Chapter 5 - p47&48

March 19, 2012, at 12:10 AM

And you guys thought it would be Duane getting eaten... or doing the eating. Sillies.

The next round of voting is open over at this site. If you scroll down to the "Robinson" division you can give Unsounded a vote, if you feel it's worthy. This contest is kind of a goofy thing - I mean, The Meek is going up against Nedroid at the moment. These are completely different, incomparable comics. Anyway, go vote!



  1. OM NOM NOM!
    Matt on
  2. Told you guys Quigs would be all "OH OFFICER SAVE ME!!" Also, I lol'd for, like, 5 minutes after seeing Uaid glomp Quigs.
    Lord TableShark on
  3. I wonder what flavor Quigly is? XD Apparently he is tasty. Nice flip around Ashley :D It's a good time for Duane and Sette to get out of there while everyone else is distracted.
    Moon on
  4. Run run run before Toma takes your mountain ogre away. OOOWEEEEE, OWEEEEEOOOOO run run run now we'll have fun fun fun that Toma's taken his shirt away
    MusesAnonymous on
  5. Out of curiosity, do they have a bunch of mattresses or something right under Uaid's esophagus? Seems like they'd come in handy for times like this. :-D
    Lord TableShark on
  6. I was right! The clomping WAS Uaid! Hurrah. 8'D However... there's a dog with Toma who could probably follow Sette and Duane's trails... hopefully she's got something that'll allow them to escape even in that situation.
    mythee on
  7. @Tableshark
    You'll see what Uaid's interior looks like in a few pages :3
    Ashley on
  8. Mmm...white chocolate ;)
    Lisa on
  9. Uaid likes Matty better than you, Quigs. (Nice secret foreshadowing with the squirrels.)
    HABE on
  10. ... I was not expecting comic relief with this update. Well-played.
    SingleSky on
  11. Now that's one "heck, those silly humans are at it again" look on that dog.
    Alain on
  12. I do believe Sette is impressed. I also love Toma's "What is this I don't even" face.
    Matticus on
  13. I thought the dog-mount's expression was even more priceless both times - first the 'Oh hey a tree!', then 'What, I don't get to play fetch?'. Also the odd thought occurred to me that Uaid's name is an odd shortening of Undead Aid. Probably nothing but conjecture and lack of sleep to it though.
    Cephalostrum on
  14. @Lisa, lol you beat me to it! nice update, I could just imagine quigley's tone. "DONT YOU DARE!!!" epic lulz.
    Me on
  15. Uaid don't care for your attitude, Quigs.
    tehbeefer on
  16. Someday I want to see Sette steal Uaid and take him out for a joy ride.
    HABE on
  17. Well...I thought Uaid was going to barge in squish Toma, but...ok This works too :D Love the last 4 panels ^.^
    MagicalMoofin on
  18. Quigs is finally going to get the timeout he deserves, don't worry about him, he'll pass through in about four to six hours, depending on if his hair and spectacles are digestible or not.
    AmetuerAspirant on
  19. Suddenly, I cannot stop smiling. :)
    landylachs on
  20. I like Sette's priorities. Oh no my attack zombie is losing his mi-AWESOME!!
    6offee on
  21. I like how, even when he's standing with his head way up off the page, a little bit of Uaid's shoulder still doesn't quite fit in the browser window. Nice touch. :)
    Matt on
  22. I wonder if Duane will resort into use of profanities after this.
    AL on
  23. LOL. So much LOL. :D
    Reeds on
  24. And THAT is how to make an entrance. As for beating it, aim for the gear chains.
    Crestlinger on
  25. sette's face is priceless
    LouisOlman on
  26. Shackles. That is pretty serious.
  27. *GIGGLE* I would have a lot to say of Duane's predicament, but, but, but... UAID NOM NOM XDDD
    Miri on
  28. Holy crap that was so darling. ._. Quig. He makes me happy on the inside, much like i'm fairly sure he'll make Uaid happy on the inside now. n_n
    Camcam on
  29. Omigosh! Matty's my new favourite character. How does he manage to be so adorable even without showing himself on the page?
    Translorentz on
  30. I've been silently following this comic since Settetania was discovered, claimed and briefly colonized prior to the whole conflagration thing. This morning I spit my coffee across my screen laughing. Thank you.
    Dusty Lens on
  31. Awesome! Officer, arrest that thing! It just ate a man! Ignore the zombie crawling on the ground.
    Jonathan(swe) on
  32. We haven't seen Duane's face since the wasps had their fun. Intentional? :D
    Brian on
  33. Okay, so, Unsounded won its first matchup in the webcomic tournament bracket contest (linked below if you click on my name), and it's time for round 2! This time, Unsounded is up against "Evil Inc." It'll be a slightly tougher battle than last round, but I have faith that we can pull it out... we can vote once per day, so vote early and vote often! :) If we win, then we'll face the winner of the current matchup between "Looking For Group" and "Gutters"... based on last round's vote totals, "Looking For Group" is the heavy favorite, but if "Gutters" manages to pull off an upset victory this round, we'll probably have an easier time of things in the next round (hint, hint). Let's go give Unsounded the props it deserves!
    Matt on
  34. Hahaha, Matty gets +10 cool points in my book. Toma too, actually, for not being immediately gullible.
    David D on
  35. I love this web comic! I am a big fan of Goblins, but if they go against UNSOUNDED in the next round, DUANE gets my vote!! Sorry Thunt.
    Brighid on
  36. This update is awesome. Also, if you're looking for shackles and can't find yours, Duane, I'm sure Toma has some for you... :s
    Carbon on
  37. Oh nooooo, Duaneeeeee!
    Mopukel on
  38. These two pages are delightful. There's so much going on! Duane and Sette escaping by the skin of their teeth, that's good; Toma telling Quigley to shut up, that makes me want to applaud; Matty driving up to rescue his dad in the family car, except he can't see over the dashboard. Poor Toma, he's out of his depth. What's he going to do, give a traffic ticket to Optimus Prime, there?
    Fawnet on
  39. So,Ephsephin's too disgusting for Uaid to eat?
    Hal on
  40. @Hal: Uaid is protective of Matty. Quigley was yelling at Matty and generally being ungrateful for them coming to his rescue. Ephsephin has been treating Matty nicely and took him into town for an afternoon of fun and adventure and head-sized mushrooms and cinnamon sticks. Thus, Quigley gets eaten and Ephsephin does not. I'd say this fully accounts for Uaid's dietary preferences. :)
    Matt on
    UmbraeCalamitas on
  42. lol!! I swear, I thought Matty was chewing out his dad at first! And just as I realized it was Quigley yelling....he got eaten!!! roflol!! Totally deserved it!!!
    Taryn on
  43. Man, "Evil Inc." is putting up a heck of a fight with Unsounded in round 2 of that tournament thing! We took and held a very narrow lead of about 20-30 votes for pretty much the whole day yesterday, but they've just pulled ahead of us again, by a two-vote margin at the moment. Neck and neck; pretty exciting! If you haven't voted for Unsounded at that site yet, I encourage it, and if you have, you should be able to vote again 24 hours after you last voted. I hope we make it to the next round!
    Matt on
  44. Maaaan, now I really want an Uaid. Escape noms!
    Crumble on
  45. I read someone bringing up somewhere that the contest is more about seeing who can advertise better than anything else, so I'm surprised that Unsounded even won the first round it was in, considering you don't actually advertise anywhere, as far as I've seen. ouo But yeah, this comic is definitely up there with Hero: A Story as Best Webcomics I Know.
    mythee on
  46. True, the contest is largely about the size of the existing fanbase, but it's also about how enthusiastic the fanbase is about giving props to their favorite comic, and from what I've been seeing here on the comment pages, Unsounded definitely inspires that kind of devotion and admiration in its readers. Word of mouth counts for a lot, too, and every round that Unsounded wins gets the comic wider recognition and respect. This contest does seem to be going somewhat viral, attracting many more votes and much more widespread attention than originally expected. That is the sort of thing that could lead to attracting big-name publishers for a print version of Unsounded, or other similarly profitable forms of attention for Ashley, which is an idea that fills me with glee. :)
    Matt on
  47. DUANE!!! Of course I'll vote! I'm hooked on this and come here for each update. Poor guy. I hope he can restrain himself and run off. Sette, take good care of him!
    MK on
  48. Just went over to vote at the comic competition at Unsounded is close but is losing against the Evil Inc. comic... So go vote if you can. :) (It's round 2, #20, at about middle of the article)
    Snow on
  49. I accidentally whole website... Can't vote - comixmix is down.
    Baalsebub on
  50. It can be tough to get through... the site was down for me for several hours this morning. Keep trying every hour or two, though... it will come back for you! And we need every vote we can get right now. We're *so* close, but just having trouble closing the gap again! As Matty would say, "Mae illuda! What an awesome duel!" :) Tell your friends to throw a few votes our way, everyone!
    Matt on
  51. Argh, how are you not winning this easily? I did what I could ;) The voting does seem pretty weird. I feel bad for people being paired up with certain comics. Like anyone else would win vs Penny Arcade? Regardless of the other comics' merit, some are just super popular. I did see a couple others there also worthy of vote.
    Kitsune_rei on
  52. safe! ...ish? so darn awesome. how do you do it? how do you manage to make every. single. page. a cliffhanger?
    xaviara on
  53. I'll say this for Sette, she seems to want it. Hopefully her passion of the moment doesn't lead her to risk too much.
    FrankNW on
  54. Waitaminute...sorry, wrong page. XD
    FrankNW on
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