Ch12 - p56&57

May 31, 2017, at 12:00 AM

Two pages today, I thought they worked better together. I shall be skipping Friday's update because of it though! See you on Monday when we discover just who has so politely requested Bastion's presence (possibly they are a giant snake).


  1. Cliffhanger? Nah! But Ashley's choice is wise - do not deplete the buffer, for you cannot rush art. The wait was always worth it, as She Who Must Be Admired never disappoints.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  2. These animations and other touches are always lovely, but I can't help but wonder how you'll handle them in print later. It's a little harder to make them move there.
    Twin Icon on
  3. The back button on the second page seems to be obscured by the animation, as attempting to click on said back button results in the same effect as clicking on the page: advancing forward to the next page. Since this only becomes the case after the mask has finished falling to the bottom of the page, some invisible piece that was animated is covering the back button, as far as I can tell. Just thought you ought to know, unless that was intentional.
    Quin the Magnificent on
  4. Minor thing- I can't seem to click the back arrow on the latest page. It just takes me to the comments section.
    some chump on
  5. Yeah, the div size overlaps the back button after the mask animation completes. It was either lose the back button or have the page not be clickable, so I chose the former. Use your browser back button if you need it, kids.
    Ashley on
  6. The reason you can't go back is that the mask has dropped. The masquerade has ended. The glamour has fallen. The order no longer has the attention of Lady Ilganyag. There is no going back once the truth has been revealed. The patrons are now disillusioned. The order cannot recover without her favor. You cannot undo what has been done.
    Some Random Fan on
  7. Readers cannot use the backarrow on comic page?
    Ha, it seems one of those cases when those who want to look smart, outsmart themselves instead.
    Therefore, henceforth KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!)
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  8. "Do I know you?" Bastion was gone for a decade,yes,but I always thought that Black Tongues are small brotherhood,few hundreds strong at most?It is a bit odd that someone who seems to command at least some authority is unknown to him.
    Malin on
  9. What happened to Bastion's red corset-thingy in between pages? Continuity error?
    Lumbargo on
  10. @Lumbargo: Bastion's clothes are all illusions - excepting, in this scene, the Ilganyag mask. They come and go as he wills them to, because he can't carry anything with him when he offsets.
    Asterai on
  11. Paul's retaliation was handled easily, as I expected. The first one, at least. The second... it's probable Bastion knows what Paul has been working on, and what it can do. Will he expect the staple gun to be used offensively, though?
    Knows what comes on
  12. Ashley, if you do any more animated pages it might be a good idea to slow down the times - give readers a little longer to look at each frame. Not sure if this is true for everyone, but I tend to read comics quite slowly, so my experience of this is ohshitanimation? backspacebackspace wheresthesoddingpausebutton (but it's dead pretty anyhow)
    Arianwen on
  13. Well, looking at how sunken Bastion's eyes are right now, I guess we can take his word for how tired he is...
    Seliabel on
  14. Ashley, if you do any more animated pages, it might be a good idea to make sure that no animated fragment interferes with GUI controls. Please debug your pages.

    Another issue to consider is design-for-publication. You are a hardcopy-published author, and animation functionality cannot be reproduced in hardcopy. As regrettable as it would be, but it may be worth your while to consider forgoing animations entirely going forward.

    Granted, this is merely my suggestion, with all apologies due.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  15. I do debug the pages, but I didn't notice the broken back button until I updated last night. I could have delayed the update until today to fix it, but using the browser back button instead of the coded one doesn't kill anyone. For your second issue, all pages are designed for print first, and animated afterwards. Don't worry your little noggin over it.
    Ashley on
  16. A very polite person... Ought to be a very good antagonist!
    Karel on
  17. That was such a sick burn, it came served on its own trivet.
    Travis on
  18. I'm more curious as to what Darkest has been working on. I bet it has a really cool name.
    Collide on
  19. For all wondering how this would look like in print, I encourage you to check out Ashley's Patreon page. The 5 buck tier grants you access to high-res pages and these are the ones that will be adapted to print later on. I am super satisfied and think it's definitely worth it, being able to look at all the details in better quality :) Check it out, you won't regret it!
    DeathDave on
  20. Judging from the birds on page 46, I presume the person Bastion is meeting now is the guy on that page with the bird on his shoulder.
    Luke on
  21. Oooooh, maybe they want Bastion to turn the person in the body bag into another walking talking corpse.
    Luke on
  22. @Ashley: "Don't worry your little noggin over it."

    My snout is perfectly safe, thank you very much.

    "all pages are designed for print first, and animated afterwards."

    No issue then. "using the browser back button instead of the coded one doesn't kill anyone"

    That is what I always use when going to previous page - it is always displayed. For that reason, I never noticed the issue. And when the "forward" button does not work, I simply use the upper level page menu.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  23. I went on a comic-reading hiatus a while back (when the silver had first exploded I believe) and after losing my page and starting over a month ago I am finally caught up! This comic has always been my absolute favorite, and I am so glad it is still going strong!
    Thrawn on
  24. As for myself, long-time reader, rare commenter, I would be heartbroken if you followed the advice above to forego all animations. That's the beauty of a webcomic, it has extra room for creativity. ^^ I still remember my excitement when I found the letters in Chapter 1 after reading the whole chapter.
    Cheschire Cat on
  25. All of you are so preoccupied with the darn button, why is no one talking about the first panel having the coolest line and sickest burn I've ever read in a comic?
    Sagelynaive on
  26. @Cheschire Cat: "letters in Chapter 1"? I've just been through Chapter 1 again looking for these letters and didn't see them. Did I miss something?
    Some Old Guy on
  27. They were removed long ago, Old Guy :) I originally had the idea of a complementary, epistolary, hidden story that would run along with Unsounded's main narrative, but found it too overwhelming and decided just to focus on the comic.
    Ashley on
  28. Are the letters still stored somewhere for those who are interested?
    Melarec on
  29. Melarec, I compiled what I could a few years ago. ^_^
    Snowy on
  30. If you add "display: inline-block" to the style tag of the div with class="mask", it should be the right size and not overlap the back button.
    Anonymous on
  31. Shweet, Snowy!
    I've now read all of them.
    And it makes sense that there'd be no more, since I doubt Duane would have had time for more journal entries.
    Though, riding in Uaid would provide a bit of spare time..
    Melarec on
  32. Anon is right..
    Changing "mask"'s display value to "inline-block" shrinks the image's parent div to the same size as the image.
    The back arrow is clickable afterwards.
    *Tested in the Console window/element inspector/f12/ctrl+shift+I/ctrl+shift+C/kajigger.
    (What is its proper name anyhow?)
    Melarec on
  33. @Snowy now I'm curious. How were these letters hidden within those first few pages? I started reading Unsounded just a few months after it started and don't remember seeing anything suspicious.
    Pylgrim on
  34. Thanks, guys, what an easy fix :) All done.
    Ashley on
  35. If you want some comic JavaScript inspiration I'd check out... I think it was the oblivion cat comic from several years ago.
  36. Dissent amongst the ranks it would seem.
    Navarus on
  37. Honestly, Sagelynaive, I prefer "feathishists" as a truly scorching burn.
    Honzinator on
  38. I can't stop reloading this animated page! Good stuff. I'm interested in how this would be translated into a static page for the book as I watch it.
    Roy on
  39. I'm with Roy and Melarec. The Journal entries are excellent, and I am not surprised they cut off, and I am looking at that animation for a third straight day and marveling at how unimpressed Bastion Winnalis looks.
    Honzinator on
  40. "I have a lot on my plate right now...I'm not about to quarrel with the parsley." Nice. Writing that one down for future use.
    TB on
  41. Bastion is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters.
    Turtle Lord on
  42. Hey, I started reading this last night (as its one of few comics not banned at work station #3) and just finished. Truly amazing, from start to finish. A lot more verbal gems at the beginning, I felt. Lines worth memorizing for future use. But the art and story were solid gold throughout. Looking forward to forgetting about you completely for a few months, so I can get another few minutes of enjoyment in. Keep up the fantasticism.
    Dappershire on