Chapter 9 - p65

August 22, 2014, at 12:00 AM

This is a great escape plan, if I understand it correctly. Ingenious. A Swiss friggin' watch.


  1. That's friggin' CLEVER.
    Somebody on
  2. That's my girl.
    Dreamer on
  3. Boo's gotten pretty good at the roguery by now. Who says you can't teach an old pymeric new tricks?
    Zathyr on
  4. If only Duane could hear all the sweet things Sette says about him when he's away.
    Dire on
  5. What's the plan? I did not get it. An explosion used for diversion, while Boo picks the cell lock? Jivi and Matty still have to get past Elka. There's no reason to think that Elka would rush outside to investigate, if anything, Elka's training would tell her to stay away from explosions, barricade the doors and check on prisoners instead. It is reasonable for Elka to assume that attackers have advantage in numbers. Sette scouted the police station and retrieved Swarm, weapon(s), money and explosives. She was next room to Elka, and must know that Elka is alone. The reasonable thing for Sette would be to stalk Elka and kill her with a hand grenade - then unhurriedly free her new minions. It could also make sense afterwards to give the cops a key to their cell - but not to unlock it herself, to give her time to get away. The first priority for the cops would be to find and kill Toma, since with Elka dead, he will remain the only Queensman aware of the cop's corruption (Elan Aled is corrupt like the cops, so he does not matter). This well free up Sette's field of operations. But Sette is of course prevented from doing the most sensible thing by Toma's and Elka's plot armor.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  6. Nice! Sette's becoming quite the little supervillain, what with epic prison breaks and all. And, aw, she may badmouth Duane to his face all the time, but nobody else even gets to THINK about him as anything other than awesome.
    RayneofCastamere on
  7. @MMM Ig you seriously think Sette favors logic over general mayhem, we've been reading different comics. This plan is 100% Sette
    tlynnec on
  8. *If you think...
    tlynnec on
  9. It's cute to see Jivi and Sette arguing over whose monster is better like the kids they are.
    stormy on
  10. "I have a zombie!" "We have a Hulk! I mean ogre."
    Zee on
  11. So chapter 8 Page 54 Panel 2 did she just explode one of those water wheel things (basing of location and throw angle) they seem somewhat important. Its good to see she Isn't being bias and is blowing things up both sides of the border.
    Clint on
  12. I love the one-upsmanship between Sette and Jivi!
    Serenity on
  13. @tlynnec: "you seriously think Sette favors logic over general mayhem, we've been reading different comics" - If she did not favor logic over general mayhem, she'd be dead before the plot of the comic started. Remember her stopping Duane from killing Siwl? She quoted her father's maxim: "If you spill blood, you tread in blood". Here, however, her adversary deserves her mercy no more than Ephsephin, whom she attacked with a dagger, clearly going for a kill. Sette suffered Elka's sadism twice. Being a moral rigorist, Sette is likely to judge Elka irredeemable, thus a fair target.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  14. Ha! Excellent use of spider pymaric. A++ would escape again.

    Stormy already mentioned this, but I just want to add that the whole "My hideous abomination can beat up your hideous abomination" dynamic is absolutely priceless. (Though I suspect that Matty would rather not be reminded that Sette's "dad" can beat up his dad).
    frankenmouse on
  15. I don't think murder is really Sette's bag. She's a thief and a burglar, with a side of con artist, and although she's vicious in a fight, she's not really assassin material. I feel like this tactic is a very natural course for Sette to take, to steal your minions out of jail with some misdirection and lockpicking. As an excellent DM of mine once said, "with enough semantic pedantry and/or vigorous mental gymnastics, every action can be described as a variation of pickpocketing".
    Marcel on
  16. I don't get what just happened either.
    Arioch on
  17. I fuckin' love well-executed fantasy / scifi slang - and 'brown end' is right up there.
    matt on
  18. @MMM: First, Sette has never murdered anyone before and is very unlikely to make killing her first resort if she has other options. Second, Sette does not know anything about Elka or her experiences. If Elka were almost any of the constables that we have seen the distraction would be likely to work.
    Devlerbat on
  19. LOVE.
    Aymo on
  20. My monster dad's better than your monster dad!
    Leda on
  21. This page is a great page.
    Ahvz on
  22. The updates are becoming increasingly more daring, in all senses of the word.
    Nero on
  23. I can see Sette and Jivi becoming wonderful friends. XD
    James Rye on
  24. I think Jivi tries to ask the most pertinent question. Who is she really. Normal preteens don't pull off the stuff she's managed so far.
    RLP on
  25. And Sette was teaching that bug lock picking earlier that day. Excellent payoff.
  26. Ha, I didn't even know there were comments up until now. I love this webcomic to death! Not only are you a crazy good artist, you're an incredible writer, too, with some of the most honest characters I've ever read; the good, the bad, and the horribly twisted (I'm looking at you, Murkoph and Starfish. Mostly Murkoph though, you magnificent abomination, you). I'm looking forward to the rest of this story.
    OddStrange on
  27. OMG it was Chekov's Lockpicking all along!
    Dex on
  28. @Marcel, @Devlerbat: Your assessment of Sette is correct. Says Sette in Chapter 04, Page 15: "I don't care 'bout no blood feuds or wars. Crescians is arrogant but they ain't bad." This is after telling Duane flatly: "You ain't killin' him". Sette consistently does what she believes to be right, not what is most expedient or advantageous at the circumstances. Given her aversion to taking lives, and her naivety as to the danger that Cresce and its enforcer thugs present to her country, her way of life and her values, Sette acts in the most optimal way under her self-imposed ethical constraints. Taking the high road makes her morally superior to her enemies - Peaceguard, Red Berry Boys, Stockyard, etc.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  29. Mayhap the explosions will be a more effective come-hither on this night rather than any other, what with the unusual blood eel infestation. Elke has the cops and kids all locked up, so there's no reason to hang around when all the bust-up fun is out of doors. Supposing that she tends to be cocky and likes explosions . . . just supposing, in no mind to pursue it further . . .
    awhorl on
  30. Very likely we dash to conclude that we see the whole of Sette's plot when, on the next page, which we won't see FOR THREE DAYS, Boo is actually off to make another stop. urk
    awhorl on
  31. I would just like to give props to Ashley for being such a great storywriter and artist. Also much admiration for her maturity to deal with overanalyzing critics (a la comic book guy from Simpsons style). I guess there will always be these guys around. Always look forward to reading/supporting your future works!
    Seven of Spades on
  32. I am excited to see where this is going. Long time lurker, this is an awesome comic, keep up the great work!
    KeyRaise on
  33. One day Sette will be such a badass. I feel like all this is backstory for an eventual series about the lands most famous criminal with a tail XD
    liam on
  34. @liam: Pfft. She ain't gonna see the softi bloom again. Glass bathes in the blood of her characters and drinks our tears to prolong her youth.
    Chessie on
  35. At last, all three kids fighting together! This is what I've been waiting for! P.S. Sette is a little perv!
    clegoguy on
  36. Guys, please don't even respond to MMM anymore...
    Xen on
  37. ^ Yes, what Xen said!
    theedarkcorner on
  38. I can't help but think Matty at the very least now has a severe concussion! :(
    Emanon on
  39. I wonder how long it will take Sette to go through all those explosives. And how much property damage she'll cause. Please give Sette more bombs.
    Hammerade on
  40. @Xen, @theedarkcorner: Upon the review of your overall commenting track record, I would indeed appreciate you following your own advice.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  41. Well that bomb kicked the bucket, time to leave.
    Crestlinger on
  42. Loved this page, the universally accepted form of combat between children is kept alive. "my dad can beat uo your dad!" -- Who doesn't know by now that MMM's ass is jealous of their mouth it talks so much sh!t? lol, love you MMM, keep up the troll.
    Feather on
  43. Omigosh I love their banter! Their situation is serious but they still act like children; your characterization never ceases to be well-rounded and thought out.
    LylaGlee on
  44. I hope that bomb didn't kill the town watch in the other cell. Or worse yet, release them.
    rlp on
  45. LOVE Sette's description of herself!
    JP on
  46. Matty continues to be extremely adorable.
    Falcolf on
  47. @Xen, @theedarkcorner: Why? MMM didn't even say anything bad this time. I did disagree with his initial point (though, unless I am mistaken, he changed his mind on it), but it wasn't bad or anything. It seemed thought out and I would be surprised if Sette's escape plan worked flawlessly. Maybe he is a troll but he isn't trolling this time around.
    Devlerbat on
  48. After the last page's "youtube comments" level of discussion, I'm just going to leave this bookmarklet here: javascript:(function(){$("cite%20a[href=''],%20blockquote:contains('MMM'),%20blockquote:contains('@Mad')").parents('li').remove();}())
    Patrick on
  49. Ah, the good ol' "My pop's better than your pop" banter.
    Pernese on
  50. @Devierbat Fair enough, I didn't bother reading his comment but I saw some '@MMM', and with Xen's comment I assumed MMM was starting something again. MMM did respond to my comment, though, accusing me of having a bad "commenting track record". I didn't take part in last update's debate nor have I ever said anything bad, period, so MMM must be trying to get a rise out of me.
    theedarkcorner on
  51. I can see Sette in twenty years as Queen of the world having conquered everything via knavery, roguery, general baddassery and womanly wiles.
    RLP on
  52. Any factor that increases traffic on this site, also propels users over the involvement threshold, at which point they buy books. Long ago it was pointed out, that with exception of me - the comment section is a lovefest. Preaching to the converted does not increase the flock. Patrick Phelan's proposal can be implemented, but consequences are easy to predict. It will also set a precedent for every commenter to keep in mind, when they chose to express, or not to express their opinion. Unless my brief research led me astray, if you would like to actually see the savior offering to deliver you from the bane of mad, maniacal monsters, please visit "", scroll about 1/3 down, and look at the rightmost photo.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  53. Oh boy, I sure hope comment section won't get closed!
    NoFunAllowed on
  54. Gotta Love Sette's way of thinking.Anyway, Kids will be kids, and I am happy to see them in this close-knit skullduggery association :D ! Most uplifting sight, indeed, my friends! Also, let's not make this comment section be closed. As fer example รก la maison, let's make it simple, with a mundane and polite "I agree" or "I disagree", and leave it at that.That way, no argument is happening. I hope this humble assesment of mine is well received. I bid you a happy weekend, fellow wordshippers of Settetania.
    Luchucholo on
  55. Get your head together, M-Cubed, if you aint a no good troll. Sette is making them look guilty by causing a ruckus and picking their lock. She's forcing their hands, and the little one already wants to go. ...though, frankly, we have no idea what that pymaric she just tossed actually does. I imagine its going to force them out of the cell, either way.
    Mai on
  56. Okay, I've never commented here before but I always read the comments. I know people have different opinions, I respect it, I usually enjoy it. I always accept it and move on. Yeah, debates are fun, but I agree with Luchucholo--keep it civil, for the sake of everybody and to keep the comments from being closed. A little debate is fine--actually inevitable, with the group we've got here--but never ever again let it get to the scale it did last update. A big part of it is for Ashley's sake, too. If I were her, I'd have closed the comments long ago or at least put up a filter. So don't drive her to that, please. :)
    Viola Caprice on
  57. First hallmark of civility - refraining from insults and name calling. Next, don't lurk - flag incivility. Politely. Coldly. State the fact, spell out what was uncivil, don't call names - you merely lose face by name calling. Flagging will provide a soft feedback to transgressing posters and hopefully prevent the need for the author to cull the postings manually, as she was forced to do recently (I do not think any of my postings suffered). Further, concentrate on the opinion you want to rebut and on it's argumentation - provide arguments of your own. The posting as such is out there for you in its entirety, completely exposed, while the poster herself/himself is a complete mystery, even the poster's motivation is unknowable - sincerity, mischief, inner demons or even malice - so assume nothing about the poster. Cultivate a marketplace of ideas, not an arena for verbal free-for-all. Good luck.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  58. ha...didn't even bother going through the comments considering that last one. Apparently a fight happened! Well, children will be children. ;) Speaking of, I have to pull out my inner pigtailed-schoolgirl-fangirl and point out HAS ANYONE ELSE THOUGHT THAT SETTE AND JIVI WOULD BE A GREAT COUPLE?!?! Her evil charm, his righteous heart, both raised in a hard situation. I can see it. :)
    cabbieannie on
  59. Huuum. Never thought of that! Sette, as in an evil queen of the undergrounds, and Jivi, as his righteous right-hand man! I'm sure Sette would be a hefty catch! But could Jivi cope with her? I have a feeling that the response will be clear soon... By the way, Matty&Jivi BFFs for life! I don't think Sette can change that, and no other person can, probably.
    Luchucholo on
  60. @cabbieannie, @Luchucholo: Sette and Jivi are strict moralists. The difference is in the moral systems each one adheres to. If the two develop a common set of rules to follow - and to teach their offspring, if any (it is at this point unknown if this is biologically possible), Sette and Jivi can get along. Both need to reach sufficient maturity contemporaneously. Considering that Sette's biological life cycle so far shapes up to be that of an Aldish Copper or Jet, Jivi may grow up long before Sette (not to mention the rest), which can be an obstacle.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  61. "Oh yeah? Well we have a Hulk!"
    Stacy D on
  62. Till last update the comment section has been fun to watch. Let us not try to immitate some youtube users because we kinda suck at it. Debates can be very interesting and that is simply all MMM wants, nothing bad about it. The problem is only that we cannot see/hear in wich emotions comments are typed. So we easily misjudge and thus earlier have an argument. Just think about it the voice and way of talking you might hear me speaking this meaning this is not my voice. You can interpretend this as angry, caring or irritated. For the record i will most likely sound fascenated like a mad scientist. This is the last time i hope to talk about this and now hope to return to making funny comments and or clever ones.
    RoseSuppose on
  63. @RoseSuppose: It was really sweet of you to call me "our anti-hero". I always loved antiheroes - from Conker the Squirrel to John Marston. Thanks.
    Mad'Monster'Maniac on
  64. @M^3 : I love Conker the Squirrel! I can't seem to ever find anyone who has read the Last Dragon Chronicles. I personally have only gotten to the third one... My mind kinda just rejected the ending and I don't have the money for the next book... Anyway, a wonderful comic as always, Ashley.
    StrayKitten394 on
  65. Yes anti-heroes are far above heroes on my top-of-awesome list. Villians are just to much try-hard to be evil and heroes do the things that are generally seen as a good thing out of the blue. While anti-heroes do what they think is best out of their own morals which is wayyy more awesome than being a puppet of society like most heroes or inhuman evil.
    RoseSuppose on
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