Ch12 - p63

June 16, 2017, at 12:00 AM

Oh, dear, someone has spilled their borscht.


  1. Only the good die young....oh wait everyone dies young or they isn't trying hard enough. ~_^
    Thirteenparrots on
  2. Oh Ashley you can't do this
    Khyrberos on
  3. Given that both sides in this conflict are scumbags, I feel complete indifference as to who will prevail, and who will survive. It would be better for Duane with Bastion Winalils out of the picture, but I doubt She Who Must Be Admired will grant him such luck.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  4. Every page a delight. =D
    Corey on
  5. Given how many Kasslynites are being now suspected of being efheby zombies, and the solitary nature of efheby themselves, it is not beyond reason to hypothesise , that several rival efheby are involved, each controlling their own faction of bitten Kasslynites. And the bitepuppets then proceed to fight it out on behalf of their respective efheby puppeteers.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
    soundofmind on
  7. I suspect Maur's had enough of this.
    Nicosar on
  8. What happened to Timofey watching his back?
    Luke on
  9. Oh shit, waivers, that's how we know they mean serious business
    Fevley on
  10. Well, RIP somebody in front of Bastion (hopefully not Darkest "if your not with us your" Paul). Also, does the handguard on the venom blade look like it flipped around for anyone else?
    Scratch on
    I quit.

    Unless! Unless he's already dead, like I thought before..
    Then he'll just laugh and spit in their face. :)
    Melarec on
  12. Well that doesn't seem good.
    Asthix on
  13. So,The Great Delicieu was a bird-food in the end?Or why should they be asked?
    Malin on
  14. Bastion is not dead he is covered in someone else's blood.
    Ubbowokkels on
  15. Notice the blood on the camera lens?
    And that he cut off mid-sentence?
    And the look of shock and pain on his face?

    That is almost certainly Bastion's blood.
    Melarec on
  16. Bastion is not dead it someone else's blood on him
    Ubbowokkels on
  17. Looks like the old guy in the back attacked Darkest? The blood looks like it was splattered onto his face, and not from below.
    Spark on
  18. I suppose the lawyer is spilling out blood on Bastion, because that guy is a nuisance. Well, I hope so.
    Mangor on
  19. Yep, I'm of the opinion that it's darkest's own dark blood. The old guy that came with Maur does not look like he's joking in the panel before... And Bastion is still beloved to some. A mutiny?
    Karel on
  20. I'm with Spark--the white haired wright was preparing a handful of bad news behind Chorley's back and just let Darkest have it. But the sword that Darkest had suspended over Bastion fell somewhere, and judging by Bastion's expression, he may have been cut again.

    It looks like Bastion was healing from the first cut during offsetting, but being interrupted, he didn't quite finish.

    Darkest doesn't have the least idea what he has done with that sword already, the idiot. I'd like to see it disappear into Bastion (sorry, Bastion, just for the plot's sake) and have the hilt fall empty to the floor.
    awhorl on
  21. Since the source of the Black Tongues' knowledge was a senet beast (Lady Ilganyag), and it turned out that they cannot operate without senet beast patronage, they are anything but bold researchers. What a bleak world Kasslyne is. What a dull species Kasslynites are. Irredeemable!
    The sooner liontailed monotremes arrive, the better.
    The planet should belong to the worthy!
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  22. Don't kill Bastion. Sette'll need her own Blacktongue necromancer, and I'm hoping he'll be enough against the other Blacktongues that he'll side with the true owner of his creation.
    Davecom3 on
  23. Ha! "You must first sign a waiver"? Where did they find this guy? For what reason, to show Sonorie in case they failed to find information about Delicieu?

    Can you imagine how long they would have to wait before Bastion signed such a document? The coercion required would have rendered the mind useless to explore. Obviously make him pliable first, and then he'd sign anything you'd like.

    Unless they didn't know what they were doing, which is obviously the case.
    awhorl on
  24. I think it is clear that the person to whom Bastion is talking just erupted in...cranberry syrup. If it were Bastion's blood, his gaze would quickly have shifted to the part on his own body that was cut. However, we see his gaze has not shifted - his shock is still directed in the same exact direction. So it seems clear this is not Bastion's blood but that of the lawyer. (One's gaze could focus on one's attacker, but that usually happens when one is shocked at having been attacked, and/or shocked at the unexpected identity of the attacker. When held down by openly hostile enemies, there is no shock of these kinds to be had.)
    The Gorram Batguy on
  25. nice cliffhanger
    vernes on
  26. It is weird, if not for my hair being brown and not black, I have the same facial structure as the lawyer.
    Dolb on
    Arianwen on
  28. One does not simply quit the Black Tongues. But, who could be backup? I guess I'll have to go finding clues in past pages.
    flamewise on
  29. I also don't think that it's Bastion's blood simply because Darkest has just been given an order not to kill him, and it'd be pretty reckless of him to do so seconds afterwards.
    t_z on
  30. I don't think it's Bastion's blood. The pacing of the previous events don't lead well to a major character death, I think. Partly because there's still vital things that we don't know about Bastion, partly because there are characters on this page who have far more death flags than Bastion. My money's on asshole lawyer.
    Turtle Lord on
  31. Prediction: I think Winalils offed Delicieu and burned the research himself, and I'm guessing Cutter was involved somehow.
    Dex on
  32. Hope that it's Rahm here to save his ass.. Can't accept that Duane won't meet Bastion. Btw ain't this a reason why bird-lady left'em?
    lTsuna on
  33. And here I thought Bastion had plot armor
    Rainwalker on
  34. That is a really good weapon! being able to cut through someones mind! that and it seems to be able to cut not only spells but the khert lines themselves!
    Asshat on
  35. Is poor Darkest the only one in this entire order who isn't a Tacit caster?
    Ben on
  36. Well golly, there is a "statue" looking very much like a corpse standing right next to T. Delicieu's front door, surrounded by attentive crows. Hi, Waldo, and thank you, Ashley on Tumblr.

    If you do something to the glowing flowers, does the uh statue dispense yet another secret about pymary? Did Lady I help Bastion and Cutter destroy T. Delicieu's mortal parts? Does Cutter have some of his soul? Gee I hope so--but if he does, he may have gotten some uh uncompromising tendencies? along with the ability to do pymary. Well, the abuse alone could have turned him into Cutter.

    Was Delicieu's uh workplace left in that disorder when he disappeared? I assume so, since he would be quite distraught to find it badly rifled on his return and seems capable of scrying out the perp. Never mind how long he was gone or how generally open source the brotherhood made their work.
    awhorl on
  37. Gah, of course it's a Friday page . . .
    JudgeMontrose on
  38. *If* Bastion is gone (please not) then does his death end the magic of the pendant Sette carries? Is Duane "free"?
    D'jango on
  39. On a side note, it's starting to puzzle me just how id Bastion leave the Black Tongues. On one hand, everyone seems to think that it was Delicieu who destroyed some of his research (presumably because you can't just take your papers away from Juste), so to the public knowledge Winalils departed first. On the other hand Bastion seems to know well enough how Delicieu's last moments played out. Prakhuta looked proficient enough with the pymary that at least some of Delicieu's skills were probably transplanted into him along with the name and whatever part of the soul that allows the use of pymary in the first place. It's still unclear whether the subject must be dead and taken into Khert for a piece of his soul to be intalled into a construct (like Timofey or Iori's kids), but whatever happened it probably was Prakhuta who destroyed the missing parts of the research. Given that he didn't destroy/take away everything, and that Delicieu's lab was a mess (though we don't know if the mess was made when other Black Tongues rifled through it), wharever happened between the two/three of them was discreet, but quick. Just how easy is it to go in and out of Juste unnoticed?
    Zaits on
  40. Even if Duane finds out about Bastion by way of Sette's letters, I think they will be kept apart for a long time, and first Duane will have a chance to confront just about everyone else who was involved. Ruck will be chasing after Duane, plus Ashley Knows Who all else, including Bastion--whatever injured shape he's in--but Bastion won't get as close as he was for a while. Just supposin'.
    awhorl on
  41. From Ashley's comment on unsounded, i just realized that Bastion may be saying the truth: T. Delicieu has never left - he is the corpse statue at the entry of the workshop. From what Bastion says, does it imply Lady I is involved in his death?
    Karel on
  42. As much as I loathe Bastion for what he did to Duane, I don't want him to die. I feel like there is more than meets the eye. Also, I love him? Or do I hate him? Curse you morally-ambiguous hot guys! *shakes fist at air*
    Frost on
  43. are we sure we know whose blood it is?!
    cathy on
  44. i think delicieu saved the day
    mmmhmmm on
  45. Whoever got offed, I think they were behind/above Bastion on his left: the splatter pattern on his face seems to indicate the blood came from that direction, which means it's highly unlikely to be his blood.
    BigDogLittleCat on

    Either Bastion has been stabbed or Bastion has been stabbed through Paul.

    I pray Monday proves me wrong, but, for now, I'm sticking with "Bastion's been stabbed."
    Melarec on
  47. So wait, Khert lines can be disrupted, rather than cut... is anyone else reminded of the principle behind the field spreader? That blade could be a prototype of something that can make objects or even whole areas totally spellproof, without even using a pymary burner or zoning them off with First Materials - if you know where the lines are that spells would use, in the first place, and have enough blades to stab into them all in that area. I wonder if it's restricted to Khert lines that travel along the ground? Regardless, this seems like a good weapon to use against Aldish wrights, with their special Khert and connections to it - especially if used by an invader, and especially against a Plat. Iiiiiinteresting...
    TachyonCode on
  48. @TachyonCode: Whoah! So we can damp the Damakhert (sp?), and then a whole series of experiments can take place to find out the relation between that pocket khert and the one that regulates life in the other countries. And plenty of other experimentation can ensue. MBR>
    They've probably been experimenting a good deal on their own pocket khert--that may be one reason Lady I became distressed. It seems a bit uh presumptuous. Befriending another Senet beast is one thing; befriending a shifty jerk is another; but trying to take apart the Great Gift is going too far.

    Not to mention taking out the army of Alderode and interfering with the pymary of any wrights that we don't like.
    awhorl on
  49. @TachyonCode & awhorl: I'm pretty sure that Darkest Paul is just disrupting the offsetting spell, not the khert line. In principal, it's the same thing Toma was doing with his spell slicer sword.
    Some Old Guy on
  50. pls no not bastion
    anonymous on
  51. I think all the traitors just lost their heads, the blacktongue torcs are still accessible to the Lady who may consider Bastion as a loyalist.
    Finn on
  52. @Some Old Guy: Well, that's not the impression I got... Bastion doesn't seem the type to go by "it" (balls or no), and he's not casting a spell per se - so what "it" is being disrupted, exactly? I can only assume the Khert line he's traveling in...
    TachyonCode on
  53. (cont.) I mean, unless the offset itself is some kind of spellwork (it's certainly a "process", in that it is decidedly "something that takes place")... but it still doesn't make sense to me that it could simply be cut without *also* cutting what it's traveling in. Which would be the Khert line. See also: the fact that Bastion was ejected - presumably - nearer to his pursuers than he'd intended. That says to me that the "process" itself was completed to some extent, and was just terminated early - or he wouldn't have ever emerged from it in the first place.
    TachyonCode on
  54. This is the way I see it:
    Bastion was riding the khert like a train on a rail. Or a car on a highway.
    First Materials block the khert.
    When the blade intersected the khert line, it effectively formed a road block.
    Bastion hit the road block and was ejected.
    (If he makes it out of this, Bastion needs to add seat belts to his zippity zip spell..)
    Melarec on
  55. That's how I interpreted the disruption as well. As far as whether or not Bastion was the one stabbed, I certainly would not be surprised if it were. Paul may well have just killed him out of passion, anger, hatred, or any other logic-defying emotion. Alternately, he may well be cutting his "mind" out as he said the blade was capable of - a stab here or there to wound not only body but will and soul, to be bent and contorted as they see fit, for the ends the see fit. Suppositions and presumptions shall fill the gap for now.
    Alphalogic on
  56. Melarec has it precisely right.
    Ashley on
  57. I´ve got to say, I like the bravado that Bastion Winalils shows. And I don´t think the Black Tongues are exactly in commonality about how to handle the dissarray in the group. New bidders? Cresce? Desperate scientists in search of a patron, no matter how shady is he/she? Truly mired people! :D
    Luchucholo on
  58. Alright, how much do you all wanna bet that she's gonna change the scene on tomorrow's page?
    Turtle Lord on
  59. I cannot tell if the blood is flying from Bastion and some fell back, or if it was always flying towards him. Well done, Ashley. Also, the recurved almost Egyptian-style sickle sword used curved end forward is quite menacing. Finally, kudos to Melarec for earning and getting Ashley's praise on magical theory. You win the first annual Harry Copperfield Dresden award.
    Honzinator on
  60. I cannot tell if the blood is flying from Bastion and some fell back, or if it was always flying towards him. Well done, Ashley. Also, the recurved almost Egyptian-style sickle sword used curved end forward is quite menacing. Finally, kudos to Melarec for earning and getting Ashley's praise on magical theory. You win the first annual Harry Copperfield Dresden award.
    Honzinator on
  61. hm, I guess that's not his blood. At least I hope so. o___O I really like the fact that Bastion's clothing is nothing more than a glamour and he's actually naked all the time for teleporting purpose. This adds to his eccentric behaviour.
    Pechschwinge on
  62. Yay!
    I won an award!
    Thanks, Honzinator!
    Melarec on