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July 10, 2017, at 12:00 AM

Matty makes me crinnnggggge. Next page on Friday, have a lovely week!


  1. Childhood skin cancer implied. "Utterly destroy" indeed.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  2. That is some serious Sunburn.
    Kaz on
  3. Is it a Plat thing, burning that easily? Also what DID Sette do?
    Commentary Ver.2.72 on
  4. Is it more of a sun rash than a sunburn, maybe? I'll get a rash from too much sun sometimes. Or some kind of full-body blush? Both tend to redden the skin more from extra blood in the capillaries, and a little pressure does lighten the skin momentarily as it pushes some of that blood elsewhere.
    Zathyr on
  5. The struggle is real for us incredibly pale people.
    Despair on
  6. Is his hand inside his torso?
    jjjj on
  7. Oh, such a familiar sight. I need only to stand outside a secod and I can FEEL the sun scorching my skin. I have only two skin colors, ghostly white and lobster red.
    Kant on
  8. Oh, Jivi. I think you need to check your melanin privilege, there.
    Hg on
  9. @Kant In my family, we like to say that I have two flavors - regular, and extra crispy.
    The Gorram Batguy on
  10. how did you nail kids being kids so damn accurately? Heres jivi trying to be sympathetic but woah. look drawing. now its no longer about matty being in pain. no it's about how his skin is mimicing a fogged up car window
    feather on
  11. Ha! Boy wouldn't last two seconds in Cali!
    Narratorway on
  12. Owowowow! Had one like this last year, and only accross the shoulders. This one looks seriously like Matty requires medical treatment. And definitely not like being able to lie down for days. Poor kiddo!
    Corbie on
  13. Holly!... There's timofey in the top right of the second panel. Sorry for abruptly changing the subject. But it' s painful remembering every sunburn I've had as a child.
    Despair on
  14. @jjjj: Yes, Uaid's left forearm/hand is inverted into his torso compartment. In previous pages you can see his right hand above the waves, but the left is conspicuously missing. It's easier than it looks, though I did have to remove 3 ribs with a pair of bolt cutters.
    Alphalogic on
  15. @jjjj: It seems like this comes up every time we have a scene inside Uaid. Anadyne shot off that arm back in Chapter 6. It's been stored in Uaid's belly compartment ever since.
    Some Old Guy on
  16. @Narratorway: As a native... feck the everloving heck outta Cali's damn hot weather.
    TachyonCode on
  17. Don't worry Mad, He'll die before suffering the ravages of age!
    Asthix on
  18. And Sette's mysteries continue. What is she? I know she's technically human, like Duane said, but this is starting to painfully stretch that.
    Turtle Lord on
  19. @Asthix: "He'll die before suffering the ravages of age!"

    They will all die while suffering the ravaging of Kasslyne by liontailed monotremes!
    Exept Sette - she will be rescued.
    By the said liontailed monotremes, of course.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  20. @Turtle Lord: "I know she's technically human"

    No characters of "Unsounded" are human.
    They are all abominations in one way or another!
    Except Sette - she is perfect.
    From a liontailed monotreme point of view, of course.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  21. is it just me or does m'm'm have a fetish for liontailed monotremes? also poor matty, they don't have sunburn lotion either so it'll itch for days.
    George Thompson on
  22. In our own world, History saw fit to settle large numbers of the people on this planet than our Lord created to be second best adapted to low sunlight conditions (after the Finns) to our sunniest Continent ... Australia. Such is human nature that there, they thrive, albeit with very high rates of skin cancer. Crescians or Austronesians in Antarctica or Greenland would have a harder time of it (they'd have to stand begoggled in front of sunlamps for at least a half-hour per day). Mysterious and merciful are His ways.
    Honzinator on
  23. wonder if you can have pymaric anime, cause they have mechs and i'm pretty sure they could use like a propaganda cinema to help indoctrinate the masses.
    Asshat on
  24. So... Plats are like Kassalyne's Gingers?
    MDN on
  25. @George Thompson: "does m'm'm have a fetish for liontailed monotremes?"

    The liontailed monotremes are a convenient fetish to have for subverting the ENTIRE plot of "Unsounded".
    Think of it - does it even matter what happens to any of the characters, and what each of them THINKS they have achieved, if we know in advance, that right after the narration plays out to bitter end, arriving at the promised Bittersweet Ending, the world of "Unsounded" just up and ends?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  26. @Honzinator: "History saw fit to settle large numbers of the people on this planet than our Lord created to be second best adapted to low sunlight conditions (after the Finns) to our sunniest Continent ... Australia."

    What "history"? It was the Crown that willed them there. They had to THRIVE, or else. And thrive they did - including the real-life Sette - Mary Ann Wade, sentenced to DEATH at eleven years of age, sentence commuted to transportation to Australia, who, as opposed to the fictional Sette, was PRODIGIOUSLY fertile from the tender age of SIXTEEN - she gave birth to TWENTY ONE(!) children, all but two to a man SEVENTEEN years her senior, preferring him to another, who was just a few years older than herself. When she died at eighty two, she had over THREE HUNDRED living descendants. Given that both Mary and her husband started out as transportee convicts, and continued on as a tough frontier couple, it would be extremely INADVISABLE to anyone, least of all a XXI century urban Floridian, to even try to "utterly destroy" such a family - a fatal "lead poisoning" would be likely.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  27. Vinegar, die screaming for a quarter of an hour and then you can lay on your back
    Nemi on
  28. This reminds me of a summer beach camping trip when i was a kid. 8+ hours in the sun with only 1 application of sunscreen in the morning. By dinner you could have used me as a red traffic light (similar to Matty here) and by the tiers the pain. That is when I found out that I tan really well. My skin didn't just bronze a bit, it went from a slightly tanned white to dark olive. The family photo that year was interesting. I almost disappeared in the shadows, you could only tell I was there by the white on my clothes. Note: The beach was north of Sydney, AUS.
    Lunarcy on
  29. Unless I've missed it, no one has pointed out that Plats predecease their inevitable deaths by skin cancer ... also, magic, and my dear MMM, the British ARE history incarnate (given the alternatives, even the French, let us thank the Almighty). There's a book called The Gallows Thief by Bernard Cromwell that gets into very accurate detail about how death sentences were almost always sentences of transportation ... it was a way to preserve aristocratic authority and royal prerogative. He's a death penalty opponent, while I'm not, and it is still a marvelous book.
    Honzinator on
  30. @Honzinator, it wasn't as much as a privilege than an oportunistic way to allow a fast colonization of an unsavory place. Australia isn't an easy place, but yet that was better than death, it's humane to thrive and build up from the ground. The british did brutal things, like an unreasonable war against the boers, or even allow a cruel famine in Bangalore because the WWII efforts, but still, the proof that the Victorian Empire worked to some extent is there, the Commonwealth is one example of that.
    Luchucholo on
  31. Uaid's hand is in his chest because his arm got severed in the warehouse fight, right? Presumably Quigley was unable to make emergency repairs to the shoulder. We saw him having lots of difficulty working the burner to repair Uaid's leg...
    sigmir on
  32. @Honzinator: "British ARE history incarnate"

    Careful there. While francophones are presumably scarce in this forum, native German speakers are not. Jardindelanuit is Austrian, not French. And then there is Simplicissimus... In addition, some others write their postings in English as a native German speaker would.

    "let us thank the Almighty"

    The British certainly should. Because those who coined the moniker "perfidious Albion" are certainly not thankful. Here is an uplifting tune for you:

    "death sentences were almost always sentences of transportation"

    Why then the shortage of human cadavers for dissecting developed only AFTER Bloody Code was abolished?

    "it was a way to preserve aristocratic authority and royal prerogative"

    It was a way to get rid of what is euphemistically called "relative overpopulation". It is for a reason that chronologically Bloody Code coincides with enclosures. However, once a need for colonists was realized, transportation as an alternative to execution became a source of colonial labor.

    "He's a death penalty opponent, while I'm not"

    Those who steal from starvation due to lack of opportunities to earn a living are less likely to be antisocial than those who commit crimes out of laziness and unwillingness to delay gratification. By and large, transportees were of the first kind - all they needed was a nudge in the right direction and an opportunity. Transportation provided both.
    Who would recognise the former juvenile delinquent in this distinguished pillar of society:
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  33. This page reminds me of my ignorant adolescence, getting tanked at Clearwater Beach and passing out in the sun. Woe be it to those who drink in excess beneath the intense and unforgiving sun.
    Alphalogic on
  34. @Alphalogic: "Woe be it to those who drink in excess beneath the intense and unforgiving sun."

    Or in the intense and unforgiving cold.
    Or in any situation when danger is present (heat, cold, bodies of water, flammable substances, toxic substances, high voltage, etc.)

    "my ignorant adolescence"

    Due to age-specific metabolism, children, adolescents and teenagers are more suceptible to any kind of intoxication. Their lower body mass causes higher concentration of intoxicants, such as alcohol. Dehydration from heat probably also hurt you in this case.
    You learned your lesson and had courage to share it here. Good!
    How old were you then, precisely?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  35. Naught but a scant 16 years and truant from school, with friends of voting age. As long as one wore his wooly lamb chop sideburns and mustache, chomping plastic-tipped cigar, most clerks never asked for I.D. and just sold whatever he wanted. So, with our ill-gotten brew and tobacco (cheap-as-can-be Pabst Blue Ribbon and several packs of Black & Milds for those playing along and keeping score), we absconded to the sugar sands and salty waves, whereupon we proceeded to act entirely age-appropriate - got drunk, smoked until headache set in, harassed anyone wearing a Speedo, attempted to steal a statue of a pelican only to move it perhaps 15 feet out of exasperation from our nigh-complete lack of coordination, drank more, and inadvertently cooked the top layer of skin from my torso, legs and forearms whilst thoroughly knackered in what had appeared at the time a decent, shady spot. It was, of course, not. Poor decision making was a hallmark of those years. As a native Floridian, the oppressive heat and UV radiation from the sun factors prominently in plans for outdoor activity. Less so with friends exhorting to obtain increasingly higher levels of inebriation.
    Alphalogic on
  36. @Alphalogic: "As a native Floridian, the oppressive heat and UV radiation from the sun factors prominently in plans for outdoor activity."

    I was impressed how pale Floridians are. This indicates a very high level of exposure awareness.

    "in what had appeared at the time a decent, shady spot"

    So that is why Diogenes lived in a pithos! It is always shady inside, no matter where the sun is.

    "harassed anyone wearing a Speedo"

    Was it a form of protest against Australians unfairly undercutting domestic swimwear manufacturers??
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  37. "Primordial Serpent" -from Bastion's mouth a few pages back that's a bit on the nose, don't you think?
    DarkSouls? on
  38. Luchucholo is absolutely right, as a person from a people occasionally colonized by Germans or East Slavs (but who managed to fight off all them Asiatic hordes) can fully appreciate. If one MUST be colonized, or even transported to places like Georgia, choose the Limies. They beat the alternatives ... often literally. MMM asks me to consider the feelings of Germans. I've got it on good authority that they have none (and they're our neighbors, so we call them Nemci, literally translated, "mutes", and we even named a cockroach species after them [and another Rus after the other disagreeable people] - the Schwab - so you can see we hold them in high regard), and the Slavs had a university (in Prague) when they were still living in trees (it was so good, the Germans stole it for a time, like Bavaria, though we wiped them out of their homelands near the Urals all the way past the Pripet Marshes, so I suppose we came out ahead in the land exchange). As for the cadaver shortage, that had more to do with cemetery and graveyard guards than the end of hangings. Otherwise I am shocked at how agreeable I find your critque. A tip of the hat to you, my good sir. DarkSouls is right - "primordial Serpent" is really, really nice.
    Honzinator on
  39. "I don't have to explain my art to you" Was that an Empire Records reference?
    Haneous on
  40. @Commentary Ver.2.72 It's a pale person thing. Less melanin in the skin (paler skin) leaves a person prone to getting sunburned. This is why people with tans, or darker skin, don't get sunburned from the same amount of exposure. Plats are basically albino so they probably burn pretty easily. As for what Sette did, she's pressing her finger down on his burns and drawing. I guess it takes a while for his skin to turn red again after the pressure. If you mean the 'cure' she just stacked a bunch of random stuff on his head and messed with his hair.
    o0m9 on
  41. @Honzinator: "they're our neighbors, so we call them Nemci"

    Hmm, "neighbors", and:
    "Germans" = "Nemci" (not "Nemetek", not "Niemcy"),
    "cockroach" = "Rus" (not "csotany", not "karaczan"),
    ...So it is to you guys belongs the credit for the word "robot", initial design of VW Beetle, rear-engined air-cooled V8 cars, a whole variety of vehicles with tubular backbone frame, as well as a certain "good soldier" and a certain swamp creature, both named "Joe"?

    As for the aforementioned species of cockroach, Germans themselves call it "Swabian beetle", "Prussian", "Russian", "Frenchman" and other derisive ethnic names, best left UNMENTIONED here...You get the picture.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  42. o0M8 is correct. There's a long, tragicomic history of European explorers treating albinos as lost Scandinavian tribes that highlights such burns and treatments. I feel for the poor Plats despite a background redolent Asiatic steppe nomads that have spared me many an unfortunate whipping by Sol Invictus and ameliorated the rest. MMM certainly gets the whole "one insults one's neighbors because that is who one is likely to have conflicts with phenomenon. Also, I am impressed either by his background knowledge, or by his Googling. Either way, great Google Moogly.
    Honzinator on
  43. @Honzinator: "great Google Moogly"

    No Googling was involved. Did doublecheck for the correct spelling of "cockroach" in all three languages (phonetic memory can play tricks on you). Would buy a Tatra Tatraplan on the spot given an opportunity and - more importantly - time to restore it. Intimately familiar with Praga V3S, Tatra 138 and Tatra 148 - all three are VERY hard to kill. As to Karel Chapek - read not only "R.U.R.". As to Jaroslav Hashek - read not only "Good Soldier Schweik" (which, by the way, should be mandatory reading for everyone contemplating a military career BEFORE they sign up).
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  44. @3M- they really prefer you don't read anything before you sign up- that's true no matter what military you're about to join. That having been said its a wonder young Plats don't wind up looking like freshly broiled lobsters the day before a major military battle on the southern border, as it were.
    Cuban_Pete on