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June 14, 2017, at 12:00 AM

Gentlemen, gentlemen, use your words. But not the words that magically peel people's skin off.


  1. Why is Bastion Winalils so stupid all of a sudden? He was not so stupid before. The last thing to do when you quit from a cult - is to tell them you are quitting! Let them figure that out long after they lost any trace of you. Frankly, this seems illogical and jarringly contradicts all Bastion Winalils' previous deft, cynical and sociopathic manipulations and machinations. This plot turn looks weird and unbelievable.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  2. I see no contradiction. Bastion's always keen on making an impression. Image is everything.
    Nicosar on
  3. I think Darkest Paul didn't care too much for Bastion's words even if they weren't of the skin peeling type.
    Thirteenparrots on
  4. Because Bastion cares about theatrics and was emotionally off guard and is having trouble processing this mess.
    Kaz on
  5. Maybe I missed something but this is entirely keeping with the bird guy I've seen maybe twice before.
    Arillius on
  6. Image is everything...don't question the muscled gentleman in a crop top on matters of style.
    Thepenguinkid on
  7. He told them because he really wanted his balls back. Wouldn't you?
    ReyMonoArdilla on
  8. While the smart thing would have been to pretend to go along with it, Bastion isn't a purely logical entity and I have no idea why you'd think that. He's demonstrated a strong tendency to get emotionally involved, such as his healing of the wounded, and he appears to be pretty easily goaded, whether that be at his conscience or his pride. Bastion is a VERY smart man, but he's also still only human. Also, he's probably fairly confident in his ability to fight his way out if he has to.
    Jordan on
  9. Aw, bye Bastion. We'll miss you.
    Asi on
  10. That is going to leave a mark..
    Melarec on
  11. Bastion is not only an interesting character, he is essential to the plot. There are many questions left unanswered about his goals and motivations and the fate of his "master". He will die only after having faced Duane.
    Solucard on
  12. Way I see it,Black Tongues' ideology of apolitical knowledge and advancement of mankind meant a lot to Bastion.That's why he's so emotional all of a sudden.And we really didn't see much of him before,not his thoughts or true motivations. And,as is noted above,he is fairly confident of his martial skills,and clearly not without reason.If he wasn't formidable,"mutineers" (would that be the right word?) would try to intimidate him into helping them,but with Senet (an enemy that is way out of everyone's weight class,I suspect)out of the room Bastion is in no way reserved.He is not afraid of them.Counting Darkest,3 wrights and a lawyer?Even if there's more people outside,I'll bet Bastion had seen worse odds.
    Malin on
  13. @Jordan: There is a world of difference between healing those in need of medical treatment while UNDER DISGUISE and, once the disguise is revealed, ESCAPING, and, like here, being suicidally prideful and showy. Bastion Winalils could have ofsetted right then and there out of the harm's way - we saw he can do it within Juste. Why did he not offset BEFORE the Ouroboros-tattooed bald pate struck him? We know Bastion Winalils can easily flee - and does so at the first sign of danger. Why not here and now, since he already knows he no longer has ABSOLUTELY anything in common with his former wizard's coven? What does he care what they think, especially as not only his life, but completion of his research - which can only succeed if he stays alive - is at stake? It looks to me Bastion Winalils all of a sudden acts COMPLETELY out of character. It really makes no sense to me.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  14. I have to wonder if being hit so obviously in front of witnesses isn't in fact Bastion's exit plan -- he has shown himself to be quite adept at modifying his physical parameters when he "offsets", and getting publicly skragged could make for a useful cover story.
    Eiríkr Útlendi on
  15. @Solucard: "He will die only after having faced Duane."

    Hey, this is "Unsounded" for you -
    ANYONE can die.
    And EVERYONE will -
    once liontailed monotremes plant their boots on the ground of Kasslyne.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  16. "Everyone" - meaning Kasslynites only, of course.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  17. @Eiríkr Útlendi: You mean Bastion Winalils has ALREADY offsetted out of there, and Bald Pate Paul hit just a 3D-glamour hologram of Bastion? Sure is possible. Actually, this would make MUCH more sense than Bastion getting hit IN FLESH (pun fully intended).
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  18. Maybe he just reeealy wanted to murder paul, though would have thought he'd one shot that punk. unless this is all part of his master plan?
    Asshat on
  19. Getting as many traitors as possible into one room saves the trouble of finding and killing them later.
    Shemo on
  20. I am unsure how to process all this sympathy for Bastion that I have been lately feeling, for once. Gods, what a great character.
    Josh on
  21. I don't like to put characters on pedestals. I do believe dear Winalils made an understandable miscalculation. Belief aside, I'll give you that that technically still remains to be seen. As for the death thing, forgive me, I was jesting. Looks to me like the author's grooming him up for a more, ah, protagonistic role. Which is funny because I was eyeing the other direction until the childhood flashback and piano PLONG. If anyone can direct me to a story with a compelling and comprehensive plot where anyone can and does die, they can color me both delighted and impressed. As for this tale, I might believe it when I see anyone from the left of us go (permanently, zombie Duane acknowledged). I also want to argue that anyone who can't see they might want their balls back later cannot be genius material... But I guess common sense was never a prerequisite to ingenuity. Which may explain the man's current condition, perhaps.
    Asi on
  22. I think it's Bastion's ego that's getting him into trouble this time MMM. He's an old jet with shadow magic who probably thinks himself untouchable against anyone in this crowd. Hence why he's been saying what he wants for the last few panels. He's not concerned about telling them he's quitting because he thinks they won't do anything about it, or can't. Besides, baldy was definitely going to attack him either way.
    Navarus on
  23. Looks to me like it IS time for some skin-peeling words on Bastion's part. Meanwhile, I wish I could understand what Bastion said in that one panel. I do gather it wasn't polite, or else (figuratively) dug under the skin by other means.
    The Gorram Batguy on
  24. Now Paul, that's not nice, not nice at all. But it seems he's already in league with the snake and the senet beast, so if they mind his crude attack remains to be seen. I agree with my fellow commenters in one way - this seems just a little out of character for Bastion. Not the flairing of concious, no, but him not offsetting away the moment he realised they'd pawned off his balls without telling him. Not all is how it seems.
    Knows what comes on
  25. I like how 'may I have my balls back?' is basically him saying 'Come at me bro.' It's pretty obvious that Bastion feels strongly about the organization he grew up in changing its ideals. Why would he not also take action to try to prevent that change?
    Asthix on
  26. Seems perfectly reasonable to me. He's pissed, and seems spoiling for a fight. He's been outwardly hostile with the entire lot of them since he walked in. Now he gets to fuck someone up, having been provoked. And to Asi, I find Game of Thrones' plot compelling and comprehensive, and Mr. Martin seems to excel and killing off his characters. Then there's ol' Willy's classic, Macbeth. XD
    Alphalogic on
  27. Stupid act or not, Maur and the-other-old-guy are coming to rescue him in amazing colour lights! Bastion will surely be safe. For now, at least.
    Karel on
  28. Asi, some works of fiction where death is sudden and unforgiving include: rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead; the shakespearean tragedy that it's based on, hamlet; many classic tragedies of shakespeare's time, as well as the classic greek tragedies of antiquity on which they are based; sympathy for mister vengeance; game of thrones; and surely many others that I haven't seen or read.
    christopher on
  29. Ok folks--other than the author's comment that provokes the skin-peeling expectation, I don't see that actually happening, unless it's bloodless. I see the shirt being lifted off, and maybe something else happening, but not skin. But if that's just me- my own take on Bastion is that he's sometimes reckless, just because he thinks he's stronger, faster, and smarter than everyone else-it only makes sense he'd speak his mind in a hurry out the door-and maybe the porting ability requires intervals of downtime, or he hasn't set where he wants to go to and thus doesn't travel. Also, visual portrayal conveys speed of events only to a degree, which would be far more obvious if animated.
    Karyl on
  30. Just a small correction, Navarus - Bastion isn't an old Jet at all, he's in his thirties and not really any older than he looks (though really I feel that makes your argument stronger rather than weaker).
    Nicosar on
  31. Immediate correction, he's apparently early forties - still not old at all by Jet standards.
    Nicosar on
  32. Mad'Monster'Maniac, Agreed about telling them your quitting the cult. But really don't run, You'll just die tired. Rather kill off the other members one by one quietly in dark corners. Only then can you walk away free.
    Hornet on
  33. Karyl, there is blood in the last panel, he got cut by Darkest right below the collarbone.
    Hornet on
  34. I bet Rahm's gonna save Winalils ass from this fight!
    Matig Llega on
  35. Not gonna lie, I'm gonna be pretty disappointed if Bastion, the charismatic and brilliant mad scientist, dies at the hands of characters who were literally just introduced. I don't think that's gonna happen, but Ashley isn't a stranger to subverting expectations.
    Turtle Lord on
  36. @Hornet: "kill off the other members one by one quietly in dark corners"

    But of course! Run, hide, strike back - in that order. Kill ALL the efhebysts.
    If someone shares your position, they will be in hiding just like you and come out of the woodwork later. And then you create your own, better Black Tongues - with blackjack, hookers and BALLS!
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  37. @Asi: "If anyone can direct me to a story with a compelling and comprehensive plot where anyone can and does die, they can color me both delighted and impressed"

    I am afraid these are not the colors available in the palette of "anyone can die" plots. Killing off a character cuts her or his individual plot thread. Keep cutting threads like that - and the whole plot unravels. Why bother caring about any character, if every and all of them are ephemeral and disposable anyway? It's like developing an attachment to bathroom tissues.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  38. @Navarus: "I think it's Bastion's ego that's getting him into trouble this time"

    Sounds plausible. After all, we Bastion Winalils is so impudent, that it is counterproductive: his advances seem to get consistently rebuffed - by Iori, and now by the girl in blue dress. Bastion could very well be overconfident - and primed for paying for it dearly.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  39. We still don't know what Bastion is doing when he zip zips around--cutting his body may not be the same as cutting a normal human, even if you are not somehow interfering with the black zippy line. For all I know his Self is still on the Recamier with the fancy black curtains watching all this with a scrystone. Seriously, though, that's not your grandfather's body. In the next scene he may zip up the cut and, short of a bit of blood, feel the need to talk again before he zips away.

    What bothers me is what might be in the new weapon that is not supposed to be a weapon. Bastion will walk again, count on it, but he's been infected with some efheby venom magic potion something or other.
    awhorl on
  40. Wait, if all Black Tongues really cut off their balls to join the order, how did Rahm grow his big bushy beard? Did he already get his balls back?
    Eliyahu on
  41. @Eliyahu: "if all Black Tongues really cut off their balls to join the order, how did Rahm grow his big bushy beard?"

    Because Kasslynites are not human. They get their testosterone from elsewhere. Could be their balls have nothing to do with production of testosterone. Maybe the development and maturation of their balls is merely triggered by testosterone coming from (a) totally separate organ(s).
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  42. He became a black toungue after his son died, maybe at that stage testosterone isn't that important for beard growth? Or maybe it's fake?
    Asshat on
  43. Alphalogic, Asi, Karyl and Navarus ahve it right, MMM, old boy. Bastion is named that for a reason. He felt SAFE and AT HOME in the Black Tongues, misguided as that was. He relaxed and let his feelings come spilling out (like the olde master's lifeblood, wot?) Add to that his remarkable arrogance (he dissed an Efheby) and, well, he is where he is. Now he's literally cut to the quick. I'm hoping those words he keeps uttering are something amazing, and that's why the other Black Tongues flee the scene of the confrontations. Also, "I am unsure how to process all this sympathy for Bastion that I have been lately feeling, for once. Gods, what a great character. Josh on June 14, 2017, at 03:55 AM" expressed my feelings precisely. Duane is rational, honourable, and ethical enough to be able to work with Bastion even after the truth comes out. Few would be. As for Eliyahu's question about Rahm's beard ... he had a son before he joined, and possibly more children too. He grew a beard before being severed from himself upon joining the BT. One can join at any age. I love the self-delusion of the secularists here. As Chesterton liked to say, "People who don't believe in anything, will believe anything." There is no religious group that can hold a candle to the blood-lust of secularists, not even the Thugees. Even the Baathists are out-murdering ISIS absolutely and proportionally, and they're pikers compared to fascists and the secularism that produced three murderers who outdid Hitler, Communism.
    Honzinator on
  44. So anyway, all this talk about balls and testosterone has reminded me that balls are not the only organs in the body responsible for testosterone production - only a bulk of it. I actually have to agree with MMM's speculation on something about Kasslynites that I (for once) don't actually care about, what a day.
    TachyonCode on
  45. @Mad'Monster'Maniac: Yes this is "Unsounded" and, heavens forbid, not "Game of Thrones". I like it too, but the Grim Reaper parties every episode. If anyone's going to drop on the floor dead, my money is on the newly introduced ugly.
    Solucard on
  46. I quite agree with Mad Monster Maniac with this. Bastion is acting extremely OOC. Either he's being OOC deliberately or this is some aspect of him we haven't seen before.
    Ryn on
  47. @Eliyahu @ Asshat: I just asked a doctor about the balls conundrum. In real-life, if you lose your testes after puberty the lack of testosterone your hair doesn't fall out, but any new hair growth is really thin and slow. The doctor says you just have to look at really old men with really low testosterone to get an idea of what Rahm's beard would actually look like. Of course this Rahm isn't in the real world, so these science-y rules do not apply, but it's really fascinating to think about!
    tgreatblueberry on
  48. @Honzinator:
    "I love the self-delusion of the secularists"
    "blood-lust of secularists"
    "the secularism that produced three murderers who outdid Hitler"

    I guess separation of church and state is not your cup of tea.
    But nether Alderode nor Cresce can be accused of being secular states.
    Speaking of reality, is Saudi Arabia or Iran more to your liking?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  49. I agree; Bastion is being uncharacteristically reckless here, but I find it believable. I suspect he is depressed and on the verge of suicidal after Ethelmik. When he is dispassionate, he is a master manipulator. However, when Bastion is overwhelmed by regret and guilt, he is a different creature altogether.
    DharTook on
  50. I agree with the others that Bastion seems a little reckless, but hasn't he always been, to a certain degree? I mean, he went into a Crescian city with a rather flimsy disguise to help heal people. And given the series of shocks he's suffered - the master of his order murdered, an upstart trying to replace his beloved Lady, and the Ilganyang about to sell out to Cresce - I can see him being a bit less stable than usual.

    At least Maur seems to be arriving on the scene - hopefully he can make sure things don't go too wrong for Bastion.
    Jim Handy on
  51. @Honzinator I'm not trying to start a debate about religion or anything, but I personally think that the phrase "There is no religious group that can hold a candle to the blood-lust of secularists" is a misnomer. It assumes Secularism as a unified group, which it isn't. I also disagree that there's no religious group that has had blood lust on the level of non-religious people. Look at the crusades, the participants were so crazed that they attacked anyone, Muslim, Jew, even Christians died at the hands of other Christians for no reason besides they thought they could get away with it. Many religious people have killed for their religion, but few Secularists have killed specifically for Secularism. On the other hand you could believe that not having religion makes one violent and immoral, which to me says that you believe that humans are intrinsically evil and the only thing that holds them back from committing evil acts constantly is the threat of punishment after they die. That's a much deeper believe that I disagree with on principle, I think that in general, people are good and often do good simply because they can, not because they believe their god or gods would approve and they would get benefits. Of course, I've just posted a comment online about religion, so my judgement is questionable. Again, I'm seriously not trying to start a debate about religion here, I just disagreed with you strongly enough that I felt the need to say something. On the note of what you were saying about Bastion, I agree, I think he felt safe and let his guard down. He's being pretty reckless going to the black tongues in the first place, considering what he's telling them, and he's probably shaken up about that in the first place, along with feeling like people he put trust in were betraying their ideals.
    max Issac on
  52. Dang Paul, right after that heartfelt speech to the patrons about Crescian and Aldish tyranny, freedom of thought, and not falling lockstep with popular delusion?
    khonongg on
  53. @Honzinator As a Russian who knows about communism and atheism firsthand, lemme tell you, atheism didn't contribute to the slaughter nearly as much as you would like to believe. Right now Russia has a huge religious rebirth and people are becoming more violent and hateful rather than less. Russian society was fucked up long before atheism took over. Under the czars and the Orthodox Christianity that provided their divine right to rule 90% of the population was slaves. It's called "serfdom", but you're basically cattle, the nobility could sell you or your family members, torture you for fun and do everything else short of killing you (unless you gave reasons for the latter), it wasn't the same as the feudal system in the rest of Europe, it was way worse. Orthodox Christianity was so into martyrdom people didn't value their own lives or those of others, it left a permanent trace in our culture. Atheism didn't suddenly make it all that much worse. A bunch of thugs hellbent on building a utopia at any cost was what made things worse. Living in modern Russia I've seen modern Russian Christians initiate pogroms and destroy cultural heritage they found 'heretical'. Secularism and communist crimes are about as related as pirates and global warming. If you don't believe me, read up on the war with Napoleon in 1812 and see how little regard there was for human life in Russia while everyone was super religious. I'm not saying religions are bad. I'm not even saying Christianity or Orthodox Christianity is bad. Dogmatic ruthless ideologues are a problem whatever tools they use (be it religion or worship of the regime instead). Sorry for long unrelated comment under the comic! Just couldn't resist. Tittybird knows I am pumped to see where things are going plot-wise, and if Bastion will make it out in one piece. :O
    Zlukaka on
  54. @The Gorram Batguy: The words Bastion uttered were the beginnings of a spell. He interrupted Darkest Paul mid-sentence, knowing full well that "against us" was to follow, intimating that he was now to be considered a threat; an enemy; a target. He was attempting to get the jump on Paul, though Paul proved quicker, slapping his hands aside and countering with his own attack - which I must say seems quite nasty. In panel four, Paul seems to be surreptitiously reaching for a blade beneath the folds of his cape, and the final panel has him shouting a spell of his own as the blade rips through the air and Bastion's chest. Perhaps imbued with the aspect of velocity, but it's hard to tell with certainty. Whatever it was, it proved effective in the moment! Seems perhaps Paul is less a schlub to be mocked, and more a formidable opponent. We shall see.
    Alphalogic on
  55. @Zlukaka: "Sorry for long unrelated comment under the comic! Just couldn't resist."

    Why "unrelated"? Your comment is on point, since it addresses concepts essential for understanding of the comic. Clashes of dogmatic orthodoxies of various stripes, as well as defying any and all dogmas feature prominently in "Unsounded". As to length - there was no way to convey that amount of information in a shorter text segment. It takes what it takes.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  56. Re: Bastion Winalils' recklessness.

    It looks plausible that Bastion Winalils is completely off balance. The only thing that prevents me from believing in the genuineness of his concern, is that Bastion Winalils stayed away from Black Tongues for so long. Why would Bastion Winalils care now to the point of throwing all caution to the wind?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  57. So is this slashing item the "not weapon" that they were Gona show him? Perhaps bastion won't die from this fight.
    Anon200 on
  58. Bhar Took and a few others made the excellent observations than our little Bastion is behaving quite out of character and had some reasons for it. I agree. This stuff matters to him, so he's upset. It literally hits home, not just figuratively. As for "@Honzinator: .... I guess separation of church and state is not your cup of tea. But nether Alderode nor Cresce can be accused of being secular states. Speaking of reality, is Saudi Arabia or Iran more to your liking? Mad'Monster'Maniac on June 14, 2017, at 04:29 PM" - you mistake me, sirrah. I do dislike Jefferson's Wall of separation between Church and state, but I don't mind that government cannot control religion, which unlike the wall of separation is actually in the American Constitution, and elements of which are in Britain's. Given MMM's (horrid) choice between old-fashioned Sunni theocracy and French-Revolution-influenced modern Shiite heretical theocracy (Shiite traditionalists are people like the gran Ayatollah al-Sistani, or the living Ayatollah Khomeini [closely related to the dead one] who observed "There's nothing wrong with Quom that the 101st Airborne wouldn't cure."), I'd chose Iran's nightmare state as a citizen, Saudi's as a resident alien. Each is less totalitarian to the group chosen. Sunni adaptations of Iran's Islamic Revolution model include al Qaeda and ISIS. I am flattered that Max Isaac agrees with me on Bastion, but as for " Many religious people have killed for their religion, but few Secularists have killed specifically for Secularism." I'd point to the grandaddy of secularist movements, where French Revolutionaries were putting hundreds (about 20,000 in all) of their countrymen in and around the Vendee onto barges and burning them alive because they refused to denounce their local priests or turn over sacramental items. Zlukaka makes a more subtle point than this format admits to treating fairly, but EARLY in the Russian Revolution, and in Red China even now, it was indeed religion that got one made into a target. The ervolutions do not care for any competing authority. You are correct that the Devil can use anything created to his own ends if he can trick us into helping, but with religious regimes, at some point abusers run into the barrier of the Holy Text, and that functions as a restraint. Theocrats are generally not gods upon earth (even in Thailand or Japan, they're not the MAIN god), but claim to be servants of someone else who has left some principles and instructions behind, so it moderates the worst excesses. Anyhow, that's one reason I prefer Alderode to Cresce - it is religiously pluralist. There are multiple sources of authority to appeal to, and to restrain rulers. In Cresce, there are appeals to the four gods, but the applications of that faith seem secondary to ceasaro-papism, or at least a very extreme Ghibelinism, where imperial authority seems to trump any belief system. What have we seen to restrain Queen Sonorie besides mob passion and the harsh rules of reality (meaning she's not God and people have free will and the world doesn't change according to anyone's whim without successfully applied effort)?
    Honzinator on
  59. @Honzinator: "I do dislike Jefferson's Wall of separation between Church and state..."

    Separating of WHICH church from state do you not like?
    Which church is that Church with a capital "C" that you do not like being separate from state?
    There are quite a few churches in the world, so which one should be the state church?

    "...but I don't mind that government cannot control religion"

    Let us ponder this: government cannot control religion, but at the same time the [One True] Church is NOT separate from the state.
    Got it: it is the Church that should control the state, not the other way around!
    ...No wonder the word "Church" is capitalised, but the word "state" is not.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  60. @Honzinator: "Theocrats ... claim to be servants of someone else who has left some principles and instructions behind, so it moderates the worst excesses."

    What moderates ISIS and Al-Quaeda? What moderated pogroms? What moderated Holy Inquisition? What moderated St. Bartholomew's Day massacre? What moderated Crusaders and Conquistadors? what moderated witch trials? Etc., etc. It was only technical limitations that limited the scope of all these. Because theocracy is not about seeking moderation in the scriptures - it is about finding justification in the scriptures for whatever you need for the particular expediency of the moment. Every god, spirit, kami or any other deity that ever was worshipped, always wanted precisely what those with power to interpret the divine will wanted at the time. Every text, that ever was considered as directive authority, be it scriptures, constitutions, writings of Nietzsche, Marx, Ayn Rand, or other such, was interpreted to support the most recent orders of the powers who claim to follow the teaching in question. Any words can mean what you want them to mean, if you have power to compel subordinates to accept - or at least act as if they accepted - your chosen meaning.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  61. Am I the only one who thinks that the result of this cut is that Bastion is going to be mind melded with the efheby?
    awhorl on