Ch12 - p60

June 9, 2017, at 12:00 AM

Insert lawyer joke... here.


  1. Solicitor Chorley, I presume? How provident of the aspiring new patron senet (saint?) of the Black Tongues to retain competent legal council in advance!
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  2. Lawyer joke.
    aj on
  3. Okay, I officially love Ruck.
    kalenderee on
  4. Another interesting turn. One senet beast abdicates it's throne and another swoops in to take it place. Reaching for the reigns of a riderless steed seems a more apt description. Indeed, his foresight to have retained legal counsel is indicative of a shrewd and cunning mind, one which seems intent on wresting control of this mortal consortium. It becomes more apparent his understanding of the minds and machinations of men runs long and deep. This is Efheby, and it is dangerous.
    Alphalogic on
  5. the pointing ear hands in panel two...nice attention to detail :P
    anon on
  6. Ruck:
    anoonymoose on
  7. Was that basically a threat?? "Show us respect or you'll end up as your leader" I wonder if the leader got all hopeful and "a-ha now we'll look into this and manage to throw you away creepy snake dude" when he learned that the lady still lives, or if snake dude thought that since the lady indeed abandoned her harem, the last opposition he faced was 100% useless to him and offed the leader.
    Glass on
  8. He's off to see the write! The darkest write in the land!
    Knows what comes on
  9. I would compare a lawyer to a snake, but I would hate to offend the snakes.
    Zeno on
  10. My advice to those have not read the comments on every page for the last five years is to not spend too much of your energy thinking about what MMM says. This person has variously been celebrated as a precog, recognised as an uberfan, and feared or resented as a troll. They are certainly very animated and creative, but that doesn't make them right about anything. If they're part of Ashley's elaborate real world RP, then so be it. Just enjoy the scenery.
    spen cyrrh on
  11. Lots of new information on this page, wonderfully twisted. And as far as this recurrent theory holds, the description of Lady I by Ruck does fit Tirna again.
    Karel on
  12. Who invented copper wire? Two lawyers fighting over a penny.
    Asthix on
  13. Not sure I'd want the sort of "inspiration" that would come from an efheby.
    Himself on
  14. @Asthix Pffhahahaha! And they invented the taffy pull all at the same time! And then they squabbled over the patent rights to that!
    The Gorram Batguy on
  15. Asthix wins the day :D
    Ashley on
  16. Goddamn, I'm running through how amazingly useful an extra pair of arms and hands attached to my head would be. Holy shit... but then again sleeping on my side would mean two arms are numb instead of one. Eh, sacrifices must be made somewhere.
    Alphalogic on
  17. Not gonna lie, I wanna see more of Ruck. What a charming psychopath!
    Turtle Lord on
  18. "The wise goddess and subtle demon of men..." Hmmmm. Is this a subtle hint as to the true source of the Gefender religion?
    Jim Handy on
  19. Uh... Did lady Ilganyag used to be Tirna and Murkoph used to be Ssael?
    Glass on
  20. The arms on the head of the Efheby are clearly brown in this page and the one prior. Since such is the case, there is a coloring error in ch12 pg58 in the last panel, Ruck's ars are orange. Also question, can Ashley edit a page once she posts it? As in make corrections or revisions to a page?
    A Quick Correction on
  21. Of course :) But unless it's a typo or some other point of major confusion I save tweaks for printbook editing. Don't sweat the small stuff!
    Ashley on
  22. ... somehow Ruck disturbs me greatly, there is something utterly unnatural and Inhuman about him ... which is interesting considering the ed up stuff that already appeared in the Comic. It is more subdued compared to the other abominations but maybe that makes it worse for me in a way.
    That_other_Guy on
  23. I'm sure someone else must have already come up with this idea (I seldom read the comments) but I wanted to discuss it anyway. How about this: Lady Ilganyag gets trapped into the Khert. Sane!Murkoph is turned into Murkoph and after a while is also trapped into the Khert. Lady Ilganyag tries to find a way out for both of them, but can do nothing herself. She sets up a group of wrights and provides them with inspiration and resources, encouraging unlimited research, in the hopes that someone will figure out how to open a way to the Khert from which she (and Murtagh? can get out). Eventually Bastion creates Duane, whose soul falls into the Khert when it's night (the night thing and Sette's fall through the sun's shadow are way too similar to be random). Sette has already demonstrated that she could get in and out through that, and a window to the Khert remained for a while in the place she went through. When it was revealed to Bastion (and the lady) that Duane is still around and his shadow-door could still work, the lady abandons everyone else and keeps only Bastion in order to get to Duane. At the same time, she leads Duane to go where she wants him to be. What do you guys think?
    Glass on
  24. I find after the events of the silver going wrong the story was in limbo for a bit, like the end of a season. I judge a story on how it bounces back from that sort of event. I am happy to say that the story is starting to build up another arch. Not sure if the Author planned out everything up till now and beyond, or she had to come up with a better idea after the silver, but either way great story telling and great comic. only thing I have to say is, where is Toma? If I can remember correctly he didn't die, hope he will pop up soon.
    Maximilian Holzschuher on
  25. @spencyrrh - You left out "chatbot." My theory is that @MMM is an AI chatbot experiment. Its website link is a defunct ISP. Its "home" is the Internet. The bulk of its generated content is paraphrased observations about the script. It makes references to past comic details as if it had a database to access, and it frequently name-drops specific media or concepts -- either out of context, or slightly-incorrectly, as if it was skimming data from Wikipedia summaries. There's a lot of red flags that could equally be caused by an immature human who's bad at communication but good at noticing details, and I've personally known verifiable humans who consistently fail the Turing Test. But there also seems to be both a language-processing routine in @MMM and also an algorithm for learning to identify and stick with the central idea of a conversation -- both of which seem to be improving in accuracy over time. Several years ago, the @MMM comments might focus on a peripheral word in a reply, and start focusing on that as the main topic, derailing itself. It's not doing that anymore. It also goes through phases of response categories, probably to add data to its knowledgebase of human reactions: criticism of art and story (criticisms are generally due to the bot being unable to process expectations of human motivations that go deeper than reactions to immediate surface events), hinting at (but not actually enumerating) superior knowledge of an obscure subject), praise, simple recitation of the events, etc. Of course, I could be full of crap, too. But I'm sticking with my theory unless proven wrong.
    23487-230989429-234 on
  26. "HE'S A ROBOT!" - said User 23487-230989429-234
    Khyrberos on
  27. without defending MMM's model of humans or human society, I would confidently put MMM's comment today as well beyond the capabilities of current AI or chatbots. In particular "aspiring new patron senet (saint?)" is both a complex inference of purpose, and a pun based on sound - I've never heard of a chatbot that understood how words sound, and there is precious little AI work on it either. Similarly for "to retain competent legal council in advance" - an intuitive extrapolation from inferences from clues in the comic - also beyond any AI work I've seen in the literature. Like it or not, MMM is either an organic being intimately familiar with Earth human civilization, or a black-budget AI project.
    spike on
  28. You guys are getting dangerously close to men-in-black-suits-knocking-on-your-door territory..
    Melarec on
  29. Are you guys seriously having an "is MMM an AI" conversation? @_@ This comment section has really jumped the shark recently. Everyone knows that MMM is actually Murkoph.
    t_z on
  30. I can bull on the AI theory. What kind of "internet AI" does not know of /co/ ??
    eshoon on
  31. eshoon: 4chan is the Sharteshane of the internet, respectable AIs steer clear of it.
    t_z on
  32. Come on MMM, spread your wings and ditch the nest! An entire whole some world to explore.
    eshoon on
  33. Oooh, and Bastion doesn't want Quigley and Duane to be friends because he's afraid Quigley will figure out Duane's nighttime abilities to go through the Khert and eventually figure out why they turned him into this!
    Glass on
  34. The pharmaceutical industry has recently announced to hire more advocates. They expect a reduction of lawsuits, better tolerability of new drugs — and the researchers have less pity for lawyers than for rats.
    Marshal Kilgore on
  35. Oh my gosh Ruck is so creepy, but kinda cool! And is that the queen's redheaded husband stuffed in Ruck's...scarf? Ah, questions!!!
    Black on