Chapter 8 - p65

January 24, 2014, at 12:00 AM

Matty looks kind of otherworldly in the lighting in that first panel. I like it.


  1. I love this page! I like the "group picture" in the middle the best. :D
    Madeline on
  2. Yay! Private Elan joins the group. I love the multiple layers of characters, each with their own aspirations, desires, problems, and great personalities. Thank you for this great comic!
    Northern lights on
  3. I'm curious to see how he explains the beaver. It's very cute, it makes me feel bad to think that it's likely going to be strapped into a box and stabbed repeatedly to keep that guy alive... But I can't be upset with him because it keeps him alive. Poor Beaver-type thing, you look so happy.
    Volk0v on
  4. That is some nice artwork for team Stockyard.
    Kaz on
  5. Matty can't stay there! He's too pretty!
    Lord TableShark on
  6. Private Elan off to torture some other innocent animal, I see! >:(
    Lord TableShark on
  7. There are banned religious paraphernalia? What are they? Gefendur or some minor religion? (Also, typo: “paraphenalia”.)
    Antonymous on
  8. Eww, Knock-Me-Down looks like a fat jew goblin.
    anon on
  9. Is he... holding a beaver? So confused....
    tlynnec on
  10. Elka's info on Stockyard must be wrong. Only one of persons shown can be paid off with drugs (frogballs, to wit), and none of them - with brothel services. We also know that the the other one is paid with tuition for a degree in pymary. And they aren't "thugs" to you, Elka, they are Noble Rogues (according to the Word of God).
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  11. Matty :( Is that what Stockyard looks like? Huh.
    beep on
  12. Hey, anon, Knock-Me-Down always looked Jewish to me, I just did not dare to state it so far. She's not fat, she's all rock-hard muscle. I guess the combination of these two traits prompted a suggestion on Formspring a while ago to ship her with Sergeant Donny Donowitz (the Bear Jew of the "Inglourious Basterds" fame).
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  13. Yay, Private Elan! I agree with Ashley Matty, he looks very alien and out of place (but not ugly).
    Tehbeefer on
  14. That happy look on the furry little creature's face when Elan's scared out of his wits.. :3
    Zathyr on
  15. After staking out his workplace, the police don't know what Stockyard looks like either? I'm beginning to think "Stockyard Frummagem" is a moniker that goes in the same bin as Keyser Söze and the Grey Fox.
    sigmir on
  16. The silhouetted guy is Bastion.
    Bill on
  17. Oh Matty, I feel so sad for you because you're scared! <3 The kid needs a muffin or something. Or some candy.
    Falcolf on
  18. You can trust the government, Matty.
    Tea on
  19. Theory time! I know it's already been established that Matty's dad never taught him pymary, but I bet Matty's going to try anyway to get them both out of the jail cell. :3
    Person on
  20. @Bill, I'm pretty sure it actually is Stockyard, given that they're talking about Stockyard and the other two people in that frame are Frummagems who are known to work for Stockyard.
    Knucklekraken on
  21. How can a person look like their belief if not dressed up? Are we in Innsmouth or somewhere? :P --- @Antonymus: it's paraphernalia with an R. I was pretty sure but looked it up anyways. :)
    Corbie on
  22. @Bill, @Knucklekraken: Ashley is just teasing you with this shadow portrait. You really gonna fall for it?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  23. Daaaaayum! This Matty is deadly adorable, no matter whenever he laughs or cries. I DEMAND an alternative Universe where Matty is a girl! R63MattyxJivi fanart! <3 Though I wouldn't mind MattyxJivi fanart either. :P
    James Rye on
  24. That on't think thats a picture from the file. Isn't it just a mental portrait that elka (or maybe the audience(?)) thought of when she read the names? 'Cause they fought Knock-Me-Down and Anadyne and we saw it too so....yeah.
    Lenat on
  25. That would be *I don't think*. no edit button >_>
    Lenat on
  26. Trying to figure out if Stockyard has like... a piratey bandana with rings on it, or a perm, or... a frilly lady's hat. I do recall Nary saying he was a queer fellow.
    mcferocious on
  27. Matty is definitely too pretty for prison. :-P
    Mark on
  28. I bet Elka didn't help Elan's heart condition one bit.
    Lord Hideous on
  29. whelp that's probably not good for his heart condition
    the other ghost girl on
  30. It's pretty obvious by now. Stockyard has actually been Matty all along. He's playing the long game.
    dexeron on
  31. I love how Elan is taking cover behind the beaver, as if it's going to protect him.
    PanH on
  32. aww, this beaver is so cute :D
    elly on
  33. Actually, beaver tails are big, flat, and paddle like. That looks more like a woodchuck tail.
    Ionjam on
  34. Haven't caught up on years worth of comic in a matter of days in a while. I'm frankly bewildered by how good this series is...attack Zombie's green makes me think of The Spectre. That's all I've got except 'wow.'
    ZJSimon on
  35. It looks more like a marmot to me, actually.
    Sinosauropteryx on
  36. If "word of God" says that Knock-me-down is a noble anything, I just don't get it, unless they're literal nobility. I don't picture torturing someone to death as being an act someone with a noble spirit would take part in, much less relish.
    Early on
  37. @Early: That was just a response we got to a direct question to Ashley if we will see Anadyne and Knock-Me-Down again. Anadyne is back already, and Knock-Me-Down will hopefully soon follow (Ch.9(?)). Anadyne and Knock-Me-Down generated a lot of enthusiasm in the fandom, each for her separate reasons.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  38. I have no memory of calling either Anadyne or Knock "noble rogues."
    Ashley Cope on
  39. Wait. Is that a grebber in Elan's hands?
    beep on
  40. Ashley, even if you did call Anadyne or Knock "noble rogues", you can take that back any moment. What matters, is whether upon serious consideration you would call them that now. Heck, even Cresce used to be "Exquisite Republic", but you fixed that. As for "I have no memory" - to the question: "Do you have a good memory or are you forgetful?", you responded: "I think my memory is almost clinically bad, honestly. Very-- HEY! Don't mock the handicapped." This response is still close to the surface in the Formspring and I had no problem scrolling to it.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  41. Likewise I have no problem going back a few pages in the comments to where you admit to being a troll. As a troll, nothing you say can be taken at face value.

    I'd be surprised if I called them noble rogues but I suppose it's possible. Link me to where I did, I'm interested to see the context.
    Ashley Cope on
  42. Ashley, my search takes too long, and I do not believe anything, including finding it, will save my reputation anyway. Too late now - having hoisted the Jolly Roger, I am doomed to sail under it all the way to the gallows. The context of discussion was, whether we will see Anadyne and Knock-Me-Down again. I am genuinely convinced that it was said. It may be my false memory, skewed by the almost hurtful sense of pity I felt toward Knock-Me-Down. This feeling was expressed here: "". As to being a troll, the judgement is not mine anyway, whether I admit it or not.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  43. Why in the blazes hasn't Quigley taught Matty how to do pymary? It's like, the single most valuable skill he could teach him both to defend himself and make a living. I suppose he's got some issues with his wife dying over it.
    cwDeici on
  44. M’M’M has the tendency to read too much into things and then jump to premature conclusions, but in this case I think I found what he was referring to. From the Formsping archive:

    Ooh, I just had a titillating thought. Are Knock and Anadyne going to be recurring villains, Team Rocket style (except, y'know, competent)? Those are the best. :D
    Haha, recurring villains seem to be a thing in episodic fiction specifically so I'm not sure their role in the comic will work out quite like that... but you'll be seeing a fair amount of them in the future. I like them, they are honourable rogues and they love each other. I like villains who act like real people and have goals outside of just being evil all day (Starfish is not in this category).

    I still don’t see them as Robin Hoods though. I think, they still primarily look out for themselves, but they do have standards. Unlike Starfish, for whom nothing is too low to further his goals.

    jardindelanuit on
  45. Being "honourable" differs greatly from being a Noble Rogue such as Robin Hood. Some villains may not believe in certain acts (e.g. rape), but if they're still okay with killing a young child's father *before the kid's eyes*, that distinguishes them from that character archetype. Anadyne and KMD are vicious gangsters. They'd need one hell of a motive to justify the methods we've seen the two employ in the story so far.
    Aspherical on
  46. @jardindelanuit: You are extremely generous and forgiving person. Considering how low I fell in the eyes of the fandom, not only did you do for me what I failed to do myself, you even did in a situation where I misquoted Ashley, so that the expression I used, "Noble Rogues", could not be used as a search key. Indeed, Ashley's response in question is located at: "". Go there and search the page for "honourable rogues" (remember the spelling, Ashley is no fan of American spelling, she spells the British way: "honour", "harbour", "colour", etc.) An easier way is to Google the following phrase in its entirety as a search key: "I like them, they are honourable rogues and they love each other" (Ashleys' quote). A single result will be returned. Click the link to go there. Then simply paste the same phrase into the page search field (under "Edit" menu), which will take you to the complete passage, where Ashley explains why she likes them. There is more on Anadyne and Knock-Me-Down in subsequent Q&A exchange. Oh, yeah, "love each other" means just a very close and trustful friendship, Anadyne and Knock-Me-Down are straight. Again, thank you very much, jardindelanuit.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  47. Come to think of it, to call someone "honourable" is to specifically ascribe high moral standards, while "noble" is a more generic term (as in "noble savage", "noble beast"). I wonder if Ashley would now in retrospect be more surprised by having called Anadyne and Knock-Me-Down "honourable", rather than just merely "noble".
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  48. Completely offtopic: If americans spell with one 'u' less because it's basically non-existent there anyway, why aren't they spelling it without the h at the start too.
    Anonymous on
  49. Thanks, Jardin :)

    I stand by that. There is no one standard of honour in the world - "honour" changes from society to society and profession to profession. In fiction an honourable rogue generally won't kill without cause or bring unnecessary harm to innocents, and they're loyal to the wants and needs of their boss. That's Anadyne and Knock - it is not Starfish. It's not even Quigley, who was content to make money off suffering kids.
    Ashley Cope on
  50. "I stand by that." - Thanks, Ashley. I am relieved to read this from you. No feeling of surprise on your part, then. Now, if you would be so kind to point me to where did I confess to belong to those fabled creatures, trolls? I am NOT calling your bluff. I am just concerned that I may have inadvertently betrayed one of my core principles - admit nothing, confess of nothing. The ethics of this is obvious - your confession may cost your people dearly. I do not want to get in the habit of slipping from this line of conduct, even in such a petty matter as online discourse. So please oblige me - where did I claim to be a troll (link and quote)?
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  51. Of course I'm not surprised, since I did not call them noble rogues! Here ya go, button-pusher
    Ashley Cope on
  52. Ashley, thank you for the link, but I asked for the quote as well, and I mean my own quote. The search of the comment page at the link you pointed to for the word "troll" reveals only this: "He's some kind of trollish McCarthyite" from our esteemed colleague going by the name of "kyubi", not from me. The said "kyubi" does speak of yours truly, but I asked for a quotation of my own admission of trolling.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  53. Doesn't Matty have 6 fingers in that first panel?
    Inyo on
  54. Sorry to barge in again, but she directly linked your comment, which was:

    @kyubi, @Kaz: Pushing people's buttons is fun. Pushing their HOT buttons is funnier. Thanks everyone!

    Someone who likes to push other people’s hot buttons for fun can be considered a troll. Like, someone who likes to incite heated discussions merely to rile others up. Your reaction on being called a troll came across like a confession. I don’t say you are one, but your insistence on having the actual quote posted, when she gave a direct link to your comment, also seems a little bit trollish.
    jardindelanuit on
  55. @jardindelanuit: You are welcome to barge in. The thrust of Ashley's reasoning was basically that "honourable rogue" is NOT a synonym to "noble rogue". Fine. I am very well aware of what I wrote - in response to being called a nasty name, which I do not remember doing myself. However, the phrase "@kyubi, @Kaz: Pushing people's buttons is fun. Pushing their HOT buttons is funnier. Thanks everyone!" does not LITERALLY contain the word "troll" or its derivatives. Nor does it contain any other LITERAL confession, just like the phrase "honourable rogue" does not LITERALLY contain the word "noble" as applied to "rogue". What oils the goose, oils the gander - and if I am being found guilty under different standard of evidence, than someone else is found innocent, I would point it out. Whether I am a troll or not - is not for me to decide. I disputed the fact of my confession, not of my trolling. Now back to the gist, rather than the wording, of my initial statement - Ashley did ascribe moral standards to Anadyne and Knock-Me-Down, and she is not backing from it now. Establishing this fact is all I initially wanted, no more.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  56. @M’M’M: You really seem to like over-dramatic phrases. (“falling low in the eyes of the fandom”, “found guilty”, etc.) I don’t think you “fell from fandom’s grace” or that anyone “found you guilty”. ;)
    I get what made you equate “honourable” with “noble”, and I get how others might perceive you as troll. With the written word, we lack a certain nuance that is present in speech, so we try to read between the lines to make up for it. I think we all have encountered the problem of not knowing whether something was meant in a sarcastic way or not. So the best thing to do is to tread carefully, when assuming something.
    jardindelanuit on
  57. All this talk of "noble rogues" and "honourable rogues" is making me imagine a documentary, with a hidden camera following the two around and a voiceover by David Attenborough. "Here we see the noble rogue in its native habitat, taking part in a hunt of its natural prey, the Greater Flufftailed Felon..." Actually, it might fit lord shirtless better. Hmmm. Also, re: the trolling discussion- I'm a troll, problems?
    Ceg on
  58. @Ceg: No problems. You never offended anyone. Keep on truck...I mean trolling, of course. @jardindelanuit: As to my reaction, I think I figured out what I found so offensive. It was not being called a troll. It was this: "nothing you say can be taken at face value". Would anyone dispute this means "You are a liar!"? I Googled for "noble synonym", and got this: "having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals. synonyms: righteous, virtuous, good, HONORABLE, upright, decent, worthy, moral, ethical, reputable". So "noble rogues" and "honorable rogues" do in fact mean pretty much the same. I did not distort the meaning of Ashley's characterization of Anadyne and Knock-Me-Down, after all. Ashley called me a liar merely for using a synonym. This was uncalled for.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  59. Honour may well be an aspect of nobility, but nobility is not to the same degree an aspect of honour. A noble man should have honour, an honourable man need not be noble. Put in other terms, an honourable man is consistent, while a noble man is expected to be fair. Slightly different connotations. I think a question it would be useful to ask yourself is whether a synonym is a word that may share its meaning with another, or that MUST share its meaning with another.
    Abeo on
  60. @Abeo: Good point. Both "honorable" and "noble" have several meanings. Only some of them are synonymic, others not. The meanings "having moral principles" are analogous. Since neither Anadyne nor Knock-Me-Down are high-born (although Anadyne looks and bears herself as if she had a refined upbringing, only her pronunciation betrays her), it's obvious that the moral principles were meant by both terms. My misquote was literal, but certainly not semantic.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  61. @M'M'M: Hey, relax. Ashley is of course 'God' as far as events in the comic are concerned, but in other respects she is a normal (though very talented) human being, capable, like everyone else in the world including you, of feeling a moment's irritation and speaking a bit more strongly than she means to.

    You did say you like to push people's hot buttons, but I expect you were only describing a thing you've observed about yourself. You didn't mean you were visiting the comments here for the sole purpose of causing trouble, without caring about the comic at all. (You've made insightful comments in the past, which is why I am guessing that's what you meant.)

    As for 'honourable' vs. 'noble' ... it's too fine a point to be worth arguing over, isn't it? Ashley seems to have meant only, "Hey, Anadyne and Knock-Me-Down aren't all bad. They have redeeming features which make me like them and will probably make you like them better too once you know more about them."
    Sessine on
  62. @Sessine: When I came up with the "Hot button" statement, I was only looking for a response to being called "McCarthyst". I do not remember myself calling anyone names, especially such offensive ones. The retort had to be snarky enough, but I still did not want to make it at kyubi's or kaz's expense, so I made it at my own expense, and targeted it narrowly. I was called trollish, so the one who hurled the epithet at me, got a verbal "trollface" thrown back. I will without hesitation own up to my mistakes - and did in the past - but think of it: if I tolerate insults, next time someone else may become a target. Better to nip it in the bud. Encourage discourse, not discord.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  63. Aww, poor Matty! Jivi, both of you are too pretty to be in jail! Go bust yourselves out and go be a hero again! I'm also glad that Anadyne and KMD will be recurring villains, since they do seem to be more 'honorable' than Starfish- or even really Quigley, sad but true. (Hopefully Matty can reform him...) As for Stockyard, it'd be interesting to see where he falls on the sliding scale of honor v. vile despicableness. All in all, I can barely believe that I only found this yesterday! Ashley: your art, writing, page and panel layout, worldbuilding, characters, conflict, and comic in general are amazing. You're amazing. As such, you have gained a new fan. I'm loving Unsounded, so keep up the good work here!
    Sen on
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