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May 19, 2017, at 12:00 AM

Guys, guys, you're setting a bad example for the plods.
This is it - the last week of the volume 3 print book campaign on Kickstarter! Both of the book exclusive bonus stretch goals have been funded which means the print books will have exclusive content - namely a swanky senet bestiary with a few secrets and an illustrated story about young Duane Adelier. This is also your only chance to pick up an eel or squish pin - they won't be stocked in the shop afterwards. Thanks for all your kind support, readers! :)


  1. Fools! Can you not join together in an Illuminati conspiracy to rule the entire Kasslyne? We on Earth are so advanced, compared to you, Kasslynite scum - we are practically awash in sinister world domination conspiracies. Shame on you, primitive barbarians!
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  2. Shouldn't it be, "You pissed in your and callED it lemonade?"
    Emanon on
  3. who's the cute silver?
    anon on
  4. Hey look, it's that cute chick again..
    Is this someone who asked to be in the comic?
    Melarec on
  5. It occurred to me; Rahm has worked tirelessly all his life, lost his son, his respect, his junk and nearly his marriage, all to chase the dream of pymaric flight. Except, someone will inevitably invent a proper airfoil in Kasslyine, and Rahm's efforts will amount to an overpriced footnote in someone else's book. *sigh*.
    CheeseToastofDeath on
  6. Like DaVinci's flying machines, CheeseToast?
    Melarec on
  7. Barroom brawl!! Yes!!
    GreenArcher on
  8. @CheeseToastofDeath: "someone will inevitably invent a proper airfoil in Kasslyine"

    No. First, Kasslyne cannot produce an Otto Lilienthal - not enough aerodynamic knowledge.
    Second, Kasslyne cannot produce any Wright Brothers - not enough knowledge of thermodynamics to build an internal combustion engine.
    So Rahm's way is the only way to go.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  9. No possibility of pymarically powered propellers or jet engines, TripleM?
    You were the one who theorized that the boats off the Lurick coast were pymarically driven..
    Melarec on
  10. It seems to me that the black tongues use people trying to seem clever by sponsoring them, i.e. rich nobles with too much money who like the idea of being 'enlightened' without actually being any different. right down to the nationalistic squabbling.
    Asshat on
  11. @Melarec: "You were the one who theorized that the boats off the Lurick coast were pymarically driven."

    They could be pymarically driven by simply applying pressure aspect to their stern transoms - no mechanical propulsors involved. How does Rahm's "magnificent flying machine" flies? Probably, by applying pressure to bottom, but not the top, and to rear plane but not the front plane. Remember, Rahm's pymaric aircraft is a heavier-than-air device. By creating pressure difference pymarically, the need for airfoils - which do the same thing aerodynamically - is eliminated.

    "No possibility of pymarically powered propellers or jet engines...?"

    Mostly, it is not "no possibility", but "no need" instead. And ABOVE the khertlines or OFFSHORE of the knertlines - yes, no possibility. No pymaric transportation can go where vliegeng cannot fly. No pymary beyond the khertlines, remember?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  12. The art is amazing as always. But the pink macarons flying to the foreground really stand out for some reason.
    The Gorram Batguy on
  13. And our shirtless hero covered everything but that part ... Maybe mixing patrons is a clever trick of the Black Tongues: after a good fight over your identity, you can give so much more money to destroy the other!
    Karel on
  14. And here lies the problem of neutrality - only the apathetic are truely neutral, and people driven by a passion are rarely apathetic. They may have a shared goal, but unless reaching that goal requires acting neutrally (and indeed, that goal overrides all others), nothing stops them from chosing a side. Not drawing attention to themselves in order to work in peace is such a goal, generally, but the possibility of acting from the shadows instead or makinng a bid to destroy those who would disturb them is just too tempting. And with that power, it's achievable. I'm guessing it's only the lack of hunger for power (or the active disdain for it) among more eminent members of the Black-Tongues (most notably Lady Lady Ilganyag) that keeps the rest (Darkest Paul) in line, and when these are gone... BOOM. Unless, of course, some other Black-Tongue/s decide to have it go their way instead. Which may be continued neutrality, or a bid for power. The relationship between Bastion and Delicieu will play an important role in this matter, I predict.
    Knows what comes on
  15. Rahm's pymaric flight already works pretty well - the problem is that it requires too many first materials and so would be far to expensive to produce on a large scale. This is where non-pymaric (aerodynamic) flight would have the advantage - as well as being able to fly over water. The question is, in a world where pymary is used to solve so many problems, how many visionaries are there who instead look to the sciences and normal physics? Perhaps those who in our world would make scientific advancements would not do so in Kasslyne since these feats are either considered impossible without pymary or even beyond the feats of pymary too and just downright impossible! Similar to how there doesn't seem to be much in the way of non-pymary medical treatment. Or how electricity has not been harnessed since pymarics provide an alternative for the most part (such as for lighting and communication). Sorry for blathering a bit, haha
    ellen on
  16. @Emanon; Well, he's calling it lemonade right now and the pissing was done long ago...
    I'm guessing these fights aren't such an unusual occurrence. At least no one's drawing swords.
    Also, they way they're talking reinforces my suspicion that Cresce's government is somewhat tolerant of the Black Tongues; Keeping them in check, but not hunting down every member they can, and not trying to uproot the organization, so that they can benefit from their work even while officially declaring them heretics and enemies.
    YairJ on
  17. Am I the only one who heard 'Ballroom Blitz' in the back of their mind?
    Billazilla on
  18. This is how I imagine Freemason meetings. But with strippers.
    Rivfader on
  19. @Billazilla OH MY GOD I HEAR IT I love this page. Insight into what the Black Tongues have accomplished, and what was taken from them. Also, snarky Bastion. The Black Tongues are seeming more and more credible every day, at least in comparison to Alderode or Cresce.
    Turtle Lord on
  20. So who's the guy with the fancy hat in the lower left of the first panel, and why do I think we'll see him again? My first thought was that he's Karl (Lady Toma's lover), but Karl's hat is blue with a floppy brim, and his red feather is smaller.

    Also, I notice that none of the Ilganyag are doing anything to break up the fight, although Maur and Darkest Paul don't look happy about it.
    Some Old Guy on
  21. Ah, is that a flying tooth in last panel? These small details are incredible!
    Karel on
  22. I love Ellen's point. On the one hand, alternative power, like renewables in our world, are incredibly wasteful in most applications but on the other, they can solve critical propulsion bottlenecks.
    Honzinator on
  23. Karel is right - 'tis a tooth! I suggest to Some Old Guy that the Black Tongues are not interfering because they are neutral ... and also seeking funds. Also, that's one Heck of a punch from our Aldish buddy. Altered gravity?
    Honzinator on
  24. @Honzinator: I guess my point is that they don't look surprised that a fight broke out. You'd think that if they expected a fight, they would have planned ahead and arranged two dog and pony shows, one for Crescians and one for Aldish. It seems to me that they have a better chance of getting funding when the potential donors aren't angry and battered.
    Some Old Guy on
  25. Nooo! Someone save the macarons!
    Fawnet on
  26. The comic was started in 2010. Kingdom Hearts II came out in 2005.
    Looks like the ambience of Juste was inspired by that of Twilight Town.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  27. Just as I thought, the crows are the foretelling of battle and look here, we have a food fight going on. Clearly the Black Tongues are as perverted and cold-blooded as the politicians they complain about.
    Horosha on
  28. @Horosha: "Clearly the Black Tongues are as pervert"ed and cold-blooded as the politicians they complain about."

    What did you expect? It is a Crapsack World.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  29. @Ashley, you're a wondrous creator, and I just pledged to your Kickstarter to get my personal copy of Volume 3. It should ship to me around my birthday! Couldn't ask for a better gift. Thank you for all your hard work. :)
    Sarah Hardister on
  30. The way Alds tend to throw the first punch at any time makes one wonder if Duane is being truly accurate in his assessments that "Alderode does not start wars".
    VP on
  31. Thank YOU, Sarah :D
    Ashley on