Ch12 - p55

May 29, 2017, at 12:00 AM

Everyone keeps suggesting Bastion is going to kill all the party attendees! But no. Just the piano.
The V3 Kickstarter is over! Thank goodness. The final total was 73k+ which is preeeetty respectable, I'd say! Of course now the work really begins, on my part. I'm going to have to go on hiatus after this scene is over, but that's still a few weeks away. Just wanted to warn you though! I don't want to half-ass volume 3, it's got good stuff in it, and I want to get it to the printer as soon as I can so everyone can get their copy.


  1. This performance was literally full of fire.
    Unfortunately, fire being literal, the instrument did not survive it.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  2. Long time reader, long time comment reader, first time commenter. Just want to say you have an amazing way of making almost every character interesting and multi dimensional. Bastion Winalils has quickly become one of my favorite characters and I look forward to more of his backstory.
    Emphraim on
  3. Plong
    Melarec on
  4. Well,looks like he genuinely regrets his choices in life. A girl with a tail,a lich with a conscience,a walking deconstruction of "white-haired badass",a national hero detective with troubled family life,and now a disillusioned doctor with a rarely used,but still living heart. Will they be joined by a flying skull later? :)
    Malin on
  5. The whole scene reminded me a bit of V for Vendetta's "Vicious Cabaret" :) I wonder if you (or some of the more musically inclined fans) would post a possible tune for the song...
    Sirith on
  6. Mikaila, Duane, Cutter, Elan and Ilganyag can be seen while he says he's tired of death. But Duane and Elan are kept alive because of some dark pymary bastion seems to have created. What does this mean for Cutter and Mikaila? (and Ilganyag?)
    Hagelslag on
  7. Because of the music I've been listening to the past weekend I ended up reading that song a lot like Watsky's Lovely Thing Suite Part 2, which happens to be piano backed and have a similarly discordant spot as the "plong". (content warning: suicide)
    Vaya on
  8. Bastion goes from being king of the world to the beggar at his table very quickly, I notice. He's harbouring trauma, and the manic, deviant wiseass persona he puts on seems to be as much a mask as the one he's wearing. Fitting for a character whose costumes always seem extravagant and excentric, but are only illusions, meaning he is always more exposed to the elements than he'd like to let on.
    Knows what comes on
  9. @MMM: If you think fire's enough to kill a piano... well, a well-made piano might be hideously disfigured and start screaming, or have parts of its shell crumble, but it'll probably still play if the fire runs out of fuel before the structural integrity of its key components fails. Whereas a crappy piano will just die before the fire's done.
    TachyonCode on
  10. @Hagelslag I dunno about Cutter, but Bastion was present when Mikaila died- remember, he was the one that zombiefied Duane there in the snow. My guess is that he was at least somewhat sorry over the death of an innocent in the botched assassination.
    Mute on
  11. Malin and Ephraim are great. Also, Bastion reminds me of the scene in the old show Angel, where the head attorney tells the bright young star at the law firm for/from Hell, "You're having a crisis of faith, son." It ends badly, even for those turning away from evil. I've got a sense Lady Ilganyag is a jealous Goddess, and not exactly unconcerned with mortal suffering, she's off key enough to inflict it in massive doses.
    Honzinator on
  12. Oh, well, at least he's sorry.
    Collide on
  13. Whitey Bastion sings the blues.
    Narratorway on
  14. Well shit, way to bring the mood down winalis!
    Asshat on
  15. anyway a lovely little idea that winnalis is capable of something deemed impossible.
    Asshat on
  16. oh, the site's fixed now? Nice. I was kinda scared for a second.
    Turtle Lord on
  17. Sorry about that, Turtle. My webhost changed some server settings and the blogging software did not like it at all. Seems to be okay now.
    Ashley on
  18. @Ashley to be fair, Bastion himself was the first to suggest that he would kill all those nice people.
    Douglas on
  19. I'm confused about perception glamours... If Bastion's outfit appears different to everyone, shouldn't Duane's face also appear different?
    Glass on