Ch12 - p54

May 26, 2017, at 12:00 AM

I imagine his playing is a lot livelier than the plod's was. If you get a Javascript notification on this page, I promise everything is safe. Let it run if you wanna see the animation.
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  1. Wowzers.
    How's this work in print?
    Can't wait to hear the rest of the lyrics, though any possible tune escapes me..
    Perhaps I'm not musically literate enough.
    Melarec on
  2. So that is what the Ilganyag lore says. But is there any truth to that?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  3. Wonder if the possibility of seeing the flow of secrets backwards was intentional.
    Nephilm on
  4. Our founder heard a bird. A well a don't you know about the bird? Well, everybody knows that the bird is a word. A brief history of the black tongues.
    Dusty on
  5. "Perhaps we were lovers", Bastion says? Hmm, looks credible - ancient Romans frequently castrated their catamites, too.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  6. Bird Secrets sound like the best kind of secrets.
    SummerHeart on
  7. This is so cool!!! I had to replay it a few times just because it was so cool!! The details!! The rhyme! The change in the background!! so cool.
    marimo on
  8. The tit-hooks going through the flesh look plenty like the workings of the silver eel. Urk.

    This tune is too informative to continue. It must needs be interrupted--by the arrival of the Grand Master person Bastion was seeking, for example.
    awhorl on
  9. Little did he know, that getting into Ilganyag's box is like a scene out of Hellraiser. HAH! Ok, I'll be quiet now.
    Alphalogic on
  10. I feel like this is played to the tune of American Pie only with extra dramatic flair XD
    Jessica on
  11. Wow for the page! the animation is amazing, i also replayed it several times.. As for Bastion, tittybird's love is tough love. Yes, looks strangely like the silver beast. Maybe attracted to pain too?
    Karel on
  12. @MMM: "Where is truth in that?" Now, now, what is truth? Who would know it? Who would walk around telling it? And who would believe it?
    Enshu of the Shushus on
  13. @Melarec: Dead space below the first panel at a perfect angle to slot in Bastion tinkling on the bones. Forward planning. :¬D
    Weshtery on
  14. I bet this means Murkoph is the founder of the Black Tongues.
    capsandnumbers on
  15. Those scissors in Illganyags hand make me uncomfortable.
    RED on
  16. Love how the flow of secrets keeps changing directions. Well done, Ashley.
    Saibot on
  17. That last panel, oh boy! >:) This is what I'm here for!
    Jackarais on
  18. Oh damn @capsandnumbers, that might actually be true. Also, Bastion and Murkoph both have zippetyzip powers, maybe they gained it from Ilganyag?
    Hagelslag on
  19. I love this page. Bastion is making just enough sense to sound credible, little enough sense to seem unstable.
    Turtle Lord on
  20. All sorts of subtleties going on in this animation, but perhaps the best part of it is the dramatic shift in lighting. Also, that’s some clever perversion of rhyming conventions there. Fits Winalils’ character very well.
    carson on
  21. I know it's impossible, but in the book that eventually contains this scene, this page should be "pop-up book" style, with the two panels folding away to reveal the middle. Also, the "secrets" flowing into the guy's head should be a little wheel you can spin making it "animate." I would totally pay extra for a Kickstarter for actual "animated" print versions.
    Dex on
  22. If Murkoph is Black Tongue founder, wouldn't he have no balls? I'd think Sette would have mentioned it at some point since she surely would have noticed that little detail, especially given her own anatomical shortcomings.
    Luke on
  23. Also, if you alter your perception the right way you can make the "secrets" go in either direction. :D
    Luke on
    Collide on
  25. @Jessica: Yes, American Pie works really well with that :)
    GreenArcher on
  26. Is it just me or do his eyes and that last stanza in the song imply an impending 'murder you all' scene? Also in Tittybird's panel that lower pair of musical notes look kinda testacular. Heh heh.
    Cuban_Pete on
  27. @Collide: "SECRETS I want some"

    Secrets..."because Mysteries"...Yawn...
    If it is important - it will come out eventually.
    If it does not matter - who cares!
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  28. Hah! Yes, I just noticed the "Secrets" flow either direction depending on how you look at it. (Thanks, everyone who pointed it out..)
    But, the meaning goes a bit further!
    When looking directly at her or the man, the "Secrets" flow from Ilganyag to the man.
    When you're not looking at it--when you catch it from the corner of your eye--the "Secrets" flow from the man to Ilganyag.
    So, she's giving them all these wondrous secrets while they're paying attention, but taking their secrets when they're not paying attention.
    Melarec on
  29. The secrets go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth...
    Iceea on
  30. FINALLY! A goddamned musical number! Was about to call this whole thing a wash!
    Narratorway on
  31. well that surprised me, i assume a print version will have the result rather than the start, but cool, really cool :)
    Mistwraith on
  32. Why do i get the feeling he is planning on killing them all
    ark on
  33. It might be, ark, because he said so last page. Judt a hunch, though.
    Knows what comes on
  34. Were so close to the next stretch goal! I hope we'll make it, I really liked the sticker and bookmark from the previous kickstarter.
    Hagelslag on
  35. I bet the Dementors posted throughout Juste have the same function as in "Harry Potter", whence they came from: the first "Harry Potter" novel was published in 1997, the last in 2007, and all the "Harry Potter" movies but the last two came out before 2010, when "Unsounded" came out, so Dementors were already widely known by that time.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  36. My dear Enshu of the Shushus, the answer to who would go about speaking truth and who would listen, Socrates and Plato (seemed more appropriate for the black tongues than Christ, Zoroaster, or Buddha and their followers).
    Honzinator on
    Lahcania on