Chapter 6 - p83-84 & Preview

October 19, 2012, at 12:00 AM

Three pages today...

And that's a wrap for Chapter 6! Long time readers know I take a one month break between chapters to recharge my batteries and fluff the page buffer, allowing me to keep the awesome three updates a week schedule. It's for the best. Updates will resume on November 21st. Promise. I haven't missed an update yet.

The break this time is especially needed because the Kickstarter print drive was TREMENDOUSLY, RIDICULOUSLY successful! Thank you all! I'll be spending the next month producing the book and all the goodies that go into it. If you pledged you can follow the book's progress on the Kickstarter page which I will be updating. Thanks again, guys, and I'll see you in a month!



  1. I know you need the month, and it's good that you take it, but ooooh, it's hard to be patient!
    somebloke on
  2. Thanks so much for doing the Kickstarter! Enjoy my monies (or whatever is left after printing and shipping) and know that you can count on me and several others to continue funding and supporting your gorgeous, intriguing ventures into the world of Unsounded.
    Tony Wilkey on
  3. Oh, and enjoy the month off! Don't spend all of it working.
    Tony Wilkey on
    Humming-fly on
  5. excellent conclusion, congratulations for the succeful of your first volumen, wait for 1 month more for the next chapter. Bon apettip Duane! :p
    Shirlanka on
  6. Hornet & Neshomeh got it right about the laundry cart on Ch.6 Pg.82. "Who thinks Sette and a dagger are waiting in the laundry cart?" - they did!
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  7. Rock on! Fantastic end to the chapter and congrats on the kickstarter! I'm so happy you gave in to our whining so that we could throw money at you!
    Sonicbug on
  8. So that's what you meant when you said Duane's leg problem solved itself.
    Nightsbridge on
  9. LoL, Starfish only has cutter left. I hope his death is more brutal then all his followers.
    Kaz on
  10. 'Absolutely fantastic chapter! Gota say this i my favourite online comic at the moment and is probably fighting for #1 place of all time. The effort put into the art makes me all giddy and the story is so interesting with that lovely touch of humor. Also, its mind numbingly good to have a comic that will surprise you with regular two page (and three page!) updates. Pretty dark at the moment though, everything has gone to hell, I wonder how everything is going to play out next chapter. Anywho just wanted to say thanks a bunch for making such a fabulous comic, ive been a long time reader but just never got around to commenting to say how much I love this. Congrats on the kickstarter, it just proves how much we all adore Duane and Sette :)
    katie on
  11. And with that lovely creepiness only Duane can deliver... HAPPY HALLOWEEN
    feline256 on
  12. Pity. Mr. Turas wasn't one of the brutal psychopaths. I'm losing all my evil buddies in the absolute worst ways!
    Chipperbane on
  13. D'aww, Matty looks so happy in that preview!
    Lord TableShark on
  14. Oh my, what a way to end the chapter! You are becoming very adept at these cliffhanger endings! I'm too tired to say anything more than it is awesomely suspenseful, and I'm with the others in wishing you a relaxing break, but MAN am I anticipating chapter 7! Congrats again on the Kickstarter, and have a great break! (:
    landylachs on
  15. occurs to me that events might play out such that Matty ends up joining the Black Tongues. Are you pulling an Anakin Skywalker on us?!?
    Lord TableShark on
  16. Thank you once again for an excellent chapter. I look forward to the next one, and to the print volume!
    Spencer on
  17. Looking forward to epic Duane reactions next chapter. That preview panel is probably right after he wakes up to a nice night's sleep and a strangely sated hunger. He's happy for about two seconds, then realizations occur, followed by several pages of flipping out.
    Lord TableShark on
  18. [And at least Duane has his new leg......]
    Lord TableShark on
  19. Get to work stitching up that wound, Boo.
    Omnithea on
  20. Congratulations!
  21. I'm a bit confused as to how Boo is still animate. I thought it'd fall apart after its pymary was used, but it's still truckin' along. Maybe the comic will answer if it's being affected by Sette or an innate property (like a refillable pen).
    somebloke on
    Criezentials on
  23. Can't wait! have a nice break! :D
    Watchit on
  24. Great! Now I need a time machine to skip forward until next month. Can anyone spare a pymaric? Seriously, fantastic work. Love the art and the story has me hanging on tight.
    Sylver on
  25. Enjoy your break! I have sent links to this webcomic to all my friends :-) I can't wait for the book!
    NickB on
  26. Wows! Great page. Duane looks a lot the worse for wear...
    Bartimaeus on
  27. >:} Mweheeheeeheeheeheehee. I think yon baddie needs to check his pants. To borrow a phrase from Red of Jagged Alliance2: "Shit my keeks!" Und, arrrrrghhhhhh. Waiting for next chapter is hard, like falling on stones.
    Sleel on
  28. Ooh the new updates begin on my birthday? What a nice present, yay!
    Greppelzwerver on
  29. Great pages there, the preview of the next chapter sounds awesome. Bon appétit, Duane :)

    I can't wait to hold the book in my hands. Have a good hiatus, Ashley!
    AeonOfTime on
  30. Oh, man. That's one creepy lookin' spellcrow in that there preview.
    Knucklekraken on
  31. Tail-in-the-door pymaric looks deactivated, hope he doesn't smell all the blood in that cart and do something rash!
    Sigmir on
  32. Thanks for another wonderful chapter! I got the feeling that Turas was walking into a trap, but still it doesn't make the final page any less chilly. I'm SO looking forward to the next chapter. Matty's happy smile makes me so fluffy and really worried at the same time...
    Bandersnatch on
  33. Surreal sounds awesome. Looking like we'll get some epic plot revelations (and some new mysteries). Looking forward to it. :)
    Wright of Void on
  34. Most adorable Sette ever in the bottom of that second panel. I had feels.
    James on
  35. Classic Sette: simultaneously cute and covered in blood, asleep and vulnerable with a mechanical spider that destroyed an entire block.
    Patrick on
  36. Bar none, that is one of the best "oh SHIT" faces I have ever seen.
    Joanna on
  37. Well, that's a good place to commit murder... lol. But how can I wait a month to find out if he just screamed or if he got eaten? XD
    Caitlin on
  38. ...whew. That WAS a good night for crazy. As usual I am impressed and giddy with joy. Try not to work TOO hard this next month, eh? Also, will people (me) who couldn't pledge be able to buy a book in the future? I'm uncertain as to how kickstarters work in that regard.
    TheWrightStuff on
  39. Woohoo! Can't wait for the next chapter!
    Hano on
  40. Thanks for another great chapter ashley! looking foward FOR THE SECOND KICKSTARTER ALREADY O______O side note: how come you're not in Archaya or Oni press yet? your stuff is seriously awesome!
    Bry on
  41. Dear someone: Boo is refillable! I had a whole long thing on Formspring about refilling Boo with regular thread and him making friendship bracelets and doilies. Iiiin other news: Glass! That last panel was the best one ever, possibly with the exception of the BALLS! one.
    Chessie on
  42. looks like duane is smiling :D
    mats on
  43. Aaaahhhhh so excited!! I can't wait to see how the books come out, and for the next chapter to start, oh man!!
    Thane on
  44. Good to see that something in the next chapter makes Matty happy. The poor kid went though a lot in the last chapter! Doesn't look like anybody else catches a break, though.
    Rybuger1 on
  45. I almost feel bad for Turas, but anyone who gets mixed up with Starfish should know they might come to a potentially bad end. Oh well. Still a fantastic ending to the chapter! XD
    Dove on
  46. That smile... That attack zombie smile... That smile would have been terrifying on a puppy. I wonder who authorized that smile, Sette or Duane.
    Eleanor on
  47. Brilliant. Still have a hard time believing you can maintain the art, pacing & content yet never miss an update. Well worth every penny.
    Mr. Wolf on
  48. Thank you!
    Me on
  49. I just wanted to say how much I LOVE this series. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful art and brilliant story you have given. If I can I will buy prints of your work. But till I can, I just wanted to express how much joy you've brought me, and how much I cannot wait for Nov 1st xD You are awsome! Again, Thank you!
    Ruliya on
  50. *Ghostrider voice: GUILTY! Deatomization to commence. (Reread chapter 2 56-59 for a refresher on where his head's at now, or chapter 4 #16) and Sette you're Bleeding. Hide Well.
    Crestlinger on
  51. 'Phantom Pain'? Do I smell a Vagrant Story reference? :D Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter, my book, the sketch in my book, and so forth! Congrats on the awesome Kickstarter, I can only say you deserved even more!
    Nonsensicles on
  52. I knew the kickstarter would be a huge success! I'm sure you're very happy about it, Ashley! I can't wait to receive that mail! And also to read the next chapter in November. It seems so far away! By the way, Ashley, is it certain that the mail arrives in December or is it possible it might come in late November? When I got mail from the US or Canada, it only took two weeks. I think I know there's tremendous work you have to do with all the kickstarter project, but I'm wondering if December is the certain time.
    Nanien on
  53. I think it will definitely be December, Nanien.
    Ashley on
  54. Hope you enjoy your well deserved rest and I can't wait until Nov. 21st!
    DhampireHEK on
  55. Resuming on my birthday! I look forward to waking up that morning, now :D This story is brilliant! Your success is much deserved.
    detroitpink on
  56. What if we didn't get to donate to the kickstarter? Is there any way we could get volume 1 any other way?
    Benny on
  57. Awww man, what a great cliffhanger comic :D
    Fawnet on
  58. Ash, that was an awesome way to end the chapter! I am so excited for the next chapter. Have a great month off!
    UmbraeCalamitas on
  59. Hey, it's Duane! I remember that guy! He used to be in this comic!
    Viashino_wizard on
  60. well. SOMEBODY'S having a good time, to judge by all that screaming...
    WitUnderPressure on
  61. Oh no! I missed the Kickstarter. :( Phooey.
    Stormphyre on
  62. Must keep image in head: Turas is being *eaten* by Duane. He is *not* discovering the finer points of attack zombie lovin' in the love motel.
    Galacticlore on
  63. Unless that is attack zombie lovin'. Thanks Ashley; your work and dedication amaze me.
    nan on
  64. @feline256 I absolutely agree and Happy Halloween to you Ashley! It will be difficult to wait with the wonderful cliff hanger you gave it, but I Know It Will Be Worth It! Thank you so much for making the best, most beautifully drawn and planned out comic Ever! You are the reason I can say I like comics. :D
    Meemertree on
  65. There are so many bad cliffhangers in movies and recent novels that I almost came to hate them, but your use of them is exiting. :)
    Corbie on
  66. wheeee so glad that it's successful! People do have taste after all, eh? Looking forward to seeing Duane's juicy past.
    Elmion on
  67. My body shall have time to prepare.
    GraveZombie on
  68. I was wondering, is there a way to check out the previous comments section? A lot of time people notice things that I don't and I'd like to see comments like that on the older pages.
    Mr Pibbleton on
  69. @ Mr. Pibblton: when you click the comments Button, a link for the previous page appears at the top to the scroll box. If you prefer the nerdy way, take this link: and change the 'ch6-p84' to whatever page you're looking for.
    Someone on
  70. oh no! a whole month? now i only have 53 comics to read that update weekly... :3
    L on
  71. "Din Dampener", huh? That's pretty handy.
    E_O on
  72. @someone: Thanks, now I get to look back and see how many of you are psychic and how many are dead wrong.
    MrPibbleton on
  73. I'm having an issue with the side backgrounds below the header, they still have the broken up effect for me after 6-69. On the pages before that it's fine. I've tried Firefox and Chrome and both had the same issue. I cleared my cache and all that. Maybe it's still something I'm missing on my side?
    anon on
  74. When this story is complete, I'm buying the crap out of thegraphic novel.
    Steve on
  75. I have to admit, this is probably the single most impressive online webcomic, art wise, and story wise, that I've come across in YEAARS. and I do spend an unhealthy amount of time with webcomics, good idea on the one month buffer, if you end up doing another kickstarter, I'll be more than happy to contribute. good luck, and good work.
    evrin on
  76. I got sent here by an edjit who noticed that Duane has an uncanny likeness to her own character. I only intended to skim over a few pages. Instead you ruined my evening, cause I was forced to drop all plans and instead read as far as this story could go. Your art is amazing, and your story telling had me spellbound.It's now 5am. THANKS A LOT >:C Good luck with all your future endeavours, Ashley. I can't wait to read the rest.
    Lythero on
  77. *final scene* !!!scorpion skull fire breath!!! fatality!
    jose on
  78. Wahhh things are starting to be SO very interesting!! Amazing as always, I actually can't wait to read the rest. All the best, good luck with this work!
    Ives on
  79. its been a month, give me my comics back
    jozsa on
  80. One more day =) Can't wait. Wait, I did wait. Well, I can't wait much longer =)
    SharesLoot on
  81. So. Close. I can't wait.
  82. The excitement is reaching critical mass.
    Ague on
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