What has so enraged the stormfolk? Trapped inside Litriya Shrine, Duane, Sette, Jivi, and the Quigleys are at the mercy of the infuriated waterwomen and their lethal hurricane. But more misfortune threatens than wind and rain - will Sette and Jivi murder each other long before the waterwomen can? Will pious Duane Adelier be able to tolerate sheltering inside a Gefendur Shrine overrun with hated Crescians? For this holy place is more than it advertises - and it may take a salty Aldishman to unearth its agenda.

Meanwhile, General Bell and his mutinous many are plotting against her Majesty Queen Sonorie, with horrors heaped on the menu as the genocidal Silver Eel makes its way towards the coast. Injured and alone with an insane Two-toed lizard, Anadyne and Knock-Me-Down are stranded inside that hell, but they may find help from a few familiar faces...

Chapter 13: Litriya Shrine begins January 15th! Sign up for an update alert, or keep track on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for a great year, readers, stay safe!

~ Ashley

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