Chapter 8 - p77&ch9 preview

February 21, 2014, at 12:00 AM

And on that ominous note... that's a wrap for this chapter! Long time readers know I take a one month break between chapters to recharge my batteries and renew the page buffer, and it's that time again. Updates will resume on March 31st. Pinky swear. I haven't unintentionally missed an update yet!

In the meantime, I drew up a donation wallpaper featuring Duane and Sette in the khert. Donors will also get copies of the raw scripts for chapters 7&8, if you're interested in seeing what I work from and reading some of the dialogue that was cut. Thanks for following along, guys, and I'll see you next month!



  1. Aw, Sette's dejected face. Can't wait to see what happens. Great. Now how am I supposed to go on for an entire month?
    Icekiter on
  2. Damn it!! The Order of the Stick and Unsounded both on chapter hiatus until March 31st!! What am I gonna read for a month and 10 days??
    RAIV on
  3. That's one way to end a chapter. Ya beh'er watch out, ya beh'er not shout, ya beh're not cry~ Ah'm tell'n ya why. Cause angry Duane be com'n, fer yer daaaaa~
    idle scout on
  4. "If the Frummagems are playing me, I will kill your father." Duane always says the most thoughtful of thing, he really helped make the moment.
    Gar on
  5. Lovin' it, and looking forward to the rest!
    Sploosh on
  6. -agonized screeching- NOOOOOO....ah well, that was an awesome chapter and you deserve the break. I can't wait until March 31! See you all then!
    Madeline on
  7. Wow, Duane, way to kill the moment.
    Ann on a Moose on
  8. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
    B on
  9. Oh Duane, you know how to make intimidating threats sink in, don't you? No wonder you were a priest before all this happened...
    Aspherical on
  10. Way to leave it on a cheery note Duane. And yet again the waiting begins, can't wait for the 31st!
    Humming-fly on
  11. @raiv, read sinfest. Its a newspaper styled strip with 4500+ strips and counting. updates daily.
    @Raiv on
  12. I can't quite suss Duane's mindset right now. He's...pensive. Old pains. He had his old face and chose the hood, I'm not sure what that means.
    Tehbeefer on
  13. I imagine she appreciates that a bit more after all the good times from the previous evening.
    Dire on
  14. And Duane can't die from eating such a rancid item as he's dead already so that Is a legit threat, leaving them Stuck with each other, and Sette a Little more truthful.
    Crestlinger on
  15. I say evening but I think I mean morning now that I consider actual time transpired. This has been an action-packed few days for Sette.
    Dire on
  16. Sweet Collision Course Set for our major players
    Kaz on
  17. This was a really good chapter, I can't wait till the next one starts
    Deuswyvern on
  18. Duuuudes. Donate and get the stuffs.
    bloop on
  19. Duane ain't taking none of your shit Sette. I think he must know/sense something of Sette's pendant and knows she could've have just knicked it off of a random. I mean he is a talented wright and it's gotta give off some kind of resonance.
    flugx009 on
  20. couldn't have
    flugx009 on
  21. Starfish looks apprehensive in that preview pic! Will Chapter 9 will be the one where he gets what's coming to him?
    Lord TableShark on
  22. excelent conclusion of the episode Ashley, the words of Duane remain marked in fire at Sette mind while continuing their game of deception and disappointment, now if you'll excuse me I must go to my chamber suspended animation and not wake up until 31 March as always, your webcomics is the best, good nigth.
    Shirlanka on
    Kaytay on
  24. Dwayne sure knows how to kill a smile. Of course, we know it's a hollow threat. Pa Frummagem, being a proper rogue, doesn't have a heart.
    maison on
  25. So much for all the hypothesizing about "Sette stole the amulet back". Duane gave it back to her. He knows exactly what it is and what it does. He needs her to have it for the sake of them both. A zombie body restrainer is a safety factor in addition to shackles, and much more convenient than shackles, since it enables their mobility even when Duane "sleeps". Naturally, to be of any use, it must be under control of another person who stays awake and alert during Duane's nightly incapacity. This why Sette must have it in her possession. Which leads to an important conclusion: Duane trusts Sette, although he does not trust her father. And he likely suspects that Nary-a-Care did not tell his daughter all the truth about the mission. This does not mean that Nary-a-Care hid at least some of the truth from Sette with anything but the best of intentions toward her - it could be better for Sette not to know. After all, what matters is whether Sette qualifies for being a Queen of Thieves material by accomplishing her mission, not her complete knowledge about the mission's objectives.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  26. I've really been enjoying this comic since I discovered it just a month or so ago. Thanks so much for your efforts! I'm looking forward to seeing where it all goes, especially with these two - I like the "side stories" (and maybe they're all considered "main characters"), but Sette and Duane remain the most compelling, I think. Enjoy the break and keep up the good work!
    Sweeney on
  27. *Dwayne, rather. Quick question, though - how do you pronounce "Sette?" I don't know if it's short for Cosette and is more like "set" or if it rhymes with "Jette, MT" and is more like "SET-ee," or maybe even "set-EE." Oh the possibilities!
    Sweeney on
  28. @Sweeney According to Ashley's Duane-and-Sette Formspring account, Duane is pronounced "doo-AHN" and Sette is pronounced "SET-ee".
    Stoopendous on
  29. I think Duane just leveled up in grump.
    VentricleLute on
  30. When will the next printed comic be available for ordering?
    Yellow on
  31. Lel
    Anon on
  32. You evil, EVIL person. Now I'm going to go into withdrawals.
    Locke on
  33. Time flew by. Felt like a short chapter.
  34. Ashley, are you Darkseid?
    Don't Worry About It on
  35. Hoo boy.
    Fawnet on
  36. This comic is amazing, keep it up Ashley ! Going to hibernate myself till 31 march ... brb
    Kurogane on
  37. @Mad'Monster'Maniac --when does Sette sleep? not that you in particular would have the answer (I only expect Ashley would), but I had the same question last week, and your post got me thinking of it again. If she goaded him along all night for most of the trip, when has she been resting?
    okapi on
  38. Donated, yay! 8D Thank you so much for your hard work. I'll look forward to the end of March!
    Karaii on
  39. Oh Duaaane!!! *laugh track*
    anon on
  40. okapi: the question was asked on Formspring a while back - Sette has Duane princess-carry her as he's walking and she sleeps in his arms then.
    RJF on
  41. @Stoopendous Doo-ahn? That... that's just weird. I believe you, but this throws my whole perception of the character off. I always thought it was Doo-wayne.
    MS Kati on
  42. @RJF Nothing says "a good night's sleep" like being carried in the lifeless arms of a man-eating plod wizard!
    MS Kati on
  43. Ooh, Duane is not a happy camper; slamming doors. Sheesh. Can hardly blame him though. Enjoy your break! I'll be looking forward to March 31st :)
    LylaGlee on
  44. @MS Kati - I believe Sette pronounces it Doo-Wayne so, in a way, it's correct too!
    LylaGlee on
  45. Whenever there's a next-chapter preview, I can't help but have this run through my head while reading:
    RJF on
  46. Where will that leave the liars? Together of course. Course I'm of the opinion that they are better together anyway. :P
    Hornet on
  47. I really hope that threat comes to fruition at some point in the future. Frummabum has it coming. Gah, I'mma miss your updates, Ashley. See you on New April's Eve!
    wwlaos on
  48. Have you considered Patreon as a donation platform? A couple of the webcomics I read have pages there now. People can arrange to automatically donate a certain amount per page, or per time unit.
    Stephanie on
  49. I think if it came down to it, Duane wouldn't actually harm Sette's da. I think regardless of his grumpiness, this episode made their bond stronger, and he wouldn't hurt Sette in that way. I still wonder if the question about the amulet wasn't a test though, a "can I trust you absolutely?" opportunity for Sette, and now Duane knows that the answer is "no." ...can't wait for next month!
    dexeron on
  50. I don't mind donating some money every few months or when you remind me but if you ever wanted to run some kind of subscription thing on Patreon and get a guaranteed amount from me per month, I'd be all for that.
    robgonzo on
  51. Oops. Grammatical error from the usually impeccable (if archaic) Duane. That should be "us liars" not "we liars." Don't worry, though, Sette has no idea whatever about grammar, so it won't ruin the force of the threat for her.
    anonymous on
  52. Things are getting serious for Sette now... I can't really see Duane abandoning her to her fate, because as Sette proved last strip, he is still a dad inside. But I think he'll take much less crap from now on, and Sette has it very clear on her mind.
    Have a nice rest Ashley, See you all on 31th March:) (at least is not 1st AprilXD)
    Sparky on
  53. My mistake, anon, not Duane's. Thanks for pointing it out, I fixed it :)
    Ashley on
  54. Uh oh, it looks like Sette better tell the actual truth to Duane later because Duane isn't going just be her "attack zombie" any more and the threat doesn't look like a hollow one. I'll keep the date in mind.
    Arianne Wingard on
  55. @RAIV Try Gunnerkrigg Court Ashley, thank you for this episode, have a good vacation. We will be waiting, we are experienced, we survived the previous breaks, we can handle this, really, trust me. AAaarrgh...
    Minghash on
  56. I donate my heart and soul to you knowing it wont help with your bills but hopefully itll help with improving morale and encourage people to express their emotions as well
    ManScowske on
  57. Have a good vacation
    ManScowske on
  58. I know just how Duane feels even when I have not suffered what he has suffered.....some one who has lost everything is a broken man beyond respite. Duane has nothing left and continues to suffer. That is why Duane is now the most dangrous man to walk that world....he has nothing left to loose.
    Jose on
  59. Mitähän perkelettä sä yrität sanoa, グッチ 財布? En takuulla klikkaa sun linkkiäs. Anyway, Ashley, congratulations for another good chapter. I donated and can't wait to finally meet Stockyard!
    Kantis on
  60. Silly Duane! You couldn't harness your own aspect if it didn't exist! Sette could see that, that's why she gets to be the leader. Besides, what's going to be the cooler vengeance speech? "A zombie! Kill him!" "Rawwwr" VS. "Y-y-you're supposed to be dead!" "I am."
    bobucles on
  61. @dexeron: Sette's fine opinion of her Da can not endure--you can count on that--her changes are coming too hard and fast now. (I do LOVE how Frummagem sounds like Brummagem--a good name for the true value of the loot and the delusion of the looters in the end.) Anyway Duane and Da have something to work out between themselves--"I keel you" settles little for men like this. BTW for a long time it's seemed that Stockyard has been on some adventure of his own which has had little to do with the silver saga--he's elsewhere, or dead, or "tied up"--and Anodyne is in charge here. Who's taking bets?
    awhorl on
  62. WHAT? I have to wait a whole MONTH? HORRORS! D: Mind you, it'll be directly after my driving test, so I'll let myself look if I pass... who am I kidding? I'm gonna be word-perfect on the existing archives long before March 31st rolls around. Anyone fancy turning it into a play with me? :) I love this twisty epic. (Poor Sette is going to be in some difficulties if this keeps up. Her Da is going to have even more problems if Duane actually does carry out his threat. Who needs a plain old, "I'll kill you!" when the entire language awaits...?)
    Skyler on
  63. Thoughts! I think we will find out the unpaid jukrum with the chance for Sette to prove herself is not the true purpose for her and Duane's travels. It was more important to get Duane to where he is now, and Sette was the best person to convince him to keep going.
    sol on
  64. Thanks RJF!
    okapi on
  65. I donated using the above button, but there was no link to the wallpaper (or I didn't see it...). Is there any way for me to access the content?
    Tattleblue on
  66. I'm always madder than Murkoph at the end of these breaks because of withdrawal. Enjoy your break gal, it's worth the wait. Meanwhile, off to VOTE!
    Emanon on
  67. I feel so sorry for Sette here! She has become so endearing lately!
    Falcolf on
  68. Ms. Cope your work is one of the richest and deepest of stories. The world you've created is one of beauty, mystique, and majesty. One might forgive you for sub-par character writing but even there you manage to engage and enthrall. Please keep doing what you're doing.
    John S on
  69. Thank you for such a fantastic comic, Ashley!!
    Cassie on
  70. Damn good comic, I'll wait for this comic forever!
    Devonition on
  71. Thank you again for another fantastic chapter :) Are we going to have another selection of guest comics to hold us over like last time or was that a one time thing? If not, that is quite alright too. I am a patient one. So much love, talent, and time goes into every tiny detail; tis a rare quality in the realm of webcomics and is so worth the wait.
    Charleston Chew on
  72. is there a forum for unsounded?
    slamdunk on
  73. *dissapointment trombone* *drum riff* *audience laughs uncontrollably*
    Anon on
  74. I donated 10$ today. Your webcomic is tied for my favorite on the web, and I donated to the other as well. Not sure if I'm supposed to wait for the rewards or not (the other, Gunnerkrigg Court, was automated), but I'd like to mention that if it's an automatic process like that one, I'm not sure how to go about receiving the little prizes.
    Breanne on
  75. Sorry, I send all the emails manually but you donated while I was asleep! Everything's sent out now though, let me know if you don't receive your stuff :)
    Ashley on
  76. Preview page. Top center panel. I eagerly await seeing the context of that scene.
    DerAmi on
  77. This is probably my favourite comic <3 Looking forward to the next chapter! For all those clamoring on what to do until then, i can recommend these comics: Questionable Content, Go Get a Roomie, Guilded Age, Grrl Power, Gaia and Ava's Demon.
    Melan on
  78. Hooray, Chapter 9! "In which the most important character in the comic is introduced." Kickstarter payoff is exciting.
    Knucklekraken on
  79. Dreamed of Unsounded as hardcover books tonight and as an animated movie series by Hayao Miayazaki... That reminded me of donating something!
    Jago on
  80. How's volume 2 coming along?
    Leprechaun-girl on
  81. I'll start preorders for it soon after the next chapter begins. Using the break to draw up the cover and do some housekeeping for it, so it goes as smoothly as possible. Thanks for asking :)
    Ashley on
  82. Good news! Thanks for all the hard work!
    flamewise on
  83. Your welcome. I'm interested in seeing how you do some pages plus I prefer print over screen any day.
    Leprechaun-girl on
  84. When can I expect 7&8 scripts? Had to look up Lemuel (another Cain) Hard to find anyone who even heard of the Pearl Fishers. I did sing the duet.
    George on
  85. I sent the scripts to whatever your Paypal email is, George. If they didn't show up, let me know.
    Ashley on
  86. Nothing! When you get a chance please try again. THANKS
    George Riser on
  87. Well, a whole lot more content since my last archive-trawl... though the weird way comments seem to work leaves a dude puzzled. Anyhow... this is still one of the best damn comics on the TWC list. Gots all sorts of originality, which is much of the way of likings. =) I'll be back in maybe a year for another read-through, most assuredly.
    SotiCoto on
  88. just 10 more days!!!
    theedarkcorner on
  89. Finally caught up with the entire comic and sent a donation <3 Thanks for your spectacular work!
    Callanthe on
  90. Amazing comic! The pictures are beautifully done and the storyline is amazing! Usually I can guess what's going to happen in movies and books, but not in your comic and I love it!
    SarahPinecones on
  91. This fantastic comic starts again on Monday! I can't wait!
    Dana on
  92. Tomorrow . . . Tomorrow . . . It's only a day away.
    ApparentlyAnnie on
  93. Tonight!
    Sinosauropteryx on
  94. Ohboyohboyohboy :)
    flamewise on
  95. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!111# No more waiting! Please God (Ashley!) end my my long suffering and bless us with a new comic!
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  97. -Sings- Tonighttttt, tonightttt~
    It all begins tonighttttt~
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