Chapter 5 - p41&42

March 9, 2012, at 12:13 AM

Double-page spread. Maximize that browser for full bada-boomage.



  1. ... DUDE.
    Chajiko on
  2. Not sure who's winning anymore...
    Hriky on
  3. Looks like the mountain punch was meant for the mountain
    Cannolis on
  4. Quigly! If you don't stop screaming you can't use pymary! Oh wait... (Btw Duane, you are the best at dueling it is you)
    Humming-fly on
  5. Awesome dueling is awesome. Also, to state the blindingly obvious, I guess tacit-casting is much less efficient than otherwise. Duane was just trying to show off in a "I can beat you with one hand tied behind my back!" kind of way. Dumb and egotistical, but that seems par for Unsounded characters, each in their own way :D
    toad on
  6. I've read this entire comic from the beginning, but now I have found ample motivation to comment. This comic is now my favorite thing from the internet, of all time. Ever.
    Tmacthefirst on
  7. This literally defines the saying of "Rock falls, everyone dies."
    Hiraku on
  8. Did Duane just lose his left foot from that attack? He'll certainly be shambling now.
    Randy Butternubs on
  9. Did Duane go feral for a second? His magic became red for a second or did he just get so bad ass there that he made a wormhole sucking all the yellow from his green.
    ;_; on
  10. Awesome detail. Thanks for the comic.
    Brainwright on
  11. WOW.
    anonanon on
  12. I was right! Duane knocked the cliff out and overwhelmed Quigley with a pressurized air explosion. Bad ass magic duel is bad ass. I'm guessing that most of Quigley's resources there were dedicated to keeping himself from blowing the fuck up. The falling... maybe he'll get to that next page. or maybe he be DED
    anon on
  13. I like Duane's tactic here. By taunting Quigley, then employing an audible, lengthy attack sequence, he goaded his opponent into taking the time to ridicule him rather than going for the kill. Since Quigley could hear how long it would take Duane to finish that spell, and had his counterattack planned, he was in no hurry and felt he could take the time to enjoy mocking Duane for his audacity. This gave Duane enough time to draw the swarm-monster over to the weakest part of the cliffside, which was already weakened from the explosion at the end of the last chapter. Quigley took the bait, and Duane set off the trap. Very cunning. I approve. Next step: avoiding excessive falling damage. Looking forward to seeing how he deals with that one.
    Unsounded_Donation_Button_Here on
  14. Fantastic.
    Sonicbug on
  15. So Duane's spells turn red when he's pissed off, yes? The only times I remember that color are when he cut off that guard's hand, KNEE OF JUSTICE-ing Eph in the face, and now.
    SingleSky on
  16. When I saw it was two pages, I seriously felt like I was being handed a gift. So beautiful! Thanks Ash :) Can't wait for Monday now, argh, you actually provide a reason to look forward to Mondays!
    landylachs on
  17. Why do I have the feeling that Duane is going to save Quigley?... Um... if he himself won't be needing saving..
    Nanien on
  18. I hope Sette doesn't fall down with everything else or if she does, she at least grabs the bag and lands safely!
    Hat on
  19. I'm not sure what happened but did he just use the magma from a volcano as his component?
    Zimcub on
  20. Sette has herself one helluva attack zombie, she does.
    Nightsbridge on
  21. Yeah I'm calling it at eruption. Eruption of what is kind of unclear but I'm guessing from the fact that Duane's words and hands caught fire, there was magma involved. Which is, in a word, BADASS. I don't think either of them will have a problem with reversing their momentum to prevent fall damage though - Duane seems to have wanted to just destroy or disable Quigley's biggest weapon so he'd shut up and let him get a word in edgewise. As in, not magic words, the other type of words. And maybe get some answers.
    Tachyon on
  22. Amazing work. The art is splendid, the writing is stunning. That's the real magic of this comic. And no, I didn't see this one coming and judging from Quigley's look on his face, neither did he.
    Kaween on
  23. Did anyone else imagine him saying 'Mountain PUNCH' as if he was Captain Falcon? @toad If tacit casting is weaker, it still has legitimate use in a fight. Being silent allows you do do sneaky things, and sneak attacks are a leading cause of mage death.
    EveryZig on
  24. Gwa-POW! Consider my ovaries exploded o_o This was fucking AWESOME! Love the colours, and Duane's mega dynamic poses. MOUNTAIN PUNCH!
    karaii on
  25. ...Did...did Duane's foot just fall off? It looks a little... Stumpish in that last panel...
    DiardanRose on
  26. The way I see it, in panel three or thereabouts, the skeletal spellslinger started a second, tacit-cast spell while blabbing his first bug-crushing one out loud. Maybe not just reaching to the mountain, but under it as well? Anyways, it's pretty dark out, so maybe they'll just finish this over a game of candyland later.
    tehbeefer on
  27. I'm a little worried about what's actually going on here. I too sort of suspected Duane to sneak tacit casting in while calling on the mountain verbally, a sort of wight's feint if you will. Then things turned red and there was a lot of yelling and Quigley was like "OH SHI-"
    Shkidz on
  28. Okay, mountain punch after all. Wow.
    Reed on
  29. Oh Quigley, you so silly. Thinking Duane didn't know his limitations against you. Even if you are technically stronger, he is clearly smarter.
    That Other Guy on
  30. The noises I just made were not of this world.
    nightwatch177 on
  31. Was that the equivalent of Quiqley saying 'come at be bro'?
    oooo on
  32. 3rd panel on bottom, with the "KRAK" sound-effect. Duane definitely has a left foot. So the final shot is just the back of his left foot, with the heel of his boot.
    tt on
  33. @tehbeefer: Nah, I'm pretty sure there wasn't any tacit-casting going on. Duane was just telegraphing an obvious move that Quigley would have a simple counter for, then simply aiming it at the ground instead of at Quigley directly, to throw him off. Ashley confirmed on her formspring that the misdirection of Duane aiming at the ground was the part that caught Quigley by surprise. (There's also a good explanation on there of the nuts-and-bolts of the spell Duane just cast.)
    Unsounded_Donation_Button_Here on
  34. Good to know he can reattach parts of himself that come off. Guess that helps when Sette bites his fingers off.
    Stephen M (Ethesis) on
  35. I just read through a number of entries on forum spring, the lastest seems to be from six weeks ago. Is there an index or something? Looking for that nuts and bolts explanation ... // Thanks!
    Stephen M (Ethesis) on
  36. @Ethesis: Where are you looking? You want the "Formspring" link at the bottom of this page, below the Vote banner and the Chitz image. That'll show you the most recent Formspring posts; the lastest one is an hour old at the moment. But for the specific post you're looking for, click the link I'm putting as my name, right below this sentence.
    Formspring_Explanation_Link_Here on
  37. No idea of what is going on on that spread, but looks awesome!
    ib.n on
  38. I've been reading and lurking for a while, but it seems now is a decent time to point out what I've figured out on the magic system in this story: It seems to me the magic is colored with rgb (red green blue) + w/k coloring. I think the white/black colors are tied to condensing the pyrmary The red color seems to be isolating the pyrmary. The remaining two types of magic reassign and switch are a bit too similarly vague words for me to map out the other colors to them yet. Both can be used to 'heal', sometimes mixed together. Blue goes to one of them. Yellow and green go to the other, this may be a visual pun between primary colors and computer ones. Mixing the primary colors gives white while mixing rgb gives black, thus the condensing magic colors.
    miyto on
  39. I hope they can't use the aspects of waste in this fight because I think I just shat myself.
    E_O on
  40. You know, I'm not sure I can properly comment on this page without using profanity.
    Fawnet on
  41. Now, THAT I call a mountainpunch...
    Lynn on
  42. I'm pretty sure Duane's hand is messed up in panel one. Anyways,YES. 0.0
    Ari on
  43. Awesome comic, awesome page. First I thought I'd never again read any comic with Manga-like aspects in them, but this is great art and good storytelling. :) miyto, there you're wrong: RGB mixed will result in white (primary light colors), while CMY (cyan, magenta, yellow, primary print colors / pigments) will result in some ... ugly grey-brown, which in theory would be black. Yellow would be a mix of red and green in the light-based system of RGB. But the thought of colors used like that in pymary effects is interesting. If you're right, I wonder if there's even a thought about certain effects adding or subtracting something ... RGB colors put together will add light, CMY colors combined will subtract light from the resulting color.
    Corbie on
  44. (Ahem.) Big bada-boom. Yo ho, yo ho...pretty good. I like. :D
    FrankNW on
  45. Totally a magma punch, he took the pressure and the heat from below the mountain and used it to melt a hole in the rocks of the cliff. Look at the last panel and you can still see traces of molten rock. Of course, at that distance the heat would normally have ignited Quigley's clothing, but Convection Schmonvection.
    Jon Doe on
  46. In both the second last and last panel it really does look like Duane is short a foot. If so, I hope it didn't burn up and he can find it lying on the ground somewhere and re-attach it. Otherwise... are there zombie prosthetics or can he just borrow one from somebody else?
    Carbon on
  47. This page is soooo sexy
    Olivier on
  48. Oh, well done!!!! *applauds wildly*
    becca on
  49. My face is pressing against the screen D:
    Mary Claire on
  50. Sweet page!!!
    Hornet on
  51. I love this page and the whole fight scene, one of the largest I've ever seen in a comic. But why iisn't Duane able to control the Swarm like he did with the last Pymaryc?
    Maximo on
  52. HADOKEN!!
    Yawgmoth on
  53. Deal with it, Quigley. Duane not only beat you in magic, but while he was doing that, he kind of kicked your pymaric's behind in melee combat.
    Achre on
  54. BAD. ASS.
    jilly on
  55. Quigs, I do believe you just got SCHOOL'D, son. <3
    LD on
  56. ...and while Duane prepares his spell he climbs the giant bug, breaks off a spike and stabs another bug with it. I wish I was that good at multi-tasking. He basically fights three opponents at once.
    Fabio Krull on
  57. Mountain punch becomes volcano punch? :D
    Jaysika on
  58. And red beats blue. Kapowee! Go, Duane! What a fabulous Friday page!
    P. Kirby on
  59. I can see Sette now. "Why didn't you PUNCH anyone?!"
    UmbraeCalamitas on
  60. epic
    Nemo on
  61. Next page! NEXT PAGE! D=
    Magistrate of Mediocrity on
    Nyan on
  63. @Maximo: I guess Duane could control the other creature, because the Red Berry Boy pseudo wright didn't have a clue what he was doing. Quigley has. Probably you have to keep some kind of focus in order to control a pymaric beast.
    Reed on
  64. @Toad Tacit casting isn't Duane showing off, it's a tactical move. It prevents his enemy from knowing what spell he's casting until he casts it.
    Katy on
  65. Are all wrights full-on blowhards? Do they all like to hear themselves talk, or does it come with the job?
    Friend on
  66. Friend: I think its an Aldish thing.
    The Devil Himself on
  67. mountaaaaaain... PUNCH!
    Watchit on
  68. Mountain Drew. Code Red Power Authorized.
    Crestlinger on
  69. Holy crap...I'm thinking he should listen to Sette more often...
    Taryn on
  70. Everyone should vote for Unsounded HERE
    LadyFox on
  71. He... He did a mountain punch... HE FUCKING DID A MOUNTAIN PUNCH.
    Ethan on
  72. I LOVE this comic. And I just found a way to show it! VOTE FOR UNSOUNDED at
    JAC on
  73. Clearly Duane sees that Sette is the creative one here to suggest a Mountain Punch. She is certainly getting creative with her teeth. Someone is going to have a hard time explaining to his buddies that the reason he has all those scars was all due to a little girl. :3 on
  74. All that incredible two page bada boomage on my screen and the only thing I can think of now is "hey, where did that little man-eating donkey girl go?"
    Alain on
  75. Not sure if this was posted already. But I saw that Ashley's comic is up for voting-ness... stuff. Vote for Unsounded!
    EJ on
  76. That contest looks interesting. Looks like this is a nomination phase to select participants in an upcoming bracket-style tournament. Looking at what that site did last year, they had 64 entrants in the main tournament. Looks like Unsounded is currently 50th or so, so at the moment it's slated to make it into the tournament. Hopefully it maintains or improves on that rank. Looking forward to the tournament proper, and seeing what webcomics it goes head-to-head with! That kind of thing is always fun.
    Matt on
  77. there goes Duane's bag, i hope he catches it this time.
    AmetuerAspirant on
  78. Holy sweet mother of mountain punches that was beautiful.
    Obaa-Dono on
  79. This is absolutely the best fantasy piece that I've ever read. I will be purchasing this when/if it is printed, along with shirts or other merchandise (if ever it were sold). Why are you so good at this?
    sgt.Mango on
  80. So fantastic. I still want Quigz to figure out that he could have a real stand-up guy kind of ally in Duane, even if Setty-doo had problems with it. Matty-boo would probably take it in stride, with basic explaination, no? ...anywho... Formspring is disabled from my end due to my work's blocking policies. Would someone be so kind as to post the elaboration as to what Duane actually pulled out? The one from Ashley's Formspring, obviously.
    Konpeki on
  81. @Konpeki - Here ya go: "It's just simple nature. Duane brought out a small amount of the pressure in one of the nearby mountains, it compressed the air too fast, and caused massive heat and an explosion. This is a real thing that happens when air is too quickly compressed, and a common problem when refilling pressurized air tanks. Quigley, expecting it to be directed at him, didn't expect Duane to direct it at the cliff instead, blowing it to kingdom come. By that point Quigley has an utterly hostile environment to protect himself from and can't do dick about it. Currently he is falling very fast and cursing a lot and having a headache. It hurt everyone involved. Poor Swarm. It would have been kind of funny if Sette had trotted along, bloody-faced, to watch the pyrotechnics and then become bacon. Whoops!"
    Matt on
  82. Holy crap, I can't get enough. I always come by here every few weeks so I can read your updates in bulk because waiting KILLS ME EVERY TIME. This chapter is the best yet! I love your style, your storytelling, you flash and flare, it's so goooood. I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! Poor Quigley, he should've known fighting the main characters was a bad idea! :o Fantastic fighting sequence, by the way. I was utterly engrossed in the action.
    Ariel on
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