Chapter 5 - p45

March 14, 2012, at 12:08 AM


Thanks to everyone who took the time to give me a vote on Monday. You guys are fabulous!



  1. Something is coming and Duane and Quigs don't know it. But Sette can so hear it, or maybe smell it. Stop ranting and pay attention! Somethings gonna eat you again Duane. D;
    Moon on
  2. I have a bad feeling about that clomp-ing! *fret* On the other hand, the interaction between Quigley and Duane is thoroughly enjoyable. Something about Duane in that second-to-last-panel... He has the facial expression of a hurt kid.
    Leilaz on
  3. Oh you make me scream with impatience. *dies*
    Skarlog on
  4. So who else thinks Quigley= Lezard Valeth? (Valkyrie Profile) Here, more than any other pic thus far.
    Crestlinger on
  5. Oh god oh god Quigley just shut up for once, you're provoking the poor attack zombie after dark and he's already pissed off and exhausted as it is aaaauuuuuugh. Duane's just going to snap I know it. DDD8
    SingleSky on
  6. I'm betting the clomping is Uaid; Quigley seems WAY too sure of himself after that duel- he knows reinforcements are near...
    Annie C. on
  7. (CLOMP, CLOMP)... My, my. I wonder if Matty is coming back with his dear friend the ogre.
    Sessine on
  8. Yeah, yeah, Sette, we know, the fuzz is coming, and Duane's all losing it... b-but, but... exposition!! Quigley poking around Duane's backstory! Go ahead, let Toma and the Peaceguard catch you, this is totally worth it!! ...please? Want more...
    Matt on
  9. Oh nevermind that's Uaid isn't it. Screw it guys run...!!
    Matt on
  10. and with Uaid comes the Red Berry Boys. And Toma.
    tehbeefer on
  11. Using the wiki, I was able to translate the Tainish on this page. I feel pretty good about myself.
    anon on
  12. Dollars to donuts says that's Matty riding Uaid to the rescue. Duane's shitty day is over, and now his even shittier night begins!
    6offee on
  13. This dialog is worth savoring. I want to change my name to Professor Bandages.
    HABE on
  14. So Duane was a slave before? Poor guy. But Quigley looks waaaaaaaay to over-confident. :D
    Mark on
  15. Well then, that explains the perkiness...
    Dr Shenanigans on
  16. Ohh. I see a mysterious young girl. Someone is showing a bit of backstory that I am finding just delicious. Of course, I have a feeling that my snack is going to be interrupted by a chomping ogre. on
  17. "Ssom sound," should translate to "I am gold", huh...aren't the gold caste supposed to be cut off from the kurt or something? Hmm, oh wells...
    Dr Shenanigans on
  18. @Dr Shenanigans. I think it's only that the Gold's genetics aren't affected by the Dammakhert, not that they lack a connection to the khert entirely. Because that would make them dead, according to Glass.
    Wayward V on
  19. Yeah, I expect it to be that huge frog faced thing. He is stalling for time to make a speedy escape.
  20. I love how detailed Quigley's glasses are! They Look so intricate
    Light of Mary on
  21. Uaid to the rescue!
    Lord TableShark on
  22. The one point I love this comic for, more than even art style and dialogue, is the great storytelling in words and pictures alike. Everything is in the story without nasty explanations like in so many graphic novels. But then, untranslated Tainish works are a problem, same as the knowledge about the specialties of the castes, for example the fact that the Plats are superior as wrights and presumed to be holy, but not superior in politics. Concerning this, the "Do you know the Aldish?" poster in town could have done the trick if full-size, with nice short information, though it would be stereotypical stuff of people who fear Alderode. The fact that would have elapsed me without the Wiki is here not that Duane is gold (the ghost girl makes me expect that), but that he really confesses that instead of answering something like "shut up". If he had answered that he were copper or whatever, the ghost girl would have been irritating. Whatever. I'm curious about the guy who mentioned Duane to Sette's father ... he looked like a jet or a dark-haired copper guy ... too arrogant for bronze, that he is. :)
    Corbie on
  23. I am incredibly interested in this... though I do have to ask, are we going to get an explanation of what he said to Quigley? From reading the comments, I understand what he said, but later are we going to learn a little more in-comic about the different Aldish castes? Just wondering, since I know that it can be difficult to get others to understand the stuff going on in your head. Interestingly enough, in many ways, that makes Sette a perfect counterpart to Duane - she doesn't know what he does, and he doesn't know what she does, so the reader gets all the information when they go on at each other.
    Miri on
  24. The dialogue is great, I so enjoy the prodding at mysteries and how much the attitudes tell you about the characters. Unsounded totally deserves the position it reached at this comic contest thingy. I gladly threw in my vote there. :-)
    Reed on
  25. Typical. The ONE time Sette ISN'T hyper-intrusive is when warning Duane there's a house-sized golem sneaking up on him.
    David D on
  26. @Corbie
    Thanks for reading! The reason I'm kind of vague with details on the castes is because Alderode and its system don't become a huge part of the story for a while. I didn't want to throw out a bunch of information and make it seem like it was important to remember - it isn't, yet. Duane is still engaged in fighting the RBB, in protecting Sette, and in getting her to her cousin's. Everything to do with Alderdode is tertiary for now and can be safely ignored - unless it so intrigues a reader that she wants to look further into it, which is what the wiki is for. I know the mysteries can be frustrating, but most stories do have them for a while. If you were reading this all in one go, this conversation would flow and pass like rain. Be patient :)
    Yes, when it is relevant, we'll learn in-comic about the castes.
    Ashley on
  27. Uaaaaaid, 8D
    E on
  28. haven't they learned to listen to sette yet? why - why must I always catch up at these cliffhangers! wah! I want moooooooore!!! love the comic as always (:
    xaviara on
  29. @Wayward Hmmm After reading the wiki, I came to a different conclusion. I don't think it's that the gold caste can't be seen by any other aldish person in the dammakhert. They aren't connected to Alderode's aberrant khert, but that doesn't mean that they're not connected to the khert itself.
    Mira on
  30. The nomination round is over in the silly/fun webcomix bracket tournament thingy, and they've started the first round matchups. A link to the page where you can vote for Unsounded is embedded in my name at the bottom of this post. For the first round, Unsounded is up against "Bear Nuts". It could use some votes to help it decisively trounce this opponent. Next round will be against the winner of the matchup between "A Girl and Her Fed" and "Evil Inc."
    Matt on
  31. My pleasure! ^^ Whoa, Quigley's pretty evil. He should definitely swap taunting-once-your-enemy's-down notes with Duane; looks like he needs them. Aaaand the mysteries keep on building up. I have a feeling that Sette's going to have so many questions her jaw jams. Also. epic foreshadowing!
    worshipthesquid on
  32. @Matt: Thanks for the link! That site is really a pain in the rear end to navigate.
    Reed on
  33. Good question, Quigley! What DID they do to Duane before they kicked him out?
    Becca on
  34. I have a really bad feeling about that sound!! Poor Duane seems to be falling apart and I'm really beginning to hate Quigley! Scratch that...he's tormenting Duane; already hate him! Sette: Grab Duane and run!!
    Taryn on
  35. Thanks for your answer, Ashley :) I have read most of the comic in one turn, and seldom stumbled over information which seemed important for the characters, but isn't important in the story yet. I guess Quigley needs to ask here (I would, too), but then, unfortunately, the information is given in a way that leaves me frustrated as the reader, 'cause Duane and Quigley both know, but I can't even guess. It's an immersion breaker that way. The explanation of "gold" wouldn't be necessary here I think, as the fight with words goes on immediately and I wouldn't linger to think about it. I know it's always easy to criticise the work of others (my everyday's work) ... please don't take this as negative feedback, it definitely isn't. :)
    Corbie on
  36. Naah, Quiggs knows. He's just playing for time. I'm guessing the Hollow Troll/Orc/Giant thing?
    That_Guy on
  37. I have a feeling that the ghostly girl (that I think only the Rector saw) would make any father proud. (Perhaps it's an earlier incarnation.)
    FrankNW on
  38. (Whoops! Sorry for the double-post, but I forgot to say...) The fight hasn't ended. Now, apparently, the psychological conflict is underway.
    FrankNW on
  39. what?! MS paint adventures has garnered more votes than Unsounded? Tis' blasphemy and sacrilege!
    dt on
  40. Fantastic page! I love the darkness, can't wait to find out what's going on with Duane after sunset already! Also, that funny sound be Uaid, ain't it? Absolutely adore the last panel, Quigs' dialogues are always so superbly written~
    Tane on
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