Who are you?
My name's Ashley and I'm no one special. I like to write and draw, and I used to like to roleplay a lot until comic-making devoured my free time. I graduated from an art college a number of years ago and right now I make a living doing freelance. If you need to email me for some reason you may do so here.

What kind of accent does Sette have?
Sette has a slummy Tawhoque accent. Tawhoque is a city in Sharteshane. Sharteshane is the easternmost country on continent Kasslyne. Most people there speak Kasslynian (aka Continental). Sette is not from England, Scotland, nor Ireland. These places do not exist in the comic. In translating not only Sette's dialog but everyone's, I use whatever scraps and knots of english I feel best suit what they're saying - whatever gets the feeling right. Don't try to pinpoint Sette or Duane as any specific nationality. Don't try that with any character - it won't be consistent and you'll get mad at me for writing dialects inaccurately!

How do you create the pages?
Everything is sketched, inked, and coloured in Photoshop CS2.

Is the story all written out and planned?
Essentially. Unsounded is a very long tale that will take years to tell. I hope you'll stick with me to the end!

I saw a Duane picture on dA and he looked different! I saw another weird one with Sette on CasualVillain! In another, she was hanging out with a character I don't know! Why do you lie! Why do you lie!
Think of all the art on deviantArt and elsewhere as Unsounded concept art. It's not canon to the comic and trying to reconcile it all may break your brain.

Do you keep a buffer?
I maintain a sizable buffer to ensure timely updates. It fluctuates between 60 to 80 pages ahead.