Ch12 - p67

June 26, 2017, at 12:00 AM

Didn't escape unscathed after all. Fortunate for Rahm, maybe: one less pain in the ass old friend to come sniffing around for favours.


  1. Oh dear. :(
    Luke on
  2. BASTION. You poor sod. Oh, whoops.
    CoolCrescian on
  3. I was curious what he lost, has he forgotten all of him? Every experience they shared? Every conversation they had? That's certainly a powerful tool if so!
    Stretch on
  4. New information: Kasslyne has raccoons. It also has sanitation vehicles with heavy duty lifting equipment (since otherwise rubbish would be deposited into dustbins, rather than dumpsters). Raccoon would be the THIRD creature from Earth also found on Kasslyne. The first two must be horses and donkeys, since Siwl the Peaceguard is quite familiar with what a mule's tail looks like, and the only way to obtain mules is to mate a jackass to a mare:
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  5. P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Lane, Sydney...
    Forumcat on
  6. Really cool edge-of-oblivion imagery for the "fuck my brain doesn't work" panel. also he looks good for 42
    Brackass on
  7. Oh, and that was sure a nice blade Bald Pate Paul used on Bastion Winalils! I wonder whether it had any efheby poison on it, or it is supposed to work like that by itself. Bastion Winalils goes to Castle Oblivion! Figuratively speaking, of course.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  8. This.This is the first genuinely terrifying page on this comic.For me,at least
    Malin on
  9. Yeah Timmothy, you're probably not the only one. People who aren't scared don't tend to recite all their personal information...
    John Smith on
  10. Fuck, why Ashley? Bastion may be a bit twisted, but he just wanted to help people. ;_;
    RoboPhilia on
  11. @RoboPhilia: That's exactly what Bastion said to Sette the first time they met! And look how that turned out! (Really I could not be more amused.)
    TachyonCode on
  12. ...That blade is nightmarishly dangerous. Heal thyself, spell wright, before you lose your mind.
    hariman on
  13. There are more than that, M'M'M.

    Rats, chipmunks, deer, flies, leopards, vipers, bears, squirrels, ravens or crows or whatever, lions, spiders. There may be more.
    Luke on
  14. Hmm, that could be actually good - Bastion Winalils may leave Duane Adelier alone.
    Baldie earned himself a pat on the back - or on the pate!
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  15. Well, I guess it's a proof of concept..
    I mean, the knife does what it's supposed to..
    Melarec on
  16. "Rats, chipmunks, deer, flies, leopards, vipers, bears, squirrels, ravens or crows or whatever, lions, spiders."

    A seeder ship! I am telling you, it was a seeder ramship that was on Kasslyne! But did it seed the planet and move on, or met its demise there? What civilization sent it? Who was on the crew, and who skippered it - Amma the Nommo or Yurugu the Pale Fox?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  17. Son of... ?!!
    Phil on
  18. How many years do you get, Bastion, 400, and you're 40? like 10 out of 100, but you don't age quite that way. And memories are some constituent of your soul, so the analogy with my experience loses traction. It must be the worst possible discovery, to find your soul seeping out of cuts in your body, and not have an idea how to heal the wound.

    And be the best surgeon in the known world.

    Still, I am worried not so much about what is seeping out but what may have been allowed in. That blade must involve efheby venom somehow. If it were only based on T. Delicieu's research on soul dissection, then Bastion would be as familiar as anybody with its operation. True, he's been badly injured and he's seeing stars. But he's clearly blindsided.

    When Ruck finishes licking his hand, will he "clean" the sword to some interesting effect?
    awhorl on
  19. I wait for more info on how the wound works. No sign of memory drippage until Bastion tries to call up Rahm's name--then the little red sparklies fly out and away. After that frame, the blood continues to flow, but no more trailing sparklies.

    So I'm hoping that the only memories affected were those associated with one train of thought--his conscious planning just as he was attacked--something like "But I have to get out of here to get to Rahm" or "If it weren't for Rahm I wouldn't be in this galere."
    awhorl on
  20. ahh now it kicks in wait... oh shit only a psychiatrist can save him now! he needs a docter... for the mind!
    Asshat on
  21. If he can't remember Rahm's name then he might still be able to remember Irori's name, right? Or is anything bound to said name gone as well? That can't be though he did told Timothy to go to Shear so he knows where Rahm should be, just doesn't remember his name anymore. A scary weapon, this poison blade.
    James Rye on
  22. All I can think of is 'We were somewhere just outside Juste, on the edge of Cresce, when the drugs began to take hold.'
    Cuban_Pete on
  23. Losing your mind is one of the worst things.
  24. @Cuban_Pete Fear and Loathing is more than appropriate. XD I was expecting some sort of effect from the wound, seems it's finally made manifest.
    Alphalogic on
  25. FORTY TWO?! That would explain how he managed to get involved in murdering Duane in the first place. I like the kid but for that I still want to see the color of his insides. Also - great ass, would be delighted to see more of it. Ass first, insides later - in this order :]
    Watcher on
  26. I despise Bastion; he is an amoral cretin ... but I got to admit he's got great abs for 42.
    BiggusGeekus on
  27. Wow, watching him break down like that is genuinely disturbing.
    Fawnet on
  28. @Watcher: "great ass, would be delighted to see more of it."

    @BiggusGeekus: "I got to admit he's got great abs"

    Why do you think this is not merely a glamour?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  29. @Asshat: would that this helped! But Efheby venom seems to seriously take pieces of the mind away. No psychiatrist could help Bastion with what he doesn't have any more. ... though, he might save him from panicking about it.
    Corbie on
  30. @Asshat: a... frontier psychiatrist? :D
    TachyonCode on
  31. Timofey said "Rahm" but I think Bastion meant "Delicieu." The real one, not the lizard Galit. That's who they were asking him about, and was probably on Bastion's mind when he was cut.
    Ben on
  32. ...well damn. You know shit's gotten to a new level of bad when even the artificial construct ghost is afraid.
    Roo on
  33. Ben, but Delicieu has cut all ties with black tongues and disappeared years ago.And it was Rahm who asked Bastion to go to Lurik,so the message is meant for him.Rahm is also the one who Bastion could sincerely call his friend.Delicieu,on the other hand...
    Malin on
  34. Given that She Who Must Be Admired likes to maim and disfigure those characters she deems especially appealing (Anadyne and Elka, to wit), it was only a matter of time before Bastion Winalils will get his mauling, both in mind and in body.
    All the more severe, because She Who Must Be Admired loves him so!
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  35. Anyway... It's no biggie when you really think about it. Just get Rahm's name tattooed somewhere, Memento style.
    Luke on
  36. If you can build a consciousness or map out the soul what stops you from being able to build a soul. do they require soul blocks or something? also we need a monty python qoute bfitting this scene, 'it's just a fleshwound!'
    Asshat on
  37. @Brackass "Really cool edge-of-oblivion imagery" Agreed and the last pages have more astonishing artwork. Ruck licking his arm on pg 65, the crashlanding into the gravestone on pg 66, Bastion's face in panel 5 on pg 64, Ruck and Sonorie's Ald on pg 61 and on and on.
    FrogCrossing on
  38. Bastion's nail game is on point. (No pun intended.) Also, the imagery in this is just amazing. Beautiful and terrifying!
    OwlFeather on
  39. Well... shit.
    Turtle Lord on
  40. Panel three is exactly the look of someone who dropped some pills and didn't feel anything immediately so they did some more, and more- and then it all suddenly hits. The split second of 'oh shit' before the blackout and waking up the next day three states over without your pants.
    Cuban_Pete on
  41. Ashley, you're deliberately misleading... I'm not at all convinced Rahm is "lucky": the blade was evidently designed not just to cut out memories but also make them available to others (the Black Tongues? Ruck?) So Rahm may be about to get far more unpleasant visitors than old Bastion, unless the memories leaked out of the wound rather than being captured by the blade.
    VickiC on
    Averant on