Ch12 - p66

June 23, 2017, at 12:00 AM

Spot the Dark Souls reference, win a prize!*
*There is no actual prize


  1. Ruck doesn't seem to sport a fine mustache as some other serpents do.
    Phil on
  2. Just a shot in the dark... Praise the Sun?
    MrPakEDerm on
  3. primordial serpent ayyyyy
    mmmmsmdmsd on
  4. Primordial Serpent is a reference to Dark Soul's Kingseeker Frampt. Where is my prize!?*
    Zergbit on
  5. B..but bastions khert is gonna be fine after gettimg slashed with that thing right?
    63 storm assaults citadel on
  6. Aww! So much for no sentience or feelings. Timofey is an AI! Just like us! Uhm. never mind.
    Cleatus on
  7. Oh, looky - anime tears on the ghost construct's face!
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  8. Bastion Winalils said "twat like windsock" of a efheby female. Until that line I assumed that castrated Kasslynite males, at least those castrated in adulthood, suffer no testosterone deficiency. But this statement leads me to conclude that castration DOES lead to erectile dysfunction in Kasslynites. Well, if that is the case, Bastion Winalils has only himself to blame. Since at this point in the narration it is reasonable to blame Bastion Winalils for Duane's death and undeath, I will reserve my compassion toward Bastion Winalils. Not that he comes across as eliciting any in general.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  9. @Zergbit: Or Darkstalker Kaathe. There are two! And Kaathe seems to have stayed active at least a bit longer. Don't think poor old Frampt is even remembered as far along as DS3.
    Ink on
  10. Second panel - is that a coloring mistake or was his leg really almost cut off?
    Kreiri on
  11. oh :there is a prize : the esteem of the auhor for sharing references with her.
    strannik on
  12. If procreation didn't exist at the time of their conception, why would an efheby have a "tawt"?*
    Investigation required.
    For scientific purposes, of course..

    *Perhaps the original creators designed genitalia for pleasure only? And in the second draft they said, "How about we make this "breeding" thing pleasant?" and added reproductive functionality to the pleasure factories?
    Melarec on
  13. *twat
    (At least we know I'm no witch/wizard)
    Melarec on
  14. well, at least this serpent is decidedly less goofy looking than Frampt...
    a person on
  15. also, @MMM, when Winalils said "twat like a windsock" I'm pretty sure that all he meant was "the efheby woman had a large vaginal opening that could be describe as being akin to the opening seen in a windsock." Basically, it would be large for a human male regardless of the size or rigidity of their equipment. Even though Ruck is a male, he is still physically huge, so I would assume that the females would be a somewhat similiar in size (well, at least snakes on earth do not have the extreme sexual dimorphism that is characteristic of say, spiders). Sheesh... now I feel kinda bad for any human Ruck might seduce. regardless of sex, that would be... ouch.
    a person on
  16. @Melarec: "Investigation required."

    Shame on you, impudent alien creature! Have you no concern for the survival of endangered indigenous Naga/Cthulhu/headspiders? Your very alienness may prove an irresistible novelty to the curiosity of poor efheby. It is highly unlikely that their venom will have any effect on you, you not being a creature of Kasslyne. But even a minute amount of any of your bodily fluids may very well prove instantly fatal to these dwindling - since they do not reproduce - endemic species. An efheby may die at the first taste of human!

    So if you want to engage in any ...ahem... "scientific purposes" with them, first explain just how DANGEROUS to them you may prove to be, and how FRAGILE before you they may turn out.
    Obtain informed consent!
    Only then get their "glands swollen", and once said glands - whatever they may be - are nice and bloated, your reptilian paramour will leave you not with a "windsock" impression, but with a pleasant memory of slick and slithery tightness!
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  17. Primordial snake is the obvious one, this is a more subtle one.
    nagnagnagauthorcantbeblank on
  18. Do I spy MMM shilling something called netzero?
    MA 90:50 ta ,7102 ,32 enuJ on
  19. ...How can a Black Tongue shag if they don't have any balls?
    Beast on
  20. @Beast Eunuchs are sometime capable of erection if they kept their penis. It's also possible he "shagged" her before he became a Black Tongue.
    Socordya on
  21. @Beast: "How can a Black Tongue shag if they don't have any balls?"

    It is a miracle! Black Tongues shag by grace of their patron senet alone. This is the real reason why it is necessary for them to have a patron senet at all times - so that they can shag!
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  22. Who was At'gwe?
    Eric on
  23. At'gwe is a Tainish exclamation common among nobles. It doesn't literally translate well, but you can think of it as "damnit!"
    Ashley on
  24. Hm, I interpreted 'twat like a windsock' to mean it sucked, like a vacuum, as wind whooshes through a windsock, and thus maybe he enjoyed it..? Regardless, that's a hell of a remark to just casually toss off. How did he even survive?
    Nomi on
  25. I'm not sure why, but I love this page. I just enjoy picturing them having this political discussion while Bastion is nude, in front of a gathering crowd of concerned citizens.
    Turtle Lord on
  26. Eunuchs can still have sex if the only thing they've lost is their balls. There's a reason that some of the castrato singers were famous and infamous for their appetites; they were hot-blooded men with the bonus that there was zero chance of conception.

    Seems pretty likely that shagging an Efheby is one of those things you brag about surviving.

    Breezy on
  27. What a finely sculpted lower extremity, made all the more charming by the likeness of a black sock put on it. A most magical sock.
    Enshu of the Shushus on
  28. Based on the size of Ruck's swollen glands on page 64, I think an Efheby twat would be a bit spacious for any human.
    Douglas Coulson on
  29. So, does this mean that Bastion's mind is going to be OK from that cut? He seemed pretty shaken up in the next-to-last panel, but it could just be the shock from everything that'd happened...
    aridneptune on
  30. Just where would a snake have a vagĂ­na, anyway? (Looking at Ruck, the lower half of his body - where genitalia would usually be located - is all snake, so presumably females would be similar.)
    VickiC on
  31. Chosen Unsouded... Seek the plot. Grander, more nuanced stories. Seek the Silver, that is the only way. Lest this Efheby swallow you whole... As it has so many others.
    The Emerald Sette on
  32. @Enshu of the Shushus: "A most magical sock."

    Not a sock, a whole stocking. And look how elegantly SHE models it, with HER foot and toes outstretched to form a perfect straight line with the rest of HER oh-so-slender leg!
    Oh, technically it is a HE. Mere technicality, though. Never mind.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  33. @VickiC; Probably those tentacly bits where snek meets torso.
    Notice how they swelled when he killed?

    @TripleM; For science means FOR SCIENCE!
    Naturally, any and all precautions must be taken when studying a foreign organism.
    Melarec on
  34. @Melarec: "For science means FOR SCIENCE!"

    Yeah, right.
    ...For science!..Some more for science!..
    Unnngh! Unnngh! Unnngh!... Aahhh...Science achieved!...Zzzz...
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  35. ... there is a tiny face on the wall in panel 6...going >:o with a mustache.... i can't unsee...also awww Timofey and Bastion -do- wuv eachover....and those cuts are gonna leave helluva scars... hopefully only physical and not mental. Also i had a hunch that Bastion was gunna end up helping/allying with the main group in some way...
    99redragons on
  36. "Now, back to being ambiguously evil!"
    Narratorway on
  37. @Mad,Monster,Maniac Bastion is doubtless an accomplished physician in most medical disciplines, including apothecarial, and subsequently compensates for his loss of natural testosterone with this world's equivalent of Yarrow Root, the sap of which is a natural steroid. Ottoman pleasure eunuchs were given large amounts of it as part of a loophole to get around Sharia sex law, basically turning them into living sex toys for both men and women. Iran has a modern equivalent loophole, giving convicted BGTIs (no Ls) a choice: complete sex change, paid for by the government, or cordless bungee Jumping lessons. This isnt so bad for Genuine Ts and some Is, but some of the more machismo Bs and Gs would rather jump. Those who go through with it and adapt are popular at nightclubs, as legal non slave eunuchs under sharia can basically dress as they want and sleep with whomever wants them. If the surgery is particularly convincing, they carry around a special ID to prove they are not ordinary women and are allowed to dress sexy in public.
    RyGuy on
  38. @RyGuy: Local Yarrow Root equivalent makes sense. However, patronage of a senet beast as the root (pun fully intended) of Black Tongues quasi virility is sure more amusing.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  39. Bastion Winalils' disappointment with his intimate experience with a snakelady may simply be due to the fact that
    HE DOES IT WRONG (to an efheby female, that is).
    He did her wrong!
    By DOING. Her. Wrong way.
    Practice makes perfect, but he just gave up. His loss!
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  40. @RyGuy: Iran needs efheby. Lots of them!
    For greater good - of the rest of the world.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  41. Eyyyy! Dark Souls reference FTW! Also, it's either "Primordial Serpent", or possibly the crows on the tombstones, or maybe the Epheby, if that's a crow woman thing.
    hariman on
  42. 'Aw man why is everyone so interested in my unique magical undead soul-retaining creation that hasn't ever existed before*? I don't get it!' ( *minus possibly Murkoph but unless you've been in the khert recently you probably don't know about whatever that dude is ) ....basically what I'm saying is Bastion, you are such a derp.
    Cuban_Pete on
  43. Timofey's kinda purple. He's sort of a soul...! Right?
    Holaved on
  44. He makes it sound like he's actually concerned with Duane's safety as a person, not just as his experiment. I suppose it's just another example of how, in his perspective, Bastion is the good guy, working for the betterment of mankind. "Death is the gods' crime." "It's never fine to die." I guess killing Duane in the first place didn't count, since he necromanced him right after?
    NightmareThrenody on
  45. Damn it, Ashley, stop making me like him.
    noni on
  46. I'm starting to think of Timofey and maybe a couple of others as a sort of plot solver whenever the creator writes himself into a corner. In his later novels, Edgar Rice Burroughs did the same thing with Tarzan. It is how Tarzan ended up in the novel, At the Earth's Core. Burroughs wrote a great action yarn, but then realize he had put himself right in a corner without a way out. Tada! Tarzan!
    Horosha on
  47. @Horosha: "whenever the creator writes himself into a corner"

    First, Ashley Cope is a lady. Second, Timofey was created for practical purposes - to solve problems, not plots. Timofey is no more "deus ex machina" than an ejection seat - both serve to save a life in danger.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  48. Sorry if this has been covered before, but what's up with Bastion's torc? I thought he couldn't teleport anything except his body...
    Mike on
  49. Man, I'm finally caught up after a long break away from this comic... I almost forgot how amazing it is! ... Also, I'm really glad MMM's still causing shit in the comment sections. <3 Missed ya!
    Rosewaver on
  50. I've realised MMM grows on you, like a wart. and over time you come to name that wart henry and draw a smiley face on him, but one fateful day you accidentally pop henry and you realise that you've lost a part of you that you'll never get back.
    Asshat on
  51. Heeeeennnrryy!
    Melarec on