Ch12 - p39

April 21, 2017, at 12:00 AM

NSFW nudity. Gentle water nymphs, so serene, so graceful.


  1. Ladies, it is time to loot and time to eat. Do not forget to donate the clothes of your dinner to charity, right after you suck out the last of their bone marrow. Yes, with your stomachs and intestines bulging with your feast after gorging yourselves upon what the battle served for your nourishment, it is hard to remember to be generous, but please try.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  2. Duane's probably not going to like the corpses of Alderod's soldiers being dragged into the water instead of burned, even if it is only a river and not the seas
    Rainwalker on
  3. Thanks for the tag, Ms. Cope.

    It's interesting to see Duane & Quigley go at it. I can really understand where they both come from (though Duane's right, of course), and they are both quite capable of selling their point.

    I'm quite interested in what those twin glowing cords are in all/most the Water Women's exposed necks; we know they have some exposed innards floating around in their nacreously, but where I was expecting a singular trachea I see twin glowing cables. Heke?

    Also, "I hope she chokes"? Who's she?

    Khyrberos on
  4. @Khyrberos; I took it as "she" being the khert, swallowing them as they die.
    Melarec on
  5. Also, it seems Jivi knows a thing or two about these denizens of the deep.. I wonder what experiences he's had with them..
    Melarec on
  6. Hey the Meat Puppets are playing here in two weeks!
    Asthix on
    Jivi: Another day another dollar
    mae on
  8. And this is why you never get on a boat in D&D.
    Zeno on
  9. @Zeno I'm in a nautical campaign right now and it's pretty fun!
    Doug on
  10. Fuckin' barracuda with it. "HOLY FUCKSHIT SOMETHING SHINY IT'S MINNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" Further regressing into immaturity, I'd like to say one last thing: tittyfish. That is all.
    Alphalogic on
  11. Righty's all like, "dibs on his cell phone"
    Josh on
  12. I'm sorry but I'm horny for these lady
    Spen cyrrh on
  13. Since Matty can "see" through the water (Chitz only sees solids), it must be pretty bizarre, having all these strange looking women floating about in space amongst human corpses...
    ellen on
  14. Am I misunderstanding Chitz? Because I didn't think it could see things in water. This is one of the few times I'd welcome M'M'M's explanation, by the way.
    Turtle Lord on
  15. Eh for once I'm taking Squigly's side- you raid someone's country and get shot down, you get what you deserve. That having been said hey dammit water peeps, at least give up the valuables before eating people! That gold could go to uh stuff. And Turtle Lord I think Ashley said something earlier about Chitz not seeing water at all, so anything under the surface would look just the same to it.
    Cuban_Pete on
  16. @Khyrberos I took those to be the water woman equivalent of a carotid or jugular, with the trachea and esophagus set into what little there is of their neck. Given that they don't seem to have a vein/artery pairing, however, I think it's safe to assume that their circulation is kind of bonkers. Also, I love the little one in the last panel like "YEA MOM FUCK 'ER UP!"
    Tearen on
  17. ...I also have a sneaking suspicion that water women's heads and neck retract into their exposed clavicle area when out of the water, so they kinda become no-neck.
    Tearen on
  18. Spen cyrrh, Their Frigged up necks hits my NOPE button.
    Hornet on
  19. Excited to see Sette's reaction to the presence of water women...
    Luke on
  20. Loving the Quigley-Duane bantz
    Collide on
  21. If Chitz can't see water, what was Matty thinking when he jumped into nothing?
    Melarec on
  22. oooooh, so those things DO exist. For some reason I figured Sette's mom just drowned and that "water women" was just a turn of phrase she used. Makes more sense that they'd be real though.
    TheGreyPotter on
  23. On Chitz and water, I think the comment "something is in the water" was more in response to a body Matty was staring at suddenly disappearing. It'd be like someone glitching through the floor. We only know what the waterwomen look like from underwater POV. Matty probably can't see them.
    Stormy on
  24. @Turtle Lord, Stormy, and Melaric: Chitz's radar works by sending out questing signals for solids and then reporting them back to Matty. Thus, it doesn't register water as it is a liquid, but can register any solid within the water that's within its range. Matty still knows what water is though, he can hear and smell it and all that, and with Jivi to tell him where it is and -Quigley- Uaid to look after him, I think Matty could be pretty confident jumping into 'nothing'.
    Rainwalker on
  25. Thanks Ashley, you just ruined swimming in ponds full of corpses for me. Water nymphs. Humph!
    Erik on
  26. Cuban_Pete, I dub thee "Iscariot" for that line about using that loot for good purposes before consuming the dead. The retractable/extensible looking necks didn't look so creepy in resting positions from the front, but when one can see through them ... Eek. I'm guessing Maty could tell where the water's surface was from clues like the behaviour of various solids interacting with it ... likely including a layer of dust and other small particulates and bugs. It's a heck of a visual image, isn't it?
    Honzinator on
  27. It is nature, all things are consumed and return to the earth... one way or another. After all, neither armies nor their commanders cared what happened to the corpses of their soldiers. At least the creatures of the forests, rivers, lakes and oceans know how to take care of the dead. I do find Duane and Quigley debates and POVs. Each have their philosophical weaknesses, which usually trips them up when reality comes along to expose their assumptions. With everything done to him, Duane is still trying to hold onto his paladin beliefs, while Quigley is trying to find something to believe in more than protecting his son.
    Horosha on
  28. @Khyrberos Duane is not right. He's a zealot nationalist curiously incapable (most likely because he's subconsciously unwilling) to use his considerable intellect to understand how much of his hatred is caused by propaganda and jingoism. Note that with that I am not saying that Quigley is right or that Cresce is not in the wrong.
    Pylgrim on
  29. Duane fought and killed face to face with these soldiers, for many years before he "died". It is hard for a soldier not to intensly dislike his oponents after watching his close friends killed in combat. Duane was also dispatched by Cresce soldiers, so add that of course. Also, as a person gets older, tolerance for bull gets shorter. If, for most of your life, much of your personal contact with 'the other guys', has been kill on sight, a person tends to develope some not too nice feelings towards their former enemies. Hard to kick that habit. My father is 94. He is a WW2 vet. He has never bought a non American car. Not once. The reason is, he just doesn't like most all the other countries that sell cars here, he got that attitude from past experiences. He does not hate. Hate is a very harsh word, but he dislikes, that's for sure. So don't blame Duane for being prejudiced against Cresce, it takes many years to get over even one battle.
    Cleatus on
  30. Man, their necks are the most creatively appalling thing I've seen recently. Just horrifying, but I can't stop looking at them and trying to figure out how they'd work!
    Fawnet on
  31. @Honzinator, hey lets face it those water women aren't going to be at a mall or anything later, so all those shinies are just going to be wasted on them. Put them to good use, says team Sharteshane! And yeah I dunno how they'd even manage to put their heads up outside of water with that neck stuff.
    Cuban_Pete on
  32. Note to all: According to Tumblr on April 03, 2017, the necks and upper chests or waterwomen are covered by
    "a flexible, nacreous covering. In the sunlight it looks like the inside of a pretty shell. ... it’s all covered by the thin, pearly membrane."
    The reason you cannot see this membrane while the water women are in the water, is because the chest cavity of waterwomen is filled with water and the refractive index of the membrane appears to be EXACTLY the same as refractive index of water itself. So it appears that the membrane is not there at all. But it is there.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  33. @Mad'Monster'Manic OH!
    RyGuy on
  34. As to what advantage a transparent neck has, I have no frigging idea.
    RyGuy on
  35. I think it's interesting that most of the water women have babies with them
    flugx009 on
  36. Oooh interesting, I wonder if the water women eat the corpses as was suggested. If so Duane might have some common ground with them, echeche. Speaking of which Duane seems much grumpier on seeing the battlefield. Just from the sight of his countrymen slain, or does the smell of blood reach him? Also on the clavicle-to-throat translucency, I think it's really beautiful rather than creepy. It reminds me of those frogs whose skin are see-through. They're quite hairy too, huh? I guess that suggests they're mammals (but so would having young with them and their relative humanoid-ness). Though applying those labels to senet creatures is foolish, perhaps. Still curious if the 'baby' versions we've seen are from actual reproduction of they were 'created' that way, since Word of God said they don't have reproduction capabilities.
    99redragons on
  37. @99redragons: "Still curious if the 'baby' versions we've seen are from actual reproduction or they were 'created' that way"
    br /> Created as babies, stay forever babies. Explicitly confirmed on Tumblr on April 21, 2017: "the young are young forever, and the waterwomen wear them like jewels"

    And just in case someone wonders, later on the same day:
    Anonymous asked: "Do baby waterwomen make storms with stormbringers?"

    Ashley answered: "Nope. There are “younger” stormbringers too, and the both of them just play around while the “older” ones make chaos."
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  38. NSFW: Comic features political commentary.
    Narratorway on
  39. It might not turn out this way, but it's occurred to me that Sette might want to fight some waterwomen over supposedly killing her mom and Duane isn't going to be happy with waterwomen eating fellow soldiers. Quigley might be left trying to hold two people back from a fight.
    Stormy on
  40. @Stormy: "Sette might want to fight some waterwomen over supposedly killing her mom"

    Wrong waterwomen:
    On April 03, 2017 Anonymous asked on Tumblr:
    "Can Minnow survive in both fresh and salt water?"
    Ashley answered:
    "Yep, she’s good in fresh and salt, but she’s a riverwoman and they and seafolk are different, and don’t much get along. Seafolk serve and worship the typhoon whales. They’re fishier in appearance; wild, dangerous, territorial, and consider riverfolk hillbillies."
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  41. Ah, right. I forgot about there being two different types. I suppose the next question is whether Sette cares about the difference or not.
    Stormy on