on
  18. My vote still stands at Chaotic Neutral with good tendencies.
    Dilligff on
  19. Factors to keep in mind when Duane didn't immediately wake up upon sunrise in the love hotel:

    1. Sette had recently blown up the khert.

    2. Duane had just killed Turas, and was literally on top of him when he died-- hence their lines getting tangled up.

    Has nothing to do with sunlight or blood, methinks. And smoke eels are only a symptom of the problem, not a cause. The issue is that when the khert can't do its job properly, things get out of whack and things... escape (hence the eels). Duane is dragged into the khert each night, and pulled back into his body by day-- so if he's still in the khert when the sun comes up, the line connecting him to his corpse acts like a wedge in a door.

    This is why Cutter was able to follow the thread in Chapter 10, page 45, and take a peek inside. A skilled wright should be able to find that bit of soul-thread and follow it like a string of Christmas lights to the khert. Sette is correct that right now, the "hole" into the khert should still be there-- and it is. But right now, it hasn't been violently ripped open from the unholy combination of Khert Fire + Murdered Turas.

    Right now, this is the equivalent of having a heavy steel door that's closed save for a bit of string running through the side. You need to get a prybar into the tiny gap held open by the string, which is a hell of a task under normal circumstances. Much easier to prop the door open after it's been briefly, and violently, blown open.
    Yazuki on
  20. I've been searching for perhaps the past hour or so, but I cannot find where they talk about it (as I'm almost certain they do)... But I'm pretty sure it's nothing so crazy as all that. It's as simple as the fact that --HA! Typing that helped me remember. Here Ripa talks about a 'unique phenomenon', wherein the Khert was kept open by a 'monster' (i.e. Duane & his tricky soul-string thing), when it opened to process the recently-deceased Turas.

    So yeah, while it could be attributed to any number of things (the crazy Khert explosion earlier, Sette's Sette-ness, Murkoph, etc), I'm pretty sure that it's much simpler than that.

    That's not to say that we totally understand that 'why' as of yet, of course. ; )

    Khyrberos on
  21. @Jordan @Jiko Duane does wake up when the dawn breaks; the reason he couldn't or didn't awaken when the sun was up in chapter 7 was because the 'khert line' or whatever that is attached to him and keeping his soul bound was tangled in the soul of Turas, whom he had recently killed ( ) I believe it was Rahm who further established that something had apparently gone wrong with the khert when someone had been killed in the brothel.
    Roo on
  22. "Wouldn't we all..." Sette has definitely the wisdom Matty sees in her. Too bad's the price she paid for it... Great comics as always and thanks for your work, Ashley, it lift my day:)
    Sparky on
  23. ## My theory on duane *testing italics* 1. duane 2. is 3. ssael
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  24. I GOT IT
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  25. And Sette shows herself to be the wisest and most compassionate of the cast. Not fettered by political, religious, or racial biases, she sees people's true value and can figure out their "value." She also probably the smartest one in the bunch. Sette the sharp toothed scientist! When I first found Unsounded, I doubted I'd be able to stick with it because Sette was so obnoxious. I am beyond glad that I stuck with it, because seeing her true self bloom has been a joy. That and she's hilarious. [1st time commenting!]
    BigDogLittleCat on
  26. Shade-theories should not overshadow the fact that Sette is again hand-in-hand with pymarics.. Uaid nicely keeps Sette out of water, and lowers his hand when she needs!
    Karel on
  27. Ashley posted on her tumblr last night, in response to the issue of what time Duane usually regains his senses in the morning. Seems it's not as simple or precise as "if the sun's up, he should be back." There seems to be a bit of wiggle-room on that. She said:
    Duane’s liable to wake up anywhere between dawn’s first pink blush and the full powder blue of morning. You wouldn’t want to set your watch by him :)
    Matt on
  28. Whether anyone could have fallen through Duane's shadow or if Sette was able to do so because she is special is an interesting question. Also, why does the hole take the shape of his shadow anyway?
    Luke on
  29. ...did the just casually kick a fish? Superhuman reflexes!
    sigmir on
  30. Hey, TachyonCode, I see what you did there ... and heartily approve. Gallots and Galits. Awesome.
    Honzinator on
  31. Sette doing experiments? Duane would be proud.
    Watchit on
  32. On the matter of Sette's Alignment, i do have to agree with lawful good. Lawful does not mean she respect the law, it means that she has a definition of LAW, of how the world works, that she believes in. It is right and proper for her to steal, because that's what Frummagems are supposed to do. She also believes in the absolute sanctity of familial loyalty, and we see he freak out in ch.10 when she learns her dad tricked her. As for the good part, dnd defines good as selflessness. and she has displayed that, though within the context of the Frummagem Code. She also shows genuine sympathy towards others, though is as egocentric as one would expect from her age. Which i don't know. How old do people think Sette is? From Anadyne's comment, i'm geussing 12 or nearly 13. She should have started growing, but she hasn't.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'2 on
  33. @Mad'Monster'Maniac'2: "On the matter of Sette's Alignment..."

    That was exactly my reasoning, when I first made the case for Sette being Lawful Good.

    "How old do people think Sette is?"

    On June 4, 2014, Ashley stated:
    "when Elka was describing her back in chapter fouuuur I think it was, she said 12. I think she looks more in the 10 range, myself, but her demeanor and way of speaking push that up a few years."
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  34. Ohhhhhhh shadow. Not markers. Sette's always clever when she wants to be.
    Holaved on
  35. Panel 2 really captures this side of Sette nicely. It also happens to remind us that she's the ("adopted"??) daughter of Crimelord Nary Frummagem, and contextually it shows her working on the problems she won't show Duane, but still perhaps worry her throughout the day. also fishkick
    Tehbeefer on
  36. Day 1643 of my research into the Khert. From an interview with a surprisingly knowledgeable child, I have discovered that the Khert contains not only the dead and the Gods, but also glowsquishies and tittybirds.
    kek on
  37. Maybe they need a "Happy Tentacle" in the mix? (Ch 7, pg 28
    Kyuohki on