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May 17, 2017, at 12:00 AM

I'm not sure these honoured patrons would be scarfing down the hors d'oeuvres so readily if they knew kitchen plods had made them.
The current score in the Great Mascot Pin Wars stands at 255 to 242 in favour of... the Squish Fishes! It's still really close but I'm so proud of you guys for embracing the light :3 Stay back, eels. There are just two weeks left to pledge for a pin, a print book, or a bookplate with an original sketch. I'm still hoping to hit another stretch goal!


  1. So my initial guess WAS correct - it is the plods that comprise an orchestrion, each running a ladder logic sequence encoded onto a memory card, called a "pymaric modular" here. A set of SYNCHRONIZED player pianos, basically. It is the synchronization that makes these separate music machines into a single set, in effect, an orchestrion.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  2. @Ashley: "I'm not sure these honoured patrons would be scarfing down the hors d'oeuvres so readily if they knew kitchen plods had made them."

    At this stage of social development nobody cared what touched their food during its preparation or storage. This is the Dung Ages trope played straight.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  3. Is it just me, or does the name 'Darkest Paul' ring strikingly alike to 'the Final Pam', deific creation of the Monster Factory? (See the Polygon youtube channel for details)
    Marcel on
  4. Darkest Paul? Is that a title he had to earn at the annual Paul-off?
    Gibbs-Free on
  5. Is Darkest Paul sporting a comb-over?
    CA on
  6. @MMM: I don't care how highly you think of yourself; one is not able to quote sociohistoric accuracy to the author of an entirely fictional world. Their development is entirely divorced from ours and thus may have whatever facets the author chooses.
    Me-me on
  7. Oh hey, are those the pain hoods Stockyard used on Duane? The slavery angle is an interesting point. Has the comic ever pinned down the degree to which pods are sapient? I mean, if they're something approaching people, then the one made from Duane's body clearly isn't, well, Duane. It's a plod that gets possessed during the day by the ghost of the man that body used to be.
    Dagda on
  8. haha... the modulars are made by Compeer. If he arranges the plods into a series and programs them with the modulars he could make... a compeerer!
    Mad'Monster'Maniac'420 on
  9. Hmm. Well, it has strings now..
    Odd indeed.
    Melarec on
  10. Always trust a man named Darkest Paul, that's how my mother taught me.
    Asterai on
  11. That is... certainly a way to hide your going bald in plain sight.
    Pylgrim on
  12. I can't decide whether "Darkest Paul" is his actual name or one he gave himself. On one hand it seems like a title he would claim - a new name for a new life kind on thing. On the other hand we live in a world where people call their kids "Shooter Manhattan" or "Gandalf Merlin"...
    SKy on
  13. Have I ever said that I love the languages of this world (even in translation) "I left my heart in Sharteshane (and they pawned it for a pig)"
    flamewise on
  14. I'm starting to wonder if plod really are "soulless" as claimed by the Black Tongues or if there are actually a soul screaming and screeching inside each plod and the mask is there to prevent it from escaping through the mouth. Would be really dark if that were the case. Though if I remember correctly in one of the earlier chapters that was deemed not possible.
    James Rye on
  15. The newest member, and already so ambitious. Will he be a a true new player, or a pretender for a more competent and ruthless foe to strike down? My money is on the latter. I don't see him contending with Deliceu or Bastion.
    Knows what comes on
  16. Plods all but eradicated slavery .... I dont know but I have the sneaking suspicion that the slaves prefered to be alive while being exploited. All in all I would go so far as to call the creation and use of Plods horrendously evil.
    schmunzel on
  17. That's what we call Drittmitteleinwerbung nowadays. Good luck, comrade Darkest Paul!
    Simplicissimus on
  18. Darkest Paul is truly unafraid to ignore all that is taboo, forbidden magic, headless gods, and men wearing bare midriff outfits. Mark my words, no good will come of this.
    BiggusGeekus on
  19. @schmunzel: do you have the slightest idea of how obstreperous towards exploitation living human beings can be? ever thought how how their "feelings" and "needs" tend to reduce efficient accumulation of capital and stuff and disturb the the (labour-)slave-owners right to pursuit his/her happiness? duh, go read some economics...
    Simplicissimus on
  20. It should be noted that, to the best of our knowledge, Plods are far more like simple robots than zombies. The plod hoods are pymarics containing instructions for the puppeting of a human corpse. Kasslyne's afterlife is still murky, but it seems universally accepted that after you die, your memories and spirit are taken by the Khert, and your meatsuit is just a useless castoff. Even Ssaelit despise plods based purely on the insult it delivers to the human condition, rather than the possibility of an sentient plod. Hell, the Ssaelit prefer slavery to plod labour.
    Marcel on
  21. An industrial robot on Earth has a manipulator which performs the mechanical functions and a controller which controls the manipulator. The controller is inside an electrical enclosure (usually a steel box) installed safely away from the manipulator. A plod on Kasslyne is the manipulator. A plod mask on Kasslyne is the controller. When plod rots out, you replace it with a fresher corpse and keep running it from the same mask to perform the same functions.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  22. A plod mask is the pymaric here, not the plod that wears it. A plod mask may run through quite a few plods before the mask itself becomes infected with stray ghosts and has to be disposed of and replaced with a freshly enchanted mask, unless there exist some pymaric methods to exorcise the mask to continue using it. Another possibility is to wipe (i.e.reformat) the plod mask of its pymaric programming together with the infection and then re-enchant the mask, if exorcism is impossible.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  23. Calling it now - @MMM is a cleverly-programmed chatbot.It lists a defunct ISP as its personal website, FFS. Is there a secret contest? Did I guess right?
    calling it on
  24. They're on to you, TripleM..
    I told you this would happen.
    Melarec on
  25. @Melarec: “They're on to you”

    Who cares? I know I don’t.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  26. Well, if we're going to play the "Who is MMM?" game, I'd like to point out the reference to ladder logic above, which indicates he knows something about industrial control systems. That suggests he is either an engineer or a technician. His general level of erudition suggests engineer is more likely, and, based on his knowledge of non-engineering subjects, he was probably educated outside the United States. On other pages, I've seen him using expressions and spellings that look more British than American. His posting times seem to fit into two time slots, which correspond to "morning before going to work" and "evening and night after getting home from work" in England's time zone.

    Based on that, I'm going to say that MMM is a British or Irish engineer, probably employed either in an industrial plant or in a firm that makes controls for manufacturing equipment.
    Some Old Guy on
  27. @Gibbs-Free That comment made me laugh so hard I nearly choked. Also, what is UP with those eyebrows? Feels like some serious compensation, Darkest Paul.
    OwlFeather on
  28. "darkest Paul." I laughed. Yes. This is what Imagine a newly minted naughty wizard might call himself for the first hundred years or so until he realises what a dweeb he's been.
    Jonathan Evans on
  29. Sounds like DP Modular is about to raise it's next round of venture capital... We've seen the entrance to Juste from Lurick -- but where's the one in Menlo Park?
    CircleReader on
  30. So, we've noticed the faux-hair curl tattoo upon the bald pate, and the strings invisible from a distance, but not the plod with the missing legs? Look at the poor rotting plod back left in this panel and the last. Just lookit 'im!! The plods have mask to keep them from eating you. Soul-less, perhaps, but alive enough. The Frankenstein reference is strong, and it creeps me out. Except for that Hindu cult that seeks to know the world by overcoming revulsion (bird and combat photographer Michael yon has a nice essay on those chaps), no one ignores the long dead and still-rotting handling their food. The revulsion is hard-wired and has to be overcome. MMM does seem a bit Limey to me. It's fits with the off-kilter humour. Hmm ... off kilter ... Great Scott! He's a Highlander!!
    Honzinator on
  31. Seems like Darkest Paul is suffering from testosterone poisoning. Ah, we know that is not possible. Well, he is a zealot. I guess that I would be if someone had just removed my testicles. Gotta convince oneself of the wisdom of permitting such a measure to be taken on your body.

    @Knows What Comes - Sense is that Darkest Paul and company are all playing in the khert. These are the memories of Bastion's youth.
    FrogCrossing on
  32. @FrogCrossing: "Darkest Paul is suffering from testosterone poisoning. Ah, we know that is not possible"

    Why not?
    Testicles may not be the source of testosterone in the bodies of male Kasslynites. Other organs, that may remain intact after castration, may be. Humans may not even have the equivalent of these organs. For that matter, Ashley has given us no opportunity to COUNT just HOW MANY testicles are the male Kasslynites born with.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  33. @FrogCrossing - Where was it said that black tongues get castrated?
    T_z on
  34. LOL, Paul... if ever there were someone to not take seriously, it must be DARKEST PAUL.
    Emanon on
  35. Eh... a MP3 is easier.
    Jessica on
  36. MMM makes reading the comments worthwhile.
    Y on
  37. I'm getting a strong "BioShock" vibe here, and I feel that it's going to end up much the same way (or worse).
    ChattaStarhawk on
  38. @T_z Dunno if it's been explicitly stated in the comic itself, but Ashley's said so many a time, and it IS explicitly stated in one of the side stories under the Miscellany link up top, Orphans.
    Mute on
  39. T_z, Mute is coprrect, but there's also the Wiki - I quote both the description and a possible reason here - Membership Bastion Winalils and Rahm the Raptor are Black Tongues. During the last few decades, the population of Black Tongues has seen a sharp decline. Attempts to bring young, fresh talent to the organisation are largely stymied by the group's harsh initiation requirements and severe selectiveness. Initiates (who must be male) are required to cut off their own testicles and burn them. They must also get tattoos on their tongues. The Ilganyag require that nothing come before the furtherance of pymary and the human species, including the Gefendur gods, so active religiosity is grounds for expulsion from the order. Therefore they are secular as a rule, which is one reason they're so despised. The Black Tongues are violently protective of their secrets. Giving away their secrets, or claiming you're Ilganyag when you're not, are good ways to get your head cut off. Lady Ilganyag The Ilganyag appear to be connected to (and possibly named after) Lady Ilganyag, a legendary supernatural creature. She is supposed to be a six-breasted bird-woman senet beast who, since she can't have children of her own, goes around at night trying to suckle newborns, but always inadvertently kills them.
    Honzinator on
  40. Darkest Paul reminds me of Starfish, maybe it is the nose.
    Steph on
  41. @Steph: "Darkest Paul reminds me of Starfish"

    She Who Must Be Admired has mastered villainmaking.
    She can bake villains like cookies, as needed.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  42. @Frogcrossing: I don't think this is a memory; he mentions the destruction of Ethelmik.
    NightmareThrenody on