Ch12 - p58

June 5, 2017, at 12:00 AM

O-oh. Someone should like, go tell all the guys having the party down the hall that their leader's cut his throat. Maybe after dessert?


  1. @Ashley: "Someone should like, go tell all the guys having the party down the hall that their leader's cut his throat. Maybe after dessert?"

    Why bother? As if it were important.
    Besides, it is "Unsounded" - someone always dies all the time.
    So eat, drink and borrow - you WILL die tomorrow.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  2. oh my. what 12 pages of comic will do to a guy :(
    Veea on
  3. Mephistopheles twi-lek Naga.
    Common tropes are the author's Tinkertoy.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  4. Oh... I totally believe that that was suicide. That's not suspicious at all.
    AJ on
  5. "It was suicide, wasn't it?" "In an involuntary sort of way.These political suicides can get awfully messy, when the principal won't cooperate." "Thirty-two stab wounds in the back, worst case of suicide they ever saw?"
    Malin on
  6. Because a man slitting his own throat is entirely possible. Yup, I believe you.
    J on
  7. The hell did I just read...??
    RAIV on
  8. A few questions:

    Ruck was last seen in the company of Darkest, yes?

    Uh, this Chorley person, who has been sent to oversee "the secret and important order in their time of mourning"--he was sent by some government? The entrance to this private world is located in which country--the same one General Bell is busily overthrowing, is it not? Hmmm . . .

    Chorley knows a "secret" or two. If the donors don't know that Lady I has been silent, how can Chorley prattle on about it? And how recently did this act of desperation take place? Did little errand person know that the leader was dead, or was he quickly prevented from having the meeting--uh I mean he changed his mind rather abruptly?

    Young Bastion has been through a lot in his short life, to be sure, but he has more adulting to do right now, if he chooses. And fast.
    awhorl on
  9. Oh, so the skull people/wraiths floating around were former Blacktongues that died? If so, Blacktongues are staunch believers of the macabre.
    Laurlai on
  10. Nagas finally make their appearance! You have to wonder if anyone around here is already under Ruck's thrall. And it's nice to see that Bastion is so polite he's almost able to hide his fear. There sure are a lot of coups in the works in this comic. Is Kasslyne always this chaotic, beneath the surface, or are we witnessing an abnormally disruptive moment?
    spen cyrrh on
  11. well none of that is creepy & disturbing. Bastion looks like a guy who just found the door leading upstairs, in his one-story house.
    spike on
  12. They have style, they have grace, they are staring into space Oversee the order? That sounds like such a chore, Tomas!
    Carpenter on
  13. @awhorl we last saw Chuck on page 46: We can see Chorly behind Ruck in the middle panel. Based on attire I think the guy in the foreground is the leader of the Black Tongues, although he looks more gaunt than the corpse does in panel two of this page.
    dougcosine on
  14. @Laurlai: "Blacktongues are staunch believers of the macabre."

    No more than all those real life cultures that keep mummified remains of their ancestors in their dwellings.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  15. This is starting to look to me like they targeted him away from Juste, and then "skullpiloted" him back to Juste... where he appears to commit suicide. Despite the fact that he was already effectively "brain-dead" by this point. 'Cause the first time we met this Epheby outside of Juste, that was Chorley in the background...
    jkasfkj on
  16. It looks to me like Ruck's neckwear is a lot thinner now. If that's Ballanstern walking with him on page 46, whose body was in the bag? Or was Ballanstern in the bag and the person walking with Ruck wass just someone glamored to look like Balanstern?
    Some Old Guy on
  17. I was wondering the significance of all the floating skeletons.
    Navarus on
  18. Too many pages without a death will drive a person to kill themselves in this comic. Though in this case I don't think it really counts as in that we haven't even had the chance to meet this particular person. And while I agree his death is a tad on the suspicious side, its far from impossible for someone to off themselves like that. I know of one person who attempted to kill themselves by turning on a bandsaw and trying to lean over neck first into it. Suicidal depression is a hell of a thing.
    Cuban_Pete on
  19. Checking back on page 46 when the Efheby first appeared, I don't think the man with the staff and this dead dude are the same person. They both have shoulder puffs and similar colored clothing and hair, but their hairstyles themselves are different as well as the lower area of his clothing. Either these similarities are coincidental and we're just confusing these two men as the same, or that was a very poorly made glamour. And, as Some Old Guy mentioned, Ruck's neck bag is A LOT thinner. Wonder what (or who) was in it...
    Rainwalker on
  20. @MMM: "Mephistopheles twi-lek Naga." Really? And here I thought, rather than twi-lek, there were some cartoon echidna stylings present. (I'm half expecting you to reply with something about the "collective unconscious".)
    TachyonCode on
  21. @MMM No way?? Either way, The Blacktongues are interesting. I hope to learn more about them as the comic goes on.
    Laurlai on
  22. "Ruck's necksack is thinner"
    Nah, that's just because he's not moving.
    On page 46, it was twisting as he swayed.
    Surely there is nothing out of the ordinary.
    Melarec on
  23. Oh-hooo. No, totally not suspicious, sir.
    Luchucholo on
  24. So, even the Eldritch abominations in this comic are classy as hell. How do lines of succession work for the Black Tongues? Is there a chain of command, or does the position go to whoever made the most prolific scientific discovery? Because if it's the latter, I don't have any doubts that it would go to Delicieu for the silver achievement -or the possible transfer of the soul-, or Bastion, for creating the first sentient undead. (With the possible exception of Murkoph, but he's stuck in the Khert as of right now, so who cares)
    Turtle Lord on
  25. Ruck? Well, fuck.
    khonongg on
  26. I love how obnoxiously matter-of-fact this Tomas guy is, makes me think of a lawyer. Poor Bastion, his experience with Efheby only makes the who situation worse... But hot damn, that Ruck is some cool looking mofo! 11/10 would get fictionally killed by.
    Zlukaka on
  27. Why is an outsider making these pronouncements? A trusted henchman? Just a presumptive prat? {If only he were a presumptive prat platt.] What gives?
    Honzinator on