Ch12 - p69

June 30, 2017, at 12:00 AM

It's a good thing Duane is a charitable soul, or he'd have answered that comment about sad wrights hanging themselves with: "What stopped you?" Choirboy is far too kind.


  1. Forget Lady ilganyag, forget the Living Silver, forget the Efheby coup, forget the Alderode-Cresce war... the next three chapters of Unsounded are all going to be dedicated to the crazy misadventures of Duane as he contrives to smuggle himself into a daytime matinee of Wrigley's play so he can watch it.
    RJF on
  2. Quigs is so much fun when he **** talks.
    Kaz on
  3. OMG Duane you nerd
    kit on
  4. OMG they're bonding!:D :D :D
    Luke on
  5. I love how happy Dwayne looks about the play.
    ksmiles on
  6. @RJF . . . I would read that.
    coldtoes on
  7. @RJF Maybe for the next fanfiction contest...
    ReyMonoArdilla on
  8. bottom - middle panel, Quig's hair is uncolored
    anon on
    Stretch on
  10. Quigley finally found one person who hasn't seen the play... and now he knows about it too. Too bad, they might have been friends!
    Turul on
  11. Seems Quigley's abhorrent disgust and disdain for Duane's condition is moving over ever so slightly for curiosity.
    Alphalogic on
  12. Meanwhile, the Black Tongues have started worshipping a mind-raping efheby. Quigley can't catch a break, can he?
    breezee on
  13. I could read an entire series of nothing but these two bantering
    Collide on
  14. I add to the chorus of people demanding to see Duane attempting to go see the play. Also Quigs, don't you know EVERYTHING in this world is terrible? Too optimistic about those Black Tongues, even after absconding with a free sight aid for Matty.
    Cuban_Pete on
  15. YES KEEP BONDING IT GIVES ME LIFE. They are both such butt holes but I love them so much! Also, I love how they are nonchalantly switching between continental and Tainish, I bet it warms the cavity where Duane's Aldish heart was.
    Frost on
  16. Quoth Tumblr: "a fellow from the comment section of my website who lives to troll us all. ... reactions only feed his sociopathic nihilism."

    I wonder if a few - or quite a few! - individuals take advantage of MY hard earned reputation here to post a plethora of naughty remarks anonymously on Tumblr in hope, that these unpleasantries will be attributed to me. Their risk is nil - Ashley will not answer those or let us see them, so their not-so-innocent antics never get exposed to the fandom at large. The downside is that to separate grain from chaff Ashley actually has to read ALL of it. I do not mind being blamed for the sins of this world - or of Kasslyne, for that matter - but maybe those concerned would spare at least Ashley's feelings?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  17. I don't understand Quig's "lick trees" comment.
    Nomi on
  18. Interesting glamor Duane has going on there. Its like he combined his "real face" with his zombie face. Not the decayed skull or blank "no face" looks of before.
    Kin on
  19. @3M- Its the internet, you add in anonymity and you are guaranteed trolling. I will say I am never anything but polite (or at least an attempt at humor) whenever I send an anonymous ask. Still, at the risk of sounding harsh or ungrateful for such a quality, free to view comic story- Given the world Ms. Cope has created, her calling anything else 'sociopathic (and) nihilistic' is dangerously close to a 'pot calling the kettle black' thing.
    Cuban_Pete on
  20. @Cuban_Pete: "Given the world Ms. Cope has created, her calling anything else 'sociopathic (and) nihilistic' is dangerously close to a 'pot calling the kettle black' thing."

    This comic is neither targeted at anything or anyone, nor is it satire, nor parody.
    Expressions like "sociopathic nihilism" indicate taking offense. Which means someone DID submit something offensive. If I remember correctly, Ashley mentioned, that she has to ignore from half to over a half of Tumblr submissions due to their impropriety. I rarely ask anything, usually limit my questions to the comic content, and if a question does not get answered at all or does not get answered on its point, I assume the subject is spoilery and make a note to myself to never raise the issue again. So the proportion of MY questions is very small even among those that get answered - and my questions almost always get answered, since I get better and better at steering clear from spoilers. The sheer volume of rejected/ignored postings tells me that the QUESTIONABLE QUESTIONS have to be submitted by others, likely by more than one individual, possible even by those who never even post anything in the comment section. Naturally, I cannot stop them, since I do not even find out what they asked and when. But I can at least give notice, that I am on to their game, and while I AM a fair target, Ashley is NOT.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  21. Ashley, what historical literature have you read?
    Shemo on
  22. @Nomi- from: - Sorry I don't know how to link.
    Jinxed on
  23. This. Series. Is. Incredible.
    Barthem&Welles on
  24. @3M- Well said. I wasn't intending to use the phrase offensively, merely as saying the comic universe of Unsounded is not a merry land of sunshine and friendship. I also suspect, but cannot prove, that many of those anonymous asks that must be ignored are from that ugly corner of the internet that remains offended that females ever dare to create anything. Ignoring them really is the only thing to do.
    Cuban_Pete on
  25. @3M - I figured out many months back that you are no troll, you're one of Ashley's greatest fans. (Perhaps a shade behind me, but not far!)

    You have a sometimes-quirky take on the comic, and a slightly, well... brash mode of expressing it. You also have a certain dry humor that I have come to appreciate. Some other commenters here have misinterpreted that as slamming her work, but I say they were not reading you carefully enough.

    I hope she sees these comments and realizes that you are not any of those Anonymous posters who are apparently being nasty on tumbler.
    Sessine on
  26. @Cuban_Pete: "the comic universe of Unsounded is not a merry land of sunshine and friendship"

    Yes, it is a Crapsack World trope played not merely straight, but to the N-th degree, how high a degree is yet to be revealed. Those into happy-go-luckiness and small-kid-appropriateness should restrict their reading to the "Girl Genius" and the like, which, in keeping with its family-friendly market niche, even uses a more "toonish" style, although "Girl Genius" is NOT devoid of edginess and raises serious issues - a saccharine fare it is not. But edginess of "Unsounded" is very prononced - Ashley dares to tread on the brink of total hopelessness, risking convincing the reader that NOTHING good can possibly happen in Kasslyne. That is BALLSY - or, rather, OVARIOUS, in this case. And then there is the most important feature of Kasslyne, so far stated rather categorically only on Tumblr, is that the world is ARTIFICIAL, that is, it did not evolve, but was CREATED, the only things that evolved was the INTELLIGENT DESIGN of creator(s), who went through several iterations. Since they did not get things right initially, they are imperfect. And since they got what they got, it cannot be said that they share our real world morality or even sense of propriety.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  27. Ashley, did you just made a reference to Salicylic Acid being obtained from Willow bark?
    JP on
  28. Ahaha, no, JP ;) The "lick trees" line is a reference to all the way back to chapter five, when Sette told Matty that her zombie goes mad and licks trees, a spontaneous warning that sounded weird and cool and threatening to her at the time... We can presume Matty told his dad about this. You know. To warn him.
    Ashley on