Ch12 - p59

June 7, 2017, at 12:00 AM

I think I remember that guy... He's looked healthier.


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  2. I am confused and excited
    anon on
  3. wait, who is that guy again? and can someone explain what Mr. Orange is?
    anon on
  4. That looks like the Copper Aldishman the Queen of Cresce has for a husband, unless I'm mistaken...
    orosboru on
  5. I called it first - indeed it was a wrapped Kasslynite form around the snakebeast's neck!
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  6. Oh, by the way - Jabba the Hutt says "Hi!" to the author.
    He is truly flattered by this tribute to him.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  7. To be fair, Roger still had a longer stint being alive in Unsounded than some other characters we've met. #Rip female guard who both appeared and died ch 6, pg 28. You will be in our hearts forever.
    Rainwalker on
  8. @orosboru: "unless I'm mistaken"

    You are not. This used to be Roger Foi-Hellick. See the two puncture wounds on his neck? That is the author keeping her word regarding happy families.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  9. So is this creepy fanged character a Senet?It probably won't happen,but would be nice to see lady Red-and-Black showing up to establish a chain of command.Or better yet,a food chain.
    Malin on
  10. Holy shit it was a body! And an important one at that. This naga don't play damn.
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  11. "Efheby venom is unlike typical snake venom in that it attacks the brain, permanently destroying a victim's will and making the animal (or human) a docile puppet."

    From here:

    So THIS is how the conspirators plan to assassinate the Queen. To wit - twin puncture wounds in the neck, corresponding to Ruck's upper fangs.
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  12. Eewww...ear arms.
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  13. Oh my lord. I knew he was gonna be new but this scale wasn't something I predicted. I feel bad for the little boy prince. :C
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  14. *bad news Curse of typing on a screen.
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  15. They can call the Kasslynian naga "skullpilots" all they want - I will never mistake a decoy for a real McCoy:
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  16. Is the prince consort freshly kidnapped? Or has a puppet been in the palace for some time?
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    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  18. Somehow I get more and more lost here... Contents were much easier to grasp when the Story focused on Sette and Duane alone (especially for a non-natively-english-speaking-guy). Maybe you could post a small summary / Explanation what's going on together with each page, in the future?
    Yellow on
  19. i know the snake guy is evil and all but i have to say i'm a big fan of those tiny arms on his head
    Jenny on
  20. what on earth is in it for the snake guy?? why does it care?? and why are there guys hired to help a (secret!!! no less) society transition in a time of mourning?? Is it like a solicitor hired to help with the liquidation of a business?? in my view its no less than an open power grab and it might be extremely obvious for everybody around with solicitor guy just openly pulling a nose??
    Schmunzel on
  21. MMM: you sure it's Roger? Poor guy. If only he had been a bad father and distant husband, he might have had a chance. You know I was thinking about starting a dead pool on Roger and have everyone guess the date of his inevitable demise. But I figured it would happen in the next chapter and the comedy would have worn off by then. Looks like the joke was on me! That's why I keep coming back to Unsounded, it's for the laughs.
    BiggusGeekus on
  22. My god, tiny ear-arms... I need an Image of Ruck playing a tiny set of drums with those tiny arms.
    MDN on
  23. I think we have our representatives for the people overshadowing both Darkest and Bastion. The question is, will or have they form(ed) an alliance with Darkest or not? And will it be voluntary? Questions, questions. They won't be pleased with his current bid at short-sighted revenge, though. Though Ruck might find it interesting, at least.
    Knows what comes on
  24. @BiggusGeekus: "have everyone guess the date of his inevitable demise"

    Never get attached to any characters here. "Unsounded" is a cross between "Breaking bad" and "Game of Thrones" in this respect - anyone can betray and anyone can die at any time.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  25. This is an amazing turn of event. MMM, yeah, you called it first: it was a body. Though probably not a corpse yet. Also, @Yellow, as a non-native speaker myself, I can say that part of the complexity does not come from the language but the Unsounded world itself; and this is one of the major reasons why I like it so much. Some summaries are available on the wiki already, and everyone is welcome to contribute.
    Karel on
  26. "Do you see my little rape, spread-eagled and sticky on the counterpane? Half-done! Half-done." An abundance of credit to the author for consistently being able to use the grotesque in visuals AND in words with such brutal effectiveness.
    Pyre on
  27. Alright yes, that's the Queen's aldish consort first seen on page 9 of this chapter. Same face, hair, jewelry, and clothing.
    someone on
  28. Queen Sonorie'a lover??? Btw there is a summmary of sorts on Ruck's kind on the wiki under "Senet beasts."
    Laurlai on
  29. I think it's safe to say nobody thought this guy would be in the bag. I like Ruck, though. He's almost childlike in his amazement.
    Turtle Lord on
  30. Once again I get the impression that Ruck is going to ask Bastion to make Roger into another walking corpse dude like Duane.
    Luke on
  31. Ruck seems like a reasonable, amiable fellow. I'm sure we have nothing to fear from him.
    Collide on
  32. Notice the teeth marks. Looks like Roger's gonna be a mindless puppet from now on.
    Ateh on
  33. wonder if Naga venom counts as a first material, or if it's a black market substance used by assassins to fabricate a suicide.
    Asshat on
  34. Now I am going back to look for costumes that hide teeth marks.

    Seriously,some marginally intelligent Efheby must have tried controlling human politics for a while and found out how terminally boring it was, and that was the end of it. I'm guessing that, given the way Efheby are constituted, they mess with humans for fun, period.

    They have all the power and treasure they need; they aren't social with their own kind; we'll find out what mix of motives and feelings are displayed by Ruck, but I'm guessing that he either doesn't recognize boundaries or really enjoys crossing them.

    That would be enough reason for him to want to observe the Deathbusters. Too bad if the reason turns out to be that he yearns to see Murkoff again.
    awhorl on
  35. What happened to the poor copper bastard's little daughter?! This abomination didn't eat her, did he?! They were inseparable! I hope she was with a nanny! Well, at any rate, we now have a "Manchurian Candidate" scenario of sorts, but who recruited the monster? What payment could entice him? Bastion does not seem to approve. The idea of the Next queen of Creace being almost as long lived as himself probably appealed to him. I remember a Copper woman being apprehended attempting to cross into Creace illegally, who could potentially be useful to the queen's long term plans for producing very long lived granddaughters, reinforcement of copper blood inside Black skin.
    RyGuy on
  36. Winalils' comeback "we're committed to a theme" is one of the best lines you have ever written in this comic, Ashley. So snarky and quick! I love it!
    Rebecca on
  37. The big question is, how long has Roger been under Ruck's sway and how involved is Ruck in the upcoming coup? I'm guessing "very" in both cases.
    AJ on
  38. @RyGuy- the queen planned on marrying and having an heir by the copper no doubt in part for his longevity, but it was a failure. It is not genetics that give the coppers and jets their longevity, but the Dammakhert, which is located exclusively in Alderode. Any child conceived outside of the Dammakhert, even if it had Copper parents, would have a normal human lifespan.
    Rainwalker on
  39. @awhorl: "Now I am going back to look for costumes that hide teeth marks."

    Anything with a standing collar. Like here with Roger, Offal and ...even the Queen herself:
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  40. AAAOOOWWWWW NOOoooo not the delightful ginger whyyy :[ still, kind of amazed how much I already like Ruck regardless.
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  41. me rn:
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  42. Hey, esteemed fellow commenters! Ashley just EDITED the Wiki article on Efheby:
    "Efheby venom is unlike typical snake venom in that it
    attacks the brain, PERMANENTLY destroying a victim's will
    and making the animal (or human) a docile puppet."
    "Efheby venom is unlike typical snake venom in that it
    attacks the mind, ------------ destroying a victim's will
    and opening his being to exploration and control."
    Was: "Also called NAGA, or skullpilots"
    Now: "Also called -------- skullpilots"

    No longer "Naga" the Efheby are!

    See for yourselves here:

    And rejoice: for if Roger ever gets detoxed, he and his marriage can be saved - not that I expect Ashley to let it ever happen.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  43. *squints* So anyone else has this sneaking suspicion that MMM is actually Ashley under a Pseudonym?
    Dusty on
  44. I've long suspected he's really the Mr. Hyde of someone's Dr. Jekyll. Might as well be her. And every once in a while when I'm inebriated I have to resist the urge to post something impersonating as his Dr. Jekyll.
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  45. MMM is not yours truly but he is a bit unhealthily obsessed and fixated on Unsounded. Which is flattering of course, but I do worry about you sometimes, MMM :) I just want you to be well.
    Ashley on
  46. @Ashley, re: "MMM is not yours truly" Exactly what you'd say if you really were MMM... >_>
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  47. Cannot get over Ruck's amazing facial expressions, on this and the following few pages. Ahaha.
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