Ch12 - p27

March 20, 2017, at 12:00 AM

Sette doesn't like this mojo. Duane, pay attention to her, she is lonely and thought you were her friend! Screw these weird boys, they aren't you.


  1. The lady is a lady is a tramp. Also, first?
    AJ on
  2. Poor Sette. Why you gotta be so cold Duane.
    Not a name on
  3. Sette looks adorable for once!
    anon on
  4. Sette could make a lot of money from "Sharteshane Domination" t-shirts! At least from me.
    Madeline on
  5. sette's face in the last panel broke my heart into a million pieces :'(
    anon on
  6. This page makes me happy. All the wondrous characters & interactions I've come to love about this comic; wit & humor, with a chaser of 'lingering dread'.
    Khyrberos on
  7. Also, I'm seeing what you mean, Ms. Cope, about 'later pages taking more time'; you're putting so much into these guys, even on the mundane pages! We're OK with you not breaking your wrists over each page. ; )
    Khyrberos on
  8. Is Sette jealous?
    RJF on
  9. Jivi probably won't want that hat back, if he finds out it was on Duane's head. Smart move, Sette. Free hat!
    Zathyr on
  10. Aww. Sette's face in the last panel is what we call a poopy bird lip. If ya ain't careful, a bird is gonna come land on your lip and poop on it.
    Nardo Polo on
  11. Ashley what did Quigley say? Was that Tainish?
    Navarus on
  12. Ok just to verify by "lady" do they mean, as sette likes to call her, the titty bird? (i dont remember its name)
    Eragon Auditore on
  13. Sure, Duane. It's metaphorical unless you need replacement parts. @Eragon- Yes, the titty bird. "Lady" Ilganyag.
    Lord Hideous on
  14. I think the most impressive thing about Unsounded is the lack of advertisement revenue being generated with the site. For one running with a script and adblocker 99% of the time I just really realised that.

    Maybe I should order something from the shop...
    A. on
  15. @Lord Hideous thanks my dude
    Eragon Auditore on
  16. also i love Duane's face is panel five, its such an amazing shit eating face
    Eragon Auditore on
  17. Capitalist zombie interrupt!
    TheDevilHimself on
  18. Best line for a zombie ever! Whom do you bid critique an opera indeed! He's singing his swan song AFTER having died!
    flamewise on
  19. You're right Sette: She's a Senet beast... with several titties for some reason.
    Macumazahn on
  20. Surrogate corpse-dad spending too much time with titbird, jealous mode engage. Puppy-dog eyes at 85% and climbing, tantrum on standby. Prepare for guilt trip, engage on my mark. ^_^
    Alphalogic on
  21. If Duane keeps up all this rhyming he may just be the new undead Dr. Seuss.
    Rainwalker on
  22. This is heartbreaking. Sette's mission is over and papa is busy discovering his new vocation. Kids with kids. Shall not end without a raged revolt.
    Karel on
  23. Aw, the poor thing's jealous.
    Emanon on
  24. @Madeline: Well, I don't know about t-shirts, but she's canonically starting a brand. :D
    Khyrberos on
  25. As we've seen, Sette talks a good game, and enjoys irritating and cowing people, but she doesn't care much for actual, serious suffering. She has a great career ashead as a meddling but fundamentally helpful mother-in-law if she ever manages to have offspring some day.
    Honzinator on
  26. Duane wearing a hat from a Crescian school uniform is a fun picture.
    Luke on
  27. I didn't notice she stole his hat, either!
    sigmir on
  28. Daughter is jealous Papa Pedant is spending too much time with his primordial paramour ;-;
    Roo on
  29. What's Quigley saying there?
    BiggusGeekus on
  30. Relatively new lurker coming out of the woodwork to speculate, as far as I can tell, the "sal" in Quigley's "iwtu ul, lom sal" MIGHT be "you" said in an informal (condescending, given context?) manner. The "ul" is maaaybe a preposition of sorts, presuming that irregular grammar sometimes happens in casual speech (the nearest matches I can find in translated examples places the prepositions BEFORE the nouns they're directed towards). So only a tenuous speculation at best. That's about all I've got though. Da Tairet ssomun fhel.
    AC on
  31. I must profess that I am myself a very prolific writer. Yet as much as I am skilled in writing grand scenes and sweeping plots, I have yet to learn how to put joy and colour in my words. They are dour and bleak and so I come to this webcomic for inspiration. It is the paragon, the model which I must strive towards if I am to get better.
    Ryn on
  32. Duane's attitude has changed a bit.
    G on
  33. Duane was in a right good mood, having spent hours in witty repartee and philosophical and perhaps philologial fencing with a Sennet Beast, and he was happy to see Sette when he returned, but she wiped the smile from his face as she so often does.
    Honzinator on
  34. In spite of her best efforts, Sette is letting her depth show. Duane, good zombie, do all the self-searching you need to, but don’t make the same mistake of underestimating the emotional and intellectual depth of the little girl under your care. I urge you as a fellow zombie with a Sette of my own.
    Carson on