Chapter 5 - p50

March 26, 2012, at 12:09 AM

Surely Uaid butt can diffuse the situation.

Man, no update on Friday but y'all were still busy! Welcome to the new readers, and thanks to everyone who cast a vote for Unsounded, I appreciate it mightily. Just a few words, if I may: Please don't post inappropriate stuff in the comments. Don't bash other comics or other people, don't post links to porn or nakedness (I can't believe someone did this), and all in all try to be excellent to each other. I really hate drama, so let's keep it drama-free. Thank you, lovely people!



  1. Surely it can. Verily, it does :) and keeping this drama-free is the least we can do for this awesome comic people!
    Elle on
  2. Of all the things I expected to see in this comic, I think I can honestly say that Uaid's bare posterior was not of them. I think I may be in need of a brain scrub, now. XD
    Karla on
  3. *snicker* I don't care how old you get or how mature you are, there's something about a two-story butt hanging out in mid-air that brings up the giggles in you!
    Atrea on
  4. I also have to say, Capt'n Toma's new look is very becoming of him and Matty looks so sad right now T^T I need to give him a hug....and pinch Chitz's little burlap cheeks while I'm at it, nice touch with the cinnamon sticks.
    Atrea on
  5. You know, seeing Uaid's rear makes me wonder how anatomically correct he is... Here's to another sleepless night. Thank you, Ashley.
    Randy Butternubs on
  6. Sometimes I have as much fun reading the comments as I do the comic. I have to agree - a giant bare butt hanging in the middle of the air just cracks me up. And so does realizing I made an unintentional pun there. Heh. Love this page, o'course - I love all of it. Matty does look so sad. :( I wonder if he's hoping Captain Toma follows them right back to the Red Berry Boys.
    UmbraeCalamitas on
  7. As a new reader, thanks for the welcome. I read through the archives in an afternoon, and started over immediately to savour the art as much as I had the story. Here's to the continuing saga!
    SnowCow on
  8. Is it bad that I feel like my birthday has come when I see that Unsounded has updated? Seriously--this comic is one of the things that helps me get through the week. :)
    Chajiko on
  9. Was the porn in the comments... good? Curiosity compels meeeee
    MusesAnonymous on
  10. I'm glad there's still enough ambient light around for Toma to see well enough to give chase. Must be that full moon! ;)
    Matt on
  11. They are going to write a play about Toma vs. the Red Berry Boys, and the first panel is going to be on all the posters.
    6offee on
  12. hmmm I wonder what Matty is drinking, it looks a bit like blood ;D
    Watchit on
  13. @Watchit: Matty's eating the cinnamon sticks he got from the previous chapter.
    Zaria on
  14. arrgghhh!! Mooned by a mech ogre!!! My eyes will never be the same! Love this comic too much for words!
    MoonArchr on
  15. Toma, just stay shirtless forever. That'd be awesome. Awesome Uaid butt is awesome as well XD Funniest page so far Ash XDDD
    Tane on
  16. Got here through the comics bracket thing. Knew within four pages that it was a must-read. I do believe you'll do better next year. The quality and writing are astounding.
    Jamus on
  17. Sad Matty is sweet. He's feeding Chitz a cinnemon stick, right? That's considerate. Looks to me like Toma's gonna try to climb the ogre...
    Reed on
  18. Who posts porn? A bot? I think it's beyond my ability to comprehend a human going, "Mmm, good comic! But you know what this page needs. Porn. Glorious, kinky porn." But anyway, great page. X)
    Katzenstreu on
    Lord TableShark on
  20. So matty really is a boy
    Steppa on
  21. Haha, the buttcheeks on Uaid and cinnamon stick for Chitz are hilarious little touches. But Matty looks to sad and determined... I'm so proud and sad for him. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THIS UPDATE!!
    BrassEmpire on
  22. Where would you even get pants that big. Though now I that know that Uaid is not wearing pants, I can now freely misinterpret Sette's line of "Stoopendous!" And then get slapped halfway across the internet for that joke.
    Unclever title on
  23. DAT ASS. Lololol~
    Ethan on
  24. For everyone wondering, I went back a few pages and from the front Uaid's wearing a codpiece.
    NVSmango on
  25. @LordTableShark: I was worried about the same thing, but I just realized Uaid probably just sits down and maybe leans back a bit for people when they need to climb up or down the ladder. Phew! Also, your comments are almost always my favorites. :)
    Matt on
  26. MusesAnonymous, all porn links in the comments are bad by definition (I admit to some curiosity as to what ill-considered link was posted, but I'll survive not knowing.). Just enjoy the fanservice here... like the T&A in today's page. :p (I personally don't find shirtless Toma all that interesting, T-wise, but I can see how others might.)
    AlpineBob on
  27. Be excellent to each other... and party on, dudes! Ash, you're my favourite. Really, you are. I'm gonna go fill your formspring with butt questions now. This was the best way to start a morning ever.
    Chessie on
  28. Someone actually did that!? XD Anyway, Uaid butt is best butt. That is all I have to say.
    Korpollo on
  29. Dat Uaid ass... It looks like Toma is about to go all Shadow of the Colossus. Paladin riding a giant dog vs a little kid piloting a fifty foot tall biomechanical ogre. So much epic.
    The Devil Himself on
  30. 'Don't post links to porn or nakedness' *Points to panel two, leave that for the author I guess. Anyone climbing up that golem will have a humbling experience, rising up between the cracks as it were.
    Crestlinger on
  31. What an engrossing story so far! I am impressed that Toma looks to be trying to make a heroic leap to the ladder, as it looks to be quite a height when Uaid is upright. Plus, he's in motion! Not sure if I'd want to be scrabbling for a handhold if I mis-leapt. Good luck Captain Toma.
    Trichuris on
  32. "Open the pod bay door, Matty." "I'm afraid I can't do that." :) Lovely comic, as usual. Matty looks so vulurnable there,the lightning is AMAZING, the story thickens... Lovely lovely lovely! Makes me crave for more! Keep it up Ash! You are making a wonderful world come alive!
    RainbowMuffin on
  33. every time i come here i get a big old smile over my face love love love love love this comic
    xaviara on
  34. @crestlinger: and with that single just became the funniest commentor on this site.
    Me on
  35. I once linked porn inappropriately in a public place. HARROWING EXPERIENCE! Aspergers Syndrome should come with an undo button. XD
    Jaku on
  36. As far as I know, I didn't link to anything resembling porn. I sent Ash an email asking about this, but haven't received a response yet. If somehow I accidentally linked to offensive content, my deepest apologies.
    Matt on
  37. Also, as demonstrated above, I sometimes select the incorrect link from the list of links previously used that pops up when I start typing in the "website" field. So I can imagine linking to an unintended site by accident, but can't imagine how a porn url could have gotten in there. I pretty much obsess about one thing at a time, and I was obsessing about Unsounded, not porn, the last few days.
    Matt on
  38. Phew! Ashley emailed back; it wasn't me. :) My anxiety plays silly tricks on me sometimes. :)
    Matt on
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