Ch12 - p68

June 28, 2017, at 12:00 AM

Bastion, don't encourage him.
So I was going to post this page tonight and then go on an uncomfortably long hiatus in order to work on the third print volume but... I can't do it, guys. I can't go on a long hiatus while a chapter is active. I can't do it! So as an alternative - and I only like this slightly better - I'm going to cut back to two pages a week throughout the rest of chapter 12. This is only temporary, but for now updates will happen on Mondays and Fridays. So you get a page on the worst day of the work week and on the best.
There's really not too many other options. The print book has a lot of extra stuff I have to draw and write. You writers out there will understand why I am hesitant to rush it. The idea of writing an awful story and then having it committed to print for the rest of my life is horrifying. So it is a very real and serious obligation that is on my plate, along with creating new comic pages. Additionally I have a week long trip to DC coming up in the middle of August, so Ashley's schedule is a little full and loaded for a while! Thanks for your patience for the next few months, and I'll do my best not to let you down. If anything changes you'll be the first to know! With that said, the rest of this chapter is pretty cool, I do think.


  1. With whom, Bastion? I wonder..

    Also, Quigs is very unimpressed.

    (Take as much time as you need, Ashley. Quality is paramount.)
    Melarec on
  2. Take all the time you need. You give to us! And, I feel your 'writer feels'. No rush.
    willow_kidd on
  3. No worries, you do what you need to and I'll be happily here reading when ever you can put the pages up. Thank you for all you've don this comic is a master piece!
    Keyshe on
  4. I approve of this plan.
    Asthix on
  5. Do what yez needs to, Miz A.
    Holaved on
  6. Bastion's crude ending to the poem is perfect. I didn't even catch it until I read the page again.

    This segment on Bastion was really good. We finally got to see him in a context where he's not the most powerful/all-knowing figure, and we got to see his brash and emotion-driven side. We know how effectively dramatic Bastion is, and we just got a hard example of how it backfires on him.

    I like it, but I'm still quite frustrated by Bastion's habit of loitering on the edge of the main story, going off to get laid while his undead masterpiece is heading down a stormy river...

    Bastion would make a great dad.

    Sarah Hardister on
  7. Yes, I like this plan much better.
    Watchit on
  8. @Melarec: "With whom, Bastion?"

    It does not matter - it is Bastion Winalils, after all - so long as he DOES get laid. According to Tumblr, it is the Silver woman from the party - a one night stand. Given her initial rejection of his advances, Bastion Winalils better hurry up before she sobers up.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  9. That's so nice, the poetic touch. That they can do it together, and after the horrific situation they have just escaped. Ah, nothing is better than watching the raging waves at night while you are warm and cozy behind a window, or behind a magical shield as they case may be. Add a cup of tea and they can reminisce about Alderode. Maybe write a poem or two.
    Carpenter on
  10. Duane and Quigley leaning as far as they can away from each other in their little bubble is adorable. Also, Quigley's face in the second-to-last panel is my aesthetic
    Rainwalker on
  11. I don't understand. The worst day of the week is Thursday.
    o0m-9 on
  12. I just want Duane and Quigley to be friends :(
    Stretch on
  13. ... what's a hiatus?
    Yellow on
  14. Good luck
  15. No beauty in a storm means no glamour for Duane.
    Navarus on
  16. Take our power as your own Ashley. Also I love the little dome on Uaid.
    Scratch on
  17. (I've been a bad fan; posting on Discord & other sundries have taken all my time from posting here. So much to say...)

    Just wanted to say, though, that this is a wondrous surprised. While none of us were looking forward to it, I'm sure many of us were convinced of the necessity of a mid-chapter hiatus. A 'Third Option' (hehe) of a slower pace is wonderful. Please take all the time you need to bring your best to bear.

    Khyrberos on
  18. *surprise. Dangit!
    ^Him on
  19. Poetic. And please, take all the time you need. We can wait, because if the alternative would mean lower quality... brrrrr. We're spoiled in that regard.
    Knows what comes on
  20. Don't worry about it Ashley, I'm impressed that you can post three pages a week with the amount of work you put into them in the first place. Please don't overwork yourself now that you have to work on the print too, take all the time you need!
    EnlightenedAlcoholic on
  21. there's a whole tumblr blog where ashley answers questions?! WHAT?! "so put on your speculation pants and keep ‘em unbuttoned ‘cause you want ‘em to stay comfortable for the longterm :)" How did I read unsounded without this commentary!
    t_z on
  22. Question for the tumblr: If the efheby venom destroys the soul, does that mean it won't end up in the Khert? So is being mind-slurpied by an Efheby "a fate worse than death"?
    t_z on
  23. Another question for the tumblr: how do you discover a new aspect? Can you just take a thing and strip away all of the known aspects out of it, until you find one that you don't recognise, and then name it?
    t_z on
  24. Take all the time you need Ashley - a little hiatus will certainly not make me miss this adventure :)
    AeonOfTime on
  25. This is one of my favorite webcomics of all time (currently tied with Kill 6 Billion Demons, hope you don't mind). Take all the time you need Ashley, I know I'll be here.
    The Coffee Wizard on
  26. This page was so adorable for so many reasons. ;___; Bastion's a marshmallow softy on the inside!
    krad on
  27. "Something has them frantic." I wonder if the weaponized silver is nearby.
    Some Old Guy on
  28. Duane's gotten pretty comfortable showing off his face. Not sure if that's good or not.
    Turtle Lord on
  29. @Stretch: And I want the reconciliation of . . . never mind. What you want is more likely to happen in Kasslyne than what I want in this world. Sigh. The bitterness level of the unwilling party (parties) may be about the same, though.

    Ashley, that such organization and work ethic can coexist with such free creativity is absolutely stunning. Take care of your extremely valuable self. You know too well what kind of tire tracks the world can leave on a person--even by us, your best admirers. Thanks--twice a week is a great gift.
    awhorl on
  30. Duane's glamour requires there be beauty in the environment to draw upon. Does that mean the environment becomes slightly less beautiful to fuel said glamour? Can Duane create a variant glamour that would match the aesthetic of this stormy environment, probably something dramatic and violent?
    Virgil on
  31. There are webcomics I follow that update oncish a month. 2x a week is generous.
    wr4ith0 on
  32. Those last panels ... is this night-time? Doesn't Duane become a mindless beast at night, requiring that he be restrained? I'm confused.
    Scott Bieser on
  33. @Some Old Guy: "Something has them frantic."

    Intense sensual pleasure, perhaps?
    It is a storm. And we know what causes storms on Kasslyne.

    "I wonder if the weaponized silver is nearby."

    One does not preclude another.
    Pain-infused First Silver as waterwomen aphrodisiac?
    But, being senet beasts, each has her own khert, which blocks pymary.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  34. Quigley knows Duane's a galit, so a glamour wouldn't work on him anyway, right? Why would Duane bother even if there were ample beauty around?

    WRT Bastion and getting laid, I've always wondered how that's supposed to work without genitals.
    Luke on
  35. "Those last panels ... is this night-time? Doesn't Duane become a mindless beast at night, requiring that he be restrained? I'm confused."

    No, it's just dark because of the storm, I think.
    Luke on
  36. Russian translator is going to hang himself (or translation).The ultimate professional nightmare-rhymes+character limit...
    Malin on
  37. @Luke; The black tongues don't have no genitals, just no scrotum. Castrated people can still have sex, and do.
    Y on
  38. Oh, I assumed initiation required cutting everything off. I'm dumb.... :)
    Luke on
  39. So does Quigley just have that sort of unamused expression 24/7 now Not that I can really blame him
    Collide on
  40. Ashley, do what you need to do. Don't do something you may regret on our account, we'll be here when you come back.
    Rex Vivat on
  41. Dear Ashley, this is adorable. I was dreading this day thinking about the hiatus starting from now, though you do such an admirable work and there cannot be any legitimate complain about you needing a gap. But, monday and friday till the end of the chapter? This was such a good surprise!
    Karel on
  42. I've always found that if I stop for too long in the middle of something it never quite flows properly across that point later. Trust your instincts :-)
    ocelot on
  43. Maryland... in August? ... Bronycon?
    zelameh on
  44. Good luck to you and get good sleep!
    nimhrodell on
  45. Take your time, Ashley! I know the story will be excellent, and I can't wait to get my volume 3 in the mail.
    Eden on
  46. I rather enjoyed how cutting to Uaid continues the rhyme scheme of the preceding panel.
    The Gorram Batguy on
  47. I wonder how Duane smells.
    Hielario on
  48. Probably like a corpse, Hielario..
    Unless he has a pymaric, Duane would be completely deprived of his sense of smell.
    Melarec on
  49. We need an Unsounded enthusiast submitting a fanfiction chapter every Wednesday to tide us over! But it's understandable, writing is hard work and you only realise all the little mistakes by going over it with a fine comb several times...
    MattyFan4Ever on
  50. @MattyFan4Ever: "We need an Unsounded enthusiast submitting a fanfiction chapter every Wednesday"

    About liontailed monotremes?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  51. Do you ever think about anyhting else other than lion tailed monotremes?
    Asshat on
  52. @Asshat: "Do you ever think about anything else other than liontailed monotremes?"

    Is there anything else worth thinking about?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on