Ch12 - p73

July 14, 2017, at 12:00 AM

Jivi doesn't back down to Sette nor take too much of her garbage. I'm sure this will end with the pair of them coming to an understanding and establishing a baseline of mutual respect.


  1. This is really real. The way they just... are feels authentic.

    inb4 "wut is that big green thing?? is that Uaid's hand but how is it in his belly?!"

    Khyrberos on
  2. First for commenting on Best Webcomic.
    Hermit Thrush on
  3. ... did LTS just get a shoutout? That's rad.
    FK on
  4. Cleary this is the classic love hate epic romance setup.
    Kaz on
  5. If the thieving doesn't work out, Sette can be reassured that she can have a long and fruitful career as a circus firewalker. With feet like those she could tap-dance on broken glass and not even feel a tickle!
    RJF on
  6. Sette, did you just insult yourself?
    Keladin on
  7. Poor Lord Tableshark. Is this how the author rewarded his loyalty to the comic?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  8. What's Sette looking at in the second to last panel? Jivi sure didn't give her anything to eat for lunch. Not that she'd need it, she's sure able to land a tasty shark or eagle for her own food, yep.
    Cuban_Pete on
  9. Y
    Crazy-8 on
  10. Why is Matty still blind? I know getting new eyes can be expensive but surely the work Quigly has been doing for the past few years can pay for it right?
    Crazy- on
  11. Also Ashley is Duane going to to teach Sette how to read? He's basically become Sette's surrogate father, so why not make her literate? Not knowing how to read is a big handicap and if he truly wants her to do something with her life he should sit her down go over the ABCs no?
    Crazy- on
  12. Happy Unsounded Day, July 14, 2010
    Patrick on
  13. @Crazy: I think we can bet on Sette not learning anything of value about literacy until this tale ends. Unless we do a big timeskip. Any language takes years to learn, and it should take at least a few for Sette to learn to read and write the words she already knows.
    TachyonCode on
  14. Sette doesn't learn what she doesn't want to learn, and she made it clear how little she values reading. HOWEVER, now that her father's letters are in the mix, reading is more interesting.

    That said, there is no way to have lessons in private, and showing her ignorance in anything is off the table now, with other kids around especially.

    And when have we had a quiet moment to study? Or any reading material other than Quig's newspapers or (shudder) a heretical tract? Or paper and pen to write something new? Of course if the fire were in her belly, she wouuld practice letters with mud on Uaid's walls.
    awhorl on
  15. Hail, Lord Shark of Table!
    awhorl on
  16. I still don't get the arm. I get that arms for Uaid are detachable, and he doesn't have blood, so maybe it's a detached arm that's inside his torso? The imagery fails to clarify.
    Roy on
  17. Roy: It was pymarically dissolved off at the shoulder joint during the fight with Anadyne.
    Alphalogic on
  18. Settle doesn't need to be able to read. Her gang's got a goon (Duane) that can do it for her. See, life's about talent collection.
    RJF on
  19. @TachyonCode: "we can bet on Sette not learning anything of value about literacy until this tale ends"

    But of course.
    The despicable backwards Kasslynites cannot be relied upon to properly educate a scion of such a highly developed, spacefaring race as liontailed monotremes!
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  20. Eating tableshark will put hair on your chest, if you can stand all the mercury! ʘ‿ʘ
    Lord TableShark on
  21. @Cuban_Pete: "its a wonder young Plats don't wind up looking like freshly broiled lobsters the day before a major military battle on the southern border"

    Hoods, sombreros, ten-gallon hats, ghutrahs and, oh yes, burqas would provide the necessary protection. The fact that Ashley does not draw plats with some kind of sun-shading clothing is better left unexplained, for courtesy sake.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  22. To those who are saying no to Sette learning to read because she simply doesn't want to I have to respectfully disagree. Duane wants Sette to be something more than a common crook. And reading can be vital for a person to scratch out more than a megar living. They surely can find a few minutes a day to practice some letters and eventually overtime we can see Sette become more literate. And Duane knows how to manipulate Sette into doing this. Say it'll make her into a better crook! Having not be bound by having to ask other to read something. Just look at Varys from game of thrones. He was able to become the best thief through stealing letters rather than what coin simply lies in a man's pocket at present. I mean there's a reason a man like Nery learned how to read. Knowledlege is power. Power is profit.
    Crazy- on
  23. @MMM: I was merely pointing out that Sette is an incorrigible ignoramus when she wants to be, which when it comes to literacy, she usually does.
    TachyonCode on
  24. @TachyonCode: "when she wants to be"

    Do you not get an impression that Sette feels INFERIOR because of her illiteracy, her being so defencive about it?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  25. @Khyberos Is that Uaid's hand... Yes, one arm came off at the shoulder back when well a spell back. It's stored in his belly awaiting repairs.
    FrogCrossing on
  26. Why did the url disappear to Chapter 6, pg 72 where Uaid's arm comes off -
    FrogCrossing on
  27. I agree that Sette's scorn of reading was defensive. Nobody ever taught her... so, given that she is so determined to live in the best world, she had constructed a worldview in which reading is useless and unimportant.

    She has many faults, but she's not lazy.

    I think that she won't be as against reading as she used to be, though, because of needing to read her father's letters. Now she has a use for the skill, and there's someone who can teach her. (She knows very well if she thinks about it that Duane would be exceedingly willing to teach. Though he'd probably be insufferable about it.) But there's a hurdle, still.

    She'd have to ask for it.

    She'd have to admit she needed something. That comes hard. Oddly enough, if she still had her initial dismissive attitude towards Duane, it'd be easier. She could salve her ego by telling herself she was conning him into parting with the Secret Knowledge. But now she has come to respect him as a person, she can't really do that. And it would be hard to humble herself by admitting to him she falls short of being The Best Already.

    Or... well. That's my take on it, anyway...
    Sessine on
  28. Ah, Sette. Ever the enlightened conversationalist...
    AlloyHero on
  29. @Sessine: "That's my take on it"

    Given that absolutely nothing we know contradicts your analysis, we can accept it as correct, unless and until Word of God contradicts it at some later time.
    But I doubt this will ever happen.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  30. @ sessine But you forget good sir; Sette is Sharstene. There is no reason for her illiteracy to be embarrassing. The majority of her people are illiterate. While being illiterate where public education is the norm like Crese May be embarrassing in Sette's homeland it is completely normal. Like Duane is the ideal citizen for his country Sette is the ideal Sharstene in charachter. Duane Is trying to better Sette. Making her literate would At the very least it would be weird for him not to at least try once.
    Crazy- on
  31. @ Sessine She didn't so much construct a worldview it's more that her society never valued it so she was never taught how important it can be.
    Crazy- on