Chapter 9 - p64

August 20, 2014, at 12:00 AM

This is my favourite page this chapter, I think. Just all three kids interacting together for the first time :3


  1. And already someone's gotten peed on. I wonder if this is a predictor for their future encounters.
    Sprica on
  2. Lol Sette not admitting to letting the armor slip. So much Feels
    Kaz on
  3. It's true, this is a very good page.
    Sky on
  4. Sette is being sexualized. Again. Why? We seem to be the wrong audience for this, though.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  5. It's super great to see all three of them together, but I don't think I like that Sette has all those explosives...
    Pencilwolf on
  6. @Mad Monster How on earth is she being sexualized? Because she's showing her leg? (The entire point being she's using it like her arm/hand?)
    Not a name on
  7. @Pencilwolf: Don't worry, we already know Sette has demonstrated remarkable competence in combat demolition. She will use her newly acquired explosives for maximum effect. Sette would do great in the Royal Engineers.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  8. Shaking toes... I love that.
    TryingPatience on
  9. Dude... I didn't see that as sexual at all. When was Sette ever sexualized? I just saw the foot presenting as an alternative handshake since they wouldn't be able to reach and Sette's being a quirky kid as usual. xD
    Mythee on
  10. @MMM: Sexualized? Had to go back and look again, and I'm still not seeing it. Unless maybe you have a foot fetish.
    Seth on
  11. I love how pleased Matty seems at that toe-point. I also don't see a drop of sexualization here, and I honestly don't care to know what fetishes might drive MMM to say such a thing.
    Zathyr on
  12. Not everyone is a foot fetichist, MMM. I think the sexuality is in the eye of the beholder in this case. I particularly find it quite endearing, it's something a kid would do
    Fychan on
  13. @Mad'Monster'Maniac: What, you mean the first panel? Had it been her hand extended instead of her foot, you probably wouldn't interpret it that way. To me it seems like she's using her foot because it's easier, she doesn't have to get down on her stomach to reach her hand out, and she gets to be the baddest dude around by making her peers shake her toe instead of her hand. Dominance and cautiousness, rather than sexuality.
    Stranger on
  14. I am afraid I must staple my forehead to my desk in order to adequately express my incapacity to concur with MMM's completely baseless opinion. This presents a challenge, but I shall rise to meet it - or, headdesk to meet it, as the case may be... Also, love this page. Sette's basically trying to recruit Mathis to do what he was considering doing initially, and is now probably too scared to do. That can only end well.
    TachyonCode on
  15. Matty's just glad to be a part of this. He'll learn.
    somebloke on
  16. @Mythee: "When was Sette ever sexualized?" - Chapter 8, Page 70, upper right frame. Chapter 8, Page 71, middle row rightmost frame. @Seth, @Fychan - It is very indicative that it was NOT me, but others who first mentioned "foot fetish", or feet at all. Once the issue of sexualization was raised, it was others who instantly latched on Sette's feet - without me ever indicating just WHAT prompted me to point this out. Methinks it could be quite revealing who might have what fetishes - if it were a fetish. But take heart - feet are no fetish at all. Female feet have been universally sexualized throughout human history - from high heels in the west, to painting feet soles with henna in India, to foot binding in China. And this is why the fandom ASSUMED I must have found feet to be sexual - they simply ascribed their own culturally entrenched perceptions to me.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  17. MMM I know Sette Is member of a family of whores,but still. Are you a child lover?
    RumbleRhyme on
  18. the shading on these recent pages have been amaaaaaaaaaazing, the acting too. Her using the foot to emote threw me off slightly but on second thought, it's something she'd totally do. clever girl.
    krad on
  19. Oh MMM...just answer the question. How is she being sexualized here? I think everyone latched on to the feet not because of their cultural perceptions (though you're one to talk :P) but because as far as I can see, Sette's feet are really the most we see of her. So if you're going to defend your position, just explain why you said what yousaid in your original post.
    Lynna on
  20. MMM, please stop talking about this. Not only are you really really wrong, but you're ruining the comments for the page.
    pidgey on
  21. As pointed out the most skin Sette shows here is her feet (her legs in the first panel, but still). Next when you named other examples of Sette being "sexualized" you including a panel where litterally all it shows is her foot. Are you referring to the heart by Boo? It is just enjoying working for Sette. It is an artificial spider without gender. It is not capable of being attracted to any part of anyone. People are not jumping to conclusions when they think you have a foot fetish, they are simply going off the only evidence available. The last panel you list as an example I MIGHT see why you would think that is sexualizing her (and even in capitalization I don't think I can emphasize "might" strongly enough) if it weren't for the last panel of that page. That isn't sexualization. That is buildup for a joke, nothing more and nothing less.
    Devlerbat on
  22. Poor Jivi. Sette just uses 'em and tosses 'em aside :-). That said, I find it kind of ironic that Jivi, the closest thing this comic has to a genuine moral center, is arguably giving Matty worse advice than Sette, a self-admitted thief and liar.
    Jim Handy on
  23. Ah ah ah, Jivi. You STOLE the ogre. Tell her you stole the ogre, or you're never getting out of that cell.
    KageMCS on
  24. @MMM - Wow, you are DESPERATE to see sexualization in those panels. 08/70 Sette's toenails are being filed by Boo and she's combing her hair. 08/71 Sette is putting what looks to be lipstick on some luscious lips; we find that she was actually putting on some crazy facepaint/war paint.

    In the first case, I have no idea why you would think that panel was sexual. Literally not a single clue. In the second case, the whole point of the panel is that it's misdirection; in another comic (with another protagonist) she would have been making her face up. With Sette, we get facepaint skulls and a "bloody" mouth. Nor do I see anything sexual in today's update.

    I don't know why you feel this need to "prove" that Sette's being sexualized. It's not only disrespectful to Ashley (who has done an amazing job of respectfully portraying a diverse range of people and bodies), but it's frankly a little bit creepy. I know you're a troll, but there are some things you really shouldn't troll about.
    frankenmouse on
  25. @Jim Handy" I don't think Jivi's advice is bad at all. Escaping police custody when you are innocent rarely if ever goes well.
    Devlerbat on
  26. @Lynna: "just explain why you said what yousaid in your original post." - In graphical arts, depiction of female feet outstretched all the way as if for walking on tiptoes is used to emphasize seduction. Hence, since the motif is repeatedly used in the current page (Chapter 9, Page 64) it is reasonable to assume that the reader is at least being teased. Since the character doing that is at a biological age of ten at most (regardless of Sette's chronological age!), this brings a cognitive dissonance - it just doesn't look right, like little girls all quaffed and made up for child beauty contests. Hence my remark.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  27. MMM - the kind of toe pointing done in heels or, yes, classically seen on neon signs for certain kinds of establishment, emphasizes the hips, buttocks, and/or legs, depending on the position. It's not about the feet themselves. Finding feet sexy in and of themselves is still seen as having a fetish in western culture rather than part of mainstream sexuality. So.. no.
    No on
  28. This is definitely an awesome page. I love seeing all three kids interact and it just makes me excited to have all of our 'good guys' eventually band together for more moments like this in the future. Also - confirmed. MMM is a child lover. Case closed.
    Lurial on
  29. @MMM - Your statement does indeed seem to make no sense unless you were trolling for attention, in which case congratulations. If you believe that Sette, who never seems to be concerned over her looks to be "sexualized" by a pane or two of minor beautification that, as stated, end in war paint then you are very odd. This page was indeed a handshake, or footshake. I never saw it any other way.
    Sh4d0w927 on
  30. MMM lol ... just give it up man, I don't think anyone will take your opinion seriously on this one. Sorry :) Ashley this is the CUTEST page ever. Matty's face when Sette says "You" -- haha!!
    Aymo on
  31. @MMM: As has already been pointed out, I brought up feet because you were complaining about sexualization on a page that is not overtly sexual, but does prominently feature close-ups of Sette's bare feet. I connected the dots. Yes, cultural perception of sexuality plays a part, but it seems most of us had to consciously frame the page that way in order to make a guess as to what you were talking about. It was a guess, and I wasn't completely sure of it, because even now that I'm looking for sexualization, I don't see it. Looks like you're the only one who does. I'd say Ashley's doing a wonderful job with this comic, with portraying Sette in way that's appropriate for her age, with handling the subject of sexuality maturely and humorously when it does come up, and with not letting the comic even approach the pornographic even when it takes place in a freaking bordello.
    Seth on
  32. Does this MMM guy just post random bullshit every comic? This has gotta be the 3rd or 4th time i've noticed masses of people debating something stupid he said.
    Dude on
  33. @devlerbat That's a good point, but I can't help but think that with everything else going on around him, Jivi would be better off ignoring his law-abiding instincts for once.
    Jim Handy on
  34. @MMM There's nothing sexualized on that page at all and your back-pedaling attempts to deflect your perversions on to the people trying to interpret your comments are weak. If you look at a drawing of children and think it's sexual you're sick and need help or rather, any children around you do.
    Bob Bobbson on
  35. Great page indeed. Apart from the toeshaking, I like how Sette stays true to her character and casually dismisses Jivi as soon as she realizes he has nothing to offer her :) Also, I am eager to see to what use Sette will put those explosives!
    AeonOfTime on
  36. @Jim Handy: Everything else around him is a matter for the authorities. He is safer in the cell than anywhere else and it is not like he can do anything to help the situation anyways. Other than boredom I don't see what is so wrong with staying put.
    Devlerbat on
  37. @Triple-M: ssshhhhhhh. Go play outside, grownups are talking.
    fero on
  38. I never take anything MMM says seriously - and neither should anyone else. If he looked at this page and immediately thought 'sexualized' it's a reflection of his own pent up frustration and not Unsounded itself.
    Ahvz on
  39. Yay, wanna see Mathis spellslinging like a bandit.
    hannah on
  40. oh help, stuck on a boat with dodgy intawebz connection. help me, ashley, you're my only hope!
    hannah on
  41. Oh geez... MMM, work through your sexual repression on your own next time. I'm experiencing a painful amount of fremdschämen on your behalf.
    Crumble on
  42. I think the only thing more awkward than MMM claiming this page was sexual is everyone else being so squeamish and flat out offensive in response to his opinion. Something being sexual, or as he seems to be more inclined to believe even he hasn't explicitly said it, ATTRACTIVE isn't a negative. And I'm pretty sure that him interpreting the comic strip in his own way based on knowledge he has doesn't hurt anybody else, or the creator of this comic. It may be "weird" for him to say that, but some of the responses he's gotten for simply sharing his opinion have been flat out rude and immature.
    Anon E Moose on
  43. I think what I love most about this comic is that you can see Ashley put more than just her skills into it. I've always found it inspiring when an author weaves their passion in their work. It's something I've never been able to do. I can't draw some pretty fanart, but I'll give a thanks for helping me rediscover my own passions and being one of the many reminders that what I wish to do someday is possible.
    Pernese on
  44. @Dude: Dude, where's my c...? But seriously, rather than making a random off-the-cuff remark, I simply post the strongest of my first impressions, if I have any, from a currently new page. So no, not random. And if my wildcat hit such a gusher, it means I tapped a raw nerve, without even intending or expecting it. So no, cannot be too stupid either. Vehement denials and accusations aimed at me are quite telling.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  45. "@Dude: Does this MMM guy just post random bullshit every comic? This has gotta be the 3rd or 4th time i've noticed masses of people debating something stupid he said."

    "@Ahvs: I never take anything MMM says seriously - and neither should anyone else. If he looked at this page and immediately thought 'sexualized' it's a reflection of his own pent up frustration and not Unsounded itself."

    Oh good, I thought I was the only one. Comic after comic I can't help but facepalm every time I read his comments.
    Trillian on
  46. @Devlerbat Sette has explosives. The safest place right now is either with Sette or as absolutely far from her as possible.
    DerAmi on
  47. MMM confirmed for crappy troll.
    Hydrothermal on
  48. @Anon E Moose: Thanks. Great choice of a nickname, too - moose, a beast both powerful and graceful in equal measure, makes for a good heraldic symbol for your free-thinking attitude.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  49. no matter where I go on forums and comment posts, I find this meme to be accurate. Beautiful comic as usual, Ashley.
    Behlian on
  50. I have to giggle a lot at the foot freak-out. I have long toes, too, and you know what? I use them to pick things up and such all the time. :P When I was a kid, I could even open the door with my toes sometimes, toss things reasonably accurately, and write, if rather sloppily. I'd seen some person with no arms on TV and admired everything they could do with their feet so much I was like, "I wanna, too!" So toe-shaking makes me giggle all the more.
    Li on
  51. This page is a lovely calm before the storm. Also it is adorable. :D Foot handshakes!
    Falcolf on
  52. Early on in the comic, Sette had a lot of pedo references with/was sexually harassing (saying "child-lover" etc, taunting) Duane. I think that's what MMM is referring about.

    The first panel is somewhat suggestive to people with a foot fetish perhaps. Either way, we'll never know Ashley's true intention.

    Of course you'll get the usual social justice warrior responses accusing someone of being a troll for even bringing up a taboo subject, because there's plenty of casual people reading (and commenting on) unsounded.

    Bracing for outlash in 3... 2... 1...
    Anonymous on
  53. Jivi may have had his moment of fist-shaking and shouting "That ain't the way it should be!" but that one moment is no excuse to just sit quiet in the cell now. "You realize the most disappointing thing of all, Jivi boy? The most disappointing thing of all is there ain't no men left with their scrotums intact. The world's gone barren of balls."
    Zathyr on
  54. @Li: Toe dexterity - same here, from personal experience. Comes handy when your hands are occupied - such as with shopping bags, for opening doors - or when you are holding a workpiece in place and cannot bend down. Opening and closing doors and drawers, pushing buttons on control panels and remote controls, picking up small tools and fasteners, even holding a boat's tiller for steering, when both hands are busy with sheets - so long as the rest of your body is in good shape, strong and flexible, you are OK. I doubt that Starfish could do it, though.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  55. @MMM - grace =/= sexualization. To me Sette in the first panel of this page was just trying to be super graceful in order to impress her potentiel hirelings (which just makes the entire foot-shake situation all the more amusing XD). I think you might be imposing your own biases and beliefs on the art, here. As for the other pages - on the foot panel, again grace =/= sexual. I'd bet that was the aim of the panel more than anything else. That's also a rather natural way to rest your foot when getting your nails done, but whatever I guess? And as for the makeup, I totally drew all over my face with my mom's makeup as a kid. Wasn't a sexual act, just a childish one. xD Was also messy and probably not worth the trouble it got me into... hrm. Everything these days havin' to have sexual implications, sigh. Great page as always! :D
    BTF on
  56. Jivi never gonna find a woman who treats him with respect at this rate. XD Oh well, he still got Matty, so who need girls? :P
    James Rye on
  57. Yay! They're finally together! Sort of!
    Watchit on
  58. @MMM You make some good points as far as the artistic use of exposed feet, especially drawing from classical sources. (It's an art theory thing, folks) I think in Sette's case though, Ashley is subverting that sexualization, rather than just using the feet in that way. Each moment where you have the arched foot or the lipstick is followed with a panel emphasizing that it IS ridiculous; the panel in 8.70 with her outstretched foot (often reserved for glamorous settings of pampering or seduction) is followed by a scene of her in squalor, being "pampered" by a bug. The scene with her applying lipstick is preceded by and followed with scenes mocking the whole situation; her dialogue during the scene is subversive as well ("Da fed a secret agent's feet to a pig one time..."). This one doesn't seem to break the trend, either, what with the view of how dirty Sette's feet are, and Jivi's expression when shaking her toe by way of introducion.
    Constable on
  59. Think of Sette's lifestyle and overall awesome fitness. Look at her legs and imagine them on a young woman of 18 - who would not see them as beautiful and sexy? It is cultural convention, local taboo, to filter out that perception, even though they have the requisite geometry. It is equally subjective to call that 'sexualization', as if this were something special being 'done' to her legs, and not a pattern of neurons firing in the viewer. For sure there is an ancient tradition of blaming women for men's response to them.
    spike0xff on
  60. I don't normally read the comments, but it was totes worth it this time. Anyone want some popcorn? I made extra.
    Mizu on
  61. A few things need to be said here: First and foremost: I would most likely put this book,(now book series) as #1 in my top-10. Second: Love the page, and how the faces Jivi makes both when shaking Sette's toe, and when he's rejected. Not to mention how adorable Matty is. And, now Third: I love reading the comments here almost as much as i love reading the book. For in the time since I began reading, I've seen some of the most witty and hilarious use of words in my life. The people who read this and appreciate it for what it is, are part of the most intelligent people of this world. (more on that later) Witch brings us to... Fourth: MMM this discussion, right now. Your accusations are baseless, the points you attempt to make are, in actuality, pointless. It is obvious that you are one of either: a Troll, witch is most probable, just saying stuff you know will make people angry, and start contradicting you, witch will draw attention to yourself, (so basically, your an attention-whore) Or:`Your a random twit who finds himself in the wrong community. Reasons why ? The way you use big words, supposedly witty remarks, and thinly veiled insults, just show that the people you surround yourself with must be quite stupid! Let me explain: Your inspired by people with a bigger vocabulary than you, and use said vocabulary whilst in the company of your (lets just be frank and call them your friends) friends, and they're super-impressed and daunted by what you say and (especially) how you say it, thus, making you seem like a very intelligent person. Then comes the part when you use it here in an attempt to get the same affect, only, EVERYONE here is smart enough to understand and use an advanced vocabulary, thus dis-arming you of your greatest asset: Intimidation (through big words). So since people aren't intimidated by the thought of dealing with someone better with words (and possibly smarter) than they are, all the commenters speak their minds, and know your simply struggling to win an argument witch was already lost before it started. And before you start trying to discourage me and destroy my confidence, or mocking my statement and attempting to make then sound silly, I'd like to point something out: You say Sette is sexualised, witch is not only an insult the writer, (who to our knowledge, is anti-sexist, so you don't expect her to objectify Sette in any way.)but also a proof of your obvious lack of maturity, since the minute you see a girl you automatically try to find whats the sexiest thing about her you can find. Witch leaves us with the final verdict: Mad'Monster'Maniac, you are a troll, an attention whore, a pervert and a possible pedophile. No one here has any right to block you from this website, (except for Ashley) but I politely ask you, on behalf of the Unsounded community, (who's support i do believe i have) that you keep your opinion to yourself, you are a disruption to the comment section, and do more harm than good in speaking here. You have your (w)right to speak, no one can deny you that, but be warned: Its easier to ban you from the website for being impolite than the other 50+ people who disagree with you. PS:About the *more on that later*: People of the same degree of intelligence tend to be drawn to each-other, since they can agree on most things. And since this book is great, and (even though it is included) there is no NEED for breasts OR huge graphic violence to make the book interesting, (unlike many crappy books, and Hollywood movies) witch show that Ashley is a really smart person, and with how were all drawn to this book, and interested in it, and make witty comments, shows: We are intelligent people, and don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise :) PPS: Longest. Motherf*cking. Comment. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Obi-Patates on
  62. ...My fingers ache... i guess i better use my toes then!! :D
    Obi-Patates on
  63. All this talk about sex and what may or may not be appropriate made me think about how Duane has to replace body parts that rot off by taking one from someone else.
    Early on
  64. Fully agree with Obi-Patates. MMM, to be blunt, you're clearly projecting. The more you try to rationalize it from a historical perspective, the deeper you dig yourself in own hole and expose your disturbing dark thoughts to the community. I would HATE for Ashley's creativity to be inhibited in any way by your twised insecurities.
    Seven Of Spades on
  65. @Obi-Patates: "Witch leaves us with the final verdict: Mad'Monster'Maniac, you are a troll, an attention whore, a pervert and a possible pedophile." - Hmm... Consistent use of "witch" instead of "which", other things... To put it charitably - is your native tongue English? And in the place you come from, what would be the reaction, if you said this to someone's face? I applaud you online courage.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  66. This was great. Perfect. It was soooo... Sette. It made my day. I'm working to meet some deadlines since a few weeks, and I felt so burned out from lack of sleep -- but this page gave me some extra powers :) Thanks.
    Anna on
  67. I like this page. Nice work on the lighting and perspective.
    Tehbeefer on
  68. @MMM: "it is reasonable to assume that the reader is at least being teased." No, actually, it's not. There is nothing sexual about the page. Haven't you ever seen a kid or anyone else stretch down with their feet to grab, poke, prod, or get someone else's attention from a height? You're taking the entire thing out of context in the interest of accusing it of being sexual. The context being that Matty and Jivi are too far down for Sette to reach with her hands in order to make a proper (and dignified, under the circumstances) introduction. Sette has never been sexualized. Boo doing her nails was comical. Her makeup was also comical. Using her toe in lieu of her hands for the equivalent of a "handshake" is also supposed to be funny-- as well as the fact that Sette pushes Jivi away with her foot the way she would with her hand, when she turns her attention to Matty. Even if Sette were a full-grown woman in this scene, you'd have to squint to see it from a sexual perspective. Her movements, her gestures, her attitude, is about as sexual as a thieving monkey filching food out of your pockets.
    Yuki on
  69. Three kids plotting jailbreak, violence, destruction of property and possibly murder. Adorable. PS. first comment here! :D
    Skarabog on
  70. This page is amazing. I love seeing the kiddies together too. They are so cute together. And I am only surprised that Sette has not said anything along the lines of 'kiss my feet, foolish mortals'. And she is like a little monkey. With explosives. Bad combo. But in an amazingly awesome way. I cannot wait until Friday’s page. <3 @MMM: You are one to talk about 'online courage' m'sir Troll. My hats off to your use of irony. Also, pot calling kettle black much? Although I must say that flinging insults at you is going too far and is rather immature. At the same time, you seem to thrive off of it so it is hard to feel too badly about it. Also...did you even read all of Obi's comment? There are no spelling errors that I could see, and only a few grammatical and word choice error one of which is 'witch' instead of 'which', which may simply be a Freudian slip, or a subtle insult to you. And those are all homonyms, which has nothing to do with English not being or being your first language. A lot of people, unfortunately, get such distinctions wrong nowadays. Granted ‘witch’ instead of ‘which’ is a new one for me. But basing your entire conclusion on their character on that, and ONLY that, to put it charitably, is a frankly rather shortsighted of you. So calling out their nationality or bad English skills on that alone is hardly called for, and makes you seem (may not be the truth, but gives the appearance of) desperation, because out of their entire comment (which is rather long, 668 words, 546 directed at you) THAT is all you responded to. I have nothing to say to your’ sexualization of minors fantasy', but the way you chose to respond. Out of nearly 550 words, you latch onto ONE, and make that your basis of argument. SO weak.
    Aroree on
  71. Please stop feeding the trolls. Don't make eye contact. Don't respond to what they say. It's the only way to make 'em go away. Regulars to forum posting should know better.
    ... on
  72. @Aroree: Insult was the only thing I latched on - since I do not hurl them online or in RL precisely because it is a cowardly thing to do, especially when you are certain of you impunity. As to literacy - please proofread Obi-Patates missive again - you will be amused. I called Obi-Patates out only because of his/her crude hostility, he/she made himself/herself such an inviting target by removing the protections of mutual politeness from himself/herself - I admit my weakness of yielding to this temptation. If this was wrong, I apologize to the fandom. But for my opinions - never. I call it as I see it regardless of who agrees or disagrees, which is their right.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  73. MMM, I think you need therapy. You are seeing sex where it dosn't exist. Get your "sophisticated" mind out of the gutter. We don't need a psudo-Freud here.
    Xen on
  74. MMM, you know those kids who take one psychology class in high school, then go out and try to sound smart? You're doing a great job of imitating that. "proofread Obi-Patates missive" While I agree that it's a little ridiculous in length, not to mention the content of it, I don't quite think it counts as a missive. More of a "post," like most non pretentious people online do. Then, the constant "him/her" "he/she." Come on Man/Woman! When addressing someone, just use "they" or the like. Got it dude/dudette? Long story short, chill. Sette isn't being sexualized. She's simply shaking hands/feet. Just because it fits into some shit you read once, doesn't mean it's true.
    Herble on
  75. Oh, sure, MMM - you don't hurl insults. Cowardly is practically a compliment! Regardless, you're clearly in the wrong, as the woman herself has disagreed with you on tumblr... and if I were Ashley, I'd be insulted at the implication -- your "opinions"
    Ahvz on
  76. People, hold on: If you think we´ve seen MMM´s best, just wait when he(she/it?) discovers Ch. 4, page 04... (strategic stockpile of popcorn and mountain dew: check! Let´s go to Round two!)
    der matologe on
  77. Oh, I'm pretty sure lots of people with a foot fetish will sexualize these drawings in their heads. But that's no evidence for the comic itself sexualizing Sette, unless the author were either known to pander to foot fetishists or known for being one. If you have a foot fetish, you're doing all the sexualizing work on your own. And no amount of projecting it on others will change that.
    Fred on
  78. People, hold on: If you think we´ve seen MMM´s best, just wait when he(she/it?) discovers Ch. 4, page 04... (strategic stockpile of popcorn and mountain dew: check! Let´s go to Round two!)
    der matologe on
  79. I personally find Obi-Patates's response disgusting. I've an irrational hatred of people who put down others in an impulsive and hateful way with absolutely no self-awareness or common sense.

    "Hey! Triple-M is saying provocative stuff again, let's all totally take the bait and call him absolutely inexcusable thing and even call for banning him from the comments section. Because you know. LYNCH MOBS ARE THE BRILLIANT BEACON FOR ALL HUMANITY TO FOLLOW!"

    Daughter_of_Yahweh on
  80. "This page is a lovely calm before the storm." -Falcolf Are you talking about the storm of comments? Because that storm is real.
    RoseSuppose on
  81. I never got the whole foot fetish thing... But MMM has a right to his opinion. I think the foot shake and consequent pushing aside of Jivi is a hilarious. Its a mark of her own eccentricities. I believe Ashley was trying to show some character and showing some (non-scandalous) leg is simply a by-product of that. I hope Ashley is never too afraid of what people may think to express her characters.
    John on
  82. *throws popcorn away* beautiful people it has been interesting. Some of you made some very interesting/funny comments. Others were utterly offensive. And here we are the world against MMM. I believe some of you want to go to the deadly nevergreen and get him shut his mouth, but you can't because he has the right to speak and if yhere is anyone making full use of that in the comments it will be MMM our anti-hero. MMM might be making you facepalm once in a while, but be honest he gives you a new vision of the comic. And of course he likes the attention. But being hated is never fun. Even though "He started it" #childish. He isn't the one to create this comment war. You know if you guilty. So goodluck hating me and MMM now.
    RoseSuppose AKA RumbleRhyme on
  83. @Daughter_of_Yahweh: Thanks. Dunno about lynch mobs being dispersed with a whiff of grapeshot, but I know that packs of bullies can be repelled into chaotic retreat by quickly felling two or three of their numbers by short series of well placed punches and kicks. Given this personal experience, I hold them in the same esteem as you do. Second: @der matologe: Ch.4, page 04 depicts Sette as a ten year old, nowhere near puberty, with legs and feet to match. The current page (Chapter 9, Page 64) depicts Sette's legs as those of a young woman of 18, as was pointed out above by spike0xff. Apples and oranges. Third: the author's postings on Tumblr prove my impression to be wrong by the mere fact she said so. Does not matter how well my opinion may be founded - her statement conclusively rebuffs it, since she is in complete control of the comic. This is not a matter of my subjective opinion, but of objective truth - therefore, I WAS WRONG.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  84. @RoseSuppose AKA RumbleRhyme: "So goodluck hating me and MMM now." - Welcome to the Dark Side. We have cookies for nourishment, Captain Edward Thatch for navigation and Selvaria Bles for firepower. Full steam ahead, damn the torpedoes and the Holy Inquisition.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  85. "ten year old ... with legs and feet to match... ...young woman of 18..." Uh-hu. Ever heard of thingies like "perspective/proximity" or "details at different distance to object"? MMM, you obviously have serious issues. Sort them out before you fit your nick in real life. ... P.S.: To Ashley: Don´t let one weirdo ruin your day. Everybody loves Unsounded - Characters, worldbuilding, story, style, everything is 5 stars or above! Keep up your outstanding work! ;)
    der matologe on
  86. the only time i remember sette being "sexualized" was thru comment of a nasty character or the graffiti on the title page of chapter 9 depicting her naked with her mouth open surrounded by dicks...couldnt unsee that one
    butte on
  87. Awwww Sette being her monkey self again, getting all ambi... uh... limbous? I ain't sure anymore that tail is lion's and not someone's closer to primates branch :D
    Groundzero on
  88. and looking back it may be that shes gonna bite a dick as opposed to know...since her teeth are bared. but i would rather not see sette surrounded by dicks in any context bc she is a child
    butte on
  89. Just for fun I typed this with my toes. Mostly my right big toe but not exclusively. Helps that backspace is so easy to press..
    Zathyr on
  90. MMM: I don't really know what is our is not intended to be sexual, because I'm a naive prude, but I did the feet-for-hands thing when I was little. Still do. I also ran around naked a lot until I was old enough to be willing to west them. Maybe our dear artist is just being honest. It's kind of like putting a lady in a poor demographic in a revealing dress - it's not because of sex, it's because the culture is that way. In another comic, I'd say yeah, sexualization. Not in this one, though.
    Somebody on
  91. I just read the rest of the comments, and I regret getting involved. Sorry I said anything. O_O
    Somebody on
  92. Sheesh, if Sette were a ten year old boy, no one would have perceived her antics as "sexual". - I really loved this page, seeing all three of them interacting is pretty damn adorable. I love how Sette pushes Jivi out of the way, hilarium!
    boop on
  93. @der matologe: I am impressed by a dermatologist being able to diagnose my psychiatric problem, over the Internet, no less. As to foreshortening of Sette's legs (yes, there is actually a word for your "thingies like "perspective/proximity" or "details at different distance to object""), look again at Chapter 9, Page 64: Upper left frame, Sette's left leg is viewed directly from the side, hence no foreshortening of it. Right beneath it, on white background, Sette's right leg is also viewed directly from the side, no foreshortening there as well. Middle right frame also offers a glimpse of the same thing, viewed directly from the side: fully developed, filled-out, grownup-proportioned calf muscles. This is merely to prove that I see things as they are depicted, NOT that they are sexual in any way ('cause they just aren't, as postulated on Tumblr). Come on, as a medic, you would know anatomy.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  94. Aroree and Der Matologe, I appreciate the support, (that i believe you've sort-of lent me, please reply if I'm mistaken) and (as MMM openly conceded he was wrong) I agree that I may have let my tongue(fingers?) a little too loose. MMM probably isn't a Pedo, and his sexual vision of Sette can be (at least partialy) blamed on modern society. By the way Der Matologe, Unsounded is not 5 stars or above, no. Its about; 150,00000000000000000 fucking stars, or above, on a side note. :P And finaly, Boop has the greatest point of them all: "If Sette were a ten year old boy, no one would have perceived her antics as "sexual" " Modern, sexist society today! exceptin' this little hole here, where we Unsounders hide, we special :3
    Obi-Patates on
  95. Holy...Youtube comments section deja'vu
    Zergbit on
  96. If we can't keep the comment section civil and also refrain from obscene remarks, I will remove it. I've had to delete almost a dozen really inappropriate comments today, and it's bumming me out. If you want to be gross, take it off-site please.
    Ashley on
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