Chapter 7 - p33&34

January 25, 2013, at 12:05 AM

Two pages today. Don't ask for a translation - Sette doesn't understand it so you shan't either! :)



  1. awesomess creppy, thanks for update.
    Athila on
  2. <3
    NoniKi on
  3. "Hey, what's up Sette!"
    Anon on
  4. "About time you showed up Sette"
    somebloke on
  5. hello to you awesome crow dude! (you can find the translation if your really curious)
    hatter on
  6. creepy bird o-o
    dragonflie on
  7. Well, at least it knows her name, whatever it is.
    Fan on
  8. Is Sette physically running on that...terrain, for lack of a better word (for it certainly doesn't seem like "terra" at all!), or is she floating/flying/other? What does it feel like?
    Nomen on
  9. Tirna confirmed to exist. Sette confirmed to not be Tirna in disguise. Khert confirmed to be made of strawberry jam.
    Lord TableShark on
  10. Sette = Sette perhaps?
    ChronoWaster on
  11. And after all that, she still calls for Duane... *incapacitated by feels*
    Kara on
  12. This episode brought to you be censor-crow, protecting our children from the graphic details of ritualistic sacrifice.
    Humming-fly on
  13. You know, I would've thought Sette would be flattered that she's famous enough to be recognized by Magic Khert Bird. Maybe once the shock has worn off and the whole thing gets a chance to sink in. :)
    Lord TableShark on
  14. I am in love with this entire sequence. The colors, the details, the surrealism, the confusion and wonder and fear all wrapped up together. I would buy an entire book of this sequence! Awesome work, Ashley!
    Joseph on
  15. "Aum yut shenut, Sette." "You're too young, Sette." "Why so serious, Sette." "My favorite part, Sette." Humorous fake translations, anyone?
    Wes on
  16. Supreme
    Supreme on
  17. HOHO! i think i know what this is now! why did i not think of it before? sette is, quite literaly, inside duane's mind/soul.(speculation) his shadow was the gate way to this and sette entered it when she steped into it of corse. as well was the scene a possible demonstration to Duane's back story and what happened to him wich lead to his current problom. it was possible sette saw a hidden memory he probably did not remember but was drifting inside his nogen lol. that or its something totaly different that has to do with duane's gift/curse. the bird was interesting in a side note, nice censore for the gore.
    jose on
  18. That bird thing creeps me out so bad. It's the eyes.
    amf on
  19. You magnificent bastards make me choke on my Diet Coke.
    Ashley on
  20. she dropped a her knife, i think i would as well, running away takes two hands
    Labareda on
  21. Translation? Seemed pretty clear to me. "GTFO Sette. GTFO."
    TheWrightStuff on
  22. Whoa. That black bird thing is actually really unsettling. More unsettling than a lot of more obviously creepy things I've seen. I think it's because it doesn't have the washed-out bright look of everything else on the page, it's overlapping everything else, and it's looking right at me. Ergh. Creepy...
    Bracket on
  23. The translation is on the wiki page! The crow is formally saying Hello to sette. I'm not actually sure if that makes it more or less creepy. :/
    Wren on
  24. photobombin' crow!
    beth on
  25. Yeah 'cause I didn't want to sleep tonight or anything...
    Socks on
  26. a sinister bird appears, maybe we can hang out?
    ThreeEyedCrow on
  27. Blood squirted out D= so they are in the khert. that's horrible~ I love it~ still worried about Duane though...
    Steaiii on
  28. Well ofcourse she runs away, it's obviously a gangster bird (note the face-tatoo on the beak). Also, howcome the bird says 'Shenut' when the wiki says 'Sshenut'? Wouldn't a magic bird know things like this?
    Socrase on
  29. Gotta say that it would probably be better if you drew a little bit more of the bird outside of the page border so that it REALLY looks like it's not actually part of the comic, but hovering over it. 'Spose it might not be doable, though, if the bird's whole body is to the right, and not just the neck extending down from above.
    Zamzoph on
  30. Not sure if that was supposed to be "rum" or "aum", but I think I like this better if I imagine it's asking her why the rum is gone.
    Tachyon on
  31. "Polly wanna cracker Sette"
    Kurogane on
  32. ugh, I'm a twin, and I know it's powerful and creepy, but it's hard to describe how viscerally horrible a 'one twin killed' story can be. The very thought is so disturbing.
    Laura on
  33. Sette, that's a perfectly normal reaction, although I'd have figured you would've held onto your knife.
    Tehbeefer on
  34. didn't the blade that cut her have some sort of tranquilizer on it? I'm wondering if part of this is some kind of hallucination Sette is having.
    Noi on
  35. This comic has gone from good to out of control awesome in the last couple months. Thank you.
    Amber on
  36. If at all possible, you need to make that bird blink. Or do something else animated and creepy.
    GoliathWanderer on
  37. @Socrase it's possible that the bird is speaking in a different (or purer?) dialect/accent.
    MenTaLguY on
  38. Masterfully done with the view obscuring bird that is much darker then the still washed out setting around it. Knowing her name is pretty disturbing as well. More disturbing then talking I guess.
  39. "Can't let you do that, Sette." :y
    vodkafolie on
  40. Eyes oriented to the front are usually a feature of predators. What most unsettle me are the horizontal slit pupils and... is that some kind of drool what I see falling from the beak? I would have run, too, if that kind of creepy bird said hello to me so suddenly.
    intoaon on
  41. "GTFO" or "PG-13"
    shoon on
  42. Blockatiel 2.0 I love this comic. You just keep on impressing me all the time.
    Creenan on
  43. None of your business, Sette? Haha, I love that raven :) And the offering scene is awesome, most of all the people, their gestures and their faces in the background ... wow. Just wow.
    Corbie on
  44. Ah... so that's why Sette cut her finger opening that memory.
    Solifuge on
  45. PSYCH!!!
    Andreas on
  46. "And how are you today, Sette?" Or is it "Top of the morning to ye, Sette!"?
    Andreas on
  47. "Brought to you by the letter B, Sette"
    sigmir on
  48. that the bird with tits that we saw on the Black Tongues' windows?
    Narf on
  49. I love the world you've created in this comic so much. The attention to detail and the complexity of the rules you follow within the world are amazing. Translatable languages, religions, politics, races, even a spiritual world that is believable within the context of everything else. Tolken status. Crazy.
    Steve on
  50. That bird is scary as BALLS!
    ironmary on
  51. "Game, match, and Sette."
    snark^ on
  52. I have a sneaking suspicion that the crow is Duane, or some aspect of him.
    LongLiveHumour on
  53. "You're in deep shit, Sette"
    Giush on
  54. The symbol on the bird's beak looks really familiar but I can't quite place it. :T
    EvilSnailOverlord on
  55. I agree with you, LongLiveHumour. I too think it's Duane.
    NorthSouth on
  56. It's aldish for "Hello". Darn you, Ashley, you are one heck of a writer/penciler/inker/colourer. Another reason why this comic DESERVE so much a greater audience and a much greater visibility. You're the best !
    Ehol on
  57. Whatever that crow was, im glad it was there to censor what was behind it...
    Kolton on
  58. *henceforth copy/pastes dis 'censor crow' (Coined by mighteous Humming-fly) onto all untoward scenes* The crow has been a recurring mythological depiction of... SUMMAT, idk who/what, so far o3o I think Sette honest to goodness met a deity just now. Alas, she did not ask for any magic infinite monies. Maybe Duane's finally got something to convince her to get edumacations now.
    mythee on
  59. It's not quite the same, but maybe that symbol on the bird's beak is related to the symbol on the black tongue guy Jivi and Matty are staying with? That house did have alot of ravens in the window. I could see a raven being the symbol of Tirna as well.
    Potatocake on
  60. As a younger twin, I am severely not cool with the story going on there. But I have to say it captured me completely. The artwork was gorgeous. Also creepy bird. Really creepy bird. I kind of passed over it the first time, but then looked again and got totally sucked in. That was awesome, and so unsettling. o_O Overall, this comic is still the best I read!
    Katlin on
  61. "Yer trippin' balls, Sette"
    Keter on
  62. Ohnoes, Sam the Eagle and Big Bird had offspring! Pardon the joke... Awesome work as always!
    Arnuz on
  63. I've been looking at all this from the perspective of Sette being inside Duane's mind, as jose suggested up there. It makes as much sense as anything does to me in this sequence. Granted I hardly understand a single thing about the khert. Also the bird's appearance was a huge relief, I *really* didn't want to see the twin killed. Maybe I've watched too much Star Trek in my life, because the bird's looks didn't bother me in the slightest. :)
    eekee on
  64. Cool! A shadow portal to a pocket demension! Now they can get rid of Turas' body! The cleaning lizard will just think they were into bloodplay, and Sette can leave him a tip to not complain.
    NoniKi on
  65. "What the hell do you think you doin', Sette" xd
    lionc on
  66. Just noticed, is Jibi supposed to be missing his left ear or what?
    Giantfrodo on
  67. "How's my hair, Sette?" or maybe I should brush up on my Aldish....
    Edward on
  68. I love that this place is all light, and pretty and colorful... But more horrifying than the dark. It's like every horror you were afraid of in the night exists, and you can see it perfectly here. And they're just as awful.
    Yokomomochi on
  69. The forward-facing predator eyes are definitely the eeriest thing about that bird. Especially considering the vaguely human shape of them, the goat pupils, and most of all the way they look directly at the reader. Ashley is usually excellent about not letting her characters look straight into the "camera", so when that rule is deliberately broken... /shivers
    Tobu on
  70. The spirit-world sequence is the best part of the comic yet by far! So pretty and trippy.
    dudeguy on
  71. "Aum Yut Shenut, Sette" =? "Victory ____ Alright, Sette" If "Yut" means something similar to see/find/meet (and some words are inferred in similar manners to latin): "Victory Find Alright, Sette ==>May become==> "It is good to find you well, Sette" (I looked at known translations on the Wiki, I wonder how close I am?) (Yut was not in the Wiki, Aum is the root of Aumet in the Wiki if my guess is correct)
    miyto on
  72. please make some of these wonderful pages into a desktop background! i'd love to stare at them endlessly!
    H on
  73. Interesting... Her amulet is shaped like a bird as well, isn't it? The one that supposedly helps her control Duane? Lots of bird imagery. Also, beautiful art as always! :D
    Oraxia on
  74. this update is so mysterious... oh, those poor twins D: but sette looking at that scene makes me curious about her connection with tirna. and now i'm wondering, that if this shadow world sette has dropped into is indeed the khert, then what part of the khert do those ugly uglies represent?
    kayananas on
  75. DAMN! Just readed the Wiki to understand what i´ve seen. O_O THIS is the most common belief on this continent? The Gefendur belief in which twice per year they sacrifice the younger twin of twins and the gathered beliefers EAT their bodies after cutting their throats? And those are the MAIN EVENTS which their whole calender resolves around like Jesus Christ resurgence in christiany? And the parents are fine with it? All the countries, goverments and locals are okay with it? D8 Holy crap, the Aldishmen seems almost sane for having a different belief now. *shudder* Btw, i would need some help with the fanfiction entry till 31 January. I got an idea, plan and all to write it down and have around 20-25% finished so far, but my english is pretty bad and i´m in need of an editor who could read over my work to find all the faults (and there will be many) so that it can be corrected before the 30th. Is there anyone up for this task? I really don´t want to send Ashe a fic full of faults. *big shiny pleading eyes*
    James Rye on
  76. The raven (crow?) is saying "hello Sette" in formal Tainish, see Unsounded wiki for more details. On a different topic, why on earth would the priests force the elder twin to watch their younger sibling be killed and eaten right in front of them? that's pretty messed up :/
    Skyblaze on
  77. @James Rye: I will do this for you as long as you are ok with whatever fixes I make, and the document is <10,000 words. I'm not up for pussyfooting around and going, "I would change this to X because Y." I'd just make minimal grammar-fixing changes without changing meaning or style and send the document back without explanation.
    Mjinga on
  78. Just a heads up but I've been asked by multiple people to extend the contest a week, so I will be doing so. I'll announce it formally on Monday but you'll have through February 8th now to get your entry in~
    Ashley on
  79. HOW DO YOU DO IT? You blow my mind.
    Wheat on
  80. What the crap??!!? That bird freaked me out beyond anything those stoopid flash-fright vids have EVAR done! The bright contrast and depth you create in Duane's shadow void are wonderfully contrary to what one thinks it should be! This jaw dropping sequence is just too intense to just 'check out before bedtime'. I should know better by now, but I probably won't learn from it...
    Nibster on
  81. actualy eekee, it almost makes perfect sense if you think about it. people's shadows have mystical propertys in some referenses. I slightly recal a myth that says you trap some one's soul or something if you step on it or something (remember my memory is very limited) but also remember that Dracula's shadow is an extension of his soul/self, ergo acts as an extension of himself in many different occasions. Ashley may be using something similar or something she actualy knows that we do not into her comic. it makes perfect sense as a possibility when Ashley showed us the memory of the sacrefice. all we can realy do is wait and see what Ashley has in stored for us. (please excuse bad spelling if any)
    jose on
  82. forgot to add myths in my above statement :p
    jose on
  83. @James Rye: From I've read on the wiki,and how characters act in the comic, I think the whole human sacrifice variant isn't exactly the more popular of the interpretations of Tirna in either sect. What's extra odd to me is that killing and eating the younger twin seems less like it'd make friends with Tirna so much as make it look like you think younger sisters are only good for being eaten. Now if you killed the older one, then you'd at least have something like a revenge theme going for you.
    MDude on
  84. @Mjinga: Wow, thanks a lot for that quick response. :D The fic will be surely under 10.000 words (i had so around 5.000-6.000 words planned, +/- 1.000 depending on new ideas). Grammar´s my biggest problem anyway, i often mix up the times in sentences and then it sounds weird when reading again, so your offer is perfect. How long will you need for editing a 5.000-6.000 word fic? @Ashley: Okay, that does give me more time, but i got exams on 4-8 February so i hope i get it done till 31 Jan. or 1 Feb. Very nice of you to give everyone an extra week for their fics. Am sure you will be flooded by them. XD @MDude: From what i´ve read, it seems to be done in the convents and that twice per year on Yerta´s day (spring) and Tirna´s day (fall). Also since those twins gets send there to live apart from society, i guess it could be nothing but a myth for alot of common people. So i do think its done regulary in Cresce and the eat of the continent, but rich ones or local goverments and nobles surely will pay alot for eating such "holy flesh" to get closer to perfection while the priests and monks will gladly take their money to make their churches and convents bigger and greater as well as to increase their influence. We haven´t heard much about the 2nd religion Ssaelit, but given the wiki they seem to be against human sacrifices. Duane could probably tell us alot more about it, given he´s not a beliefer in Gefendur else he would have buried the dead girl.
    James Rye on
  85. "Get to the chopper, Sette."
    McFerocious on
  86. @Skyblaze: Man, I was just about to check the wiki but thought "surely if Ashley's saying she won't translate this line of what sounds like Tainish, that means she hasn't translated it ALREADY on the wiki, right?" Also, CLEARLY it is the younger twin's honor to be killed and eaten for her people's betterment and Tirna's pleasure, so CLEARLY it is the older twin's honor to witness or even participate in this heinous-- I mean grand and traditional ceremony. Isn't religious fanaticism just the bee's knees?
    McFerocious on
  87. Clearly it means "Nevermore." The fact that Sette's name is identical to one of the words in that phrase is purely coincidence. Also, creepiest. Bird. Ever.
    Knucklekraken on
  88. The crow is speaking Tanish. If Tanish is the language here in this weird world, rather than first speech, that does seem to make it a little less likely they are actually inside the khert - unless being inside the khert via the connection of a Tanish wright (Duane) means she's seeing the Khert the way he sees it. I doubt, though, this is the inside of Duane's mind/soul - there are so many other creatures. Unless Duane is seriously possessed.
    NoniKi on
  89. Tanish speaking wright** - Sorry.
    NoniKi on
  90. @ James Rye - Holy crap, they eat her??! Kinda makes the rantings of this guy seem kinda naive:
    NoniKi on
  91. now that i think of it, Noniki's explenetion is actualy a very good possibility. it must smell REALY bad in there lol
    jose on
  92. Sette dropped her knife. O_O That's going to be a problem for her, isn't it.
    Somebody on
  93. I'm figuring ...... Rahm has a tatoo on his tongue, the bird has one on it's beak. He's a sly dog to know her name, though. But .... yea, Rahm, scrying for Duane, finds Sette. Makes a bit of sense. Though I'm just guessing except for the tatoo thing.
    Michael on
  94. Yut means swallow in Turkish.
    Some guy on
  95. Whoa.
    Vilding on
  96. @James Rye: At least a day. It won't take me that long, but I don't want to be doing it last minute either. I have a thesis to write, haha! Give me your email and I'll send you a note so you have mine to send it to.
    Mjinga on
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