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Duane Adelier [du'an a'de.li.e] is Sette's traveling companion, and a figure of some mystery. Ostensibly he is a talented wright of Aldish heritage, but he is also no longer possessed of a living body. Duane describes himself as a galit [χa'lit], though Sette is more inclined to label him a zombie. Working in Sharteshane as a scrivener, Duane was blackmailed by Sette's father into accompanying and protecting the girl as she commenced an enigmatic journey west.


Duane has shown himself to be immune to casual injury, including being run through with a sword, eaten by an enormous tree monster, and having a finger bitten off. In addition to displaying competence with pymary and being an extremely good wright, Duane possesses excellent hand-to-hand fighting skills, talent with a staff (though his sword skills are terrible), preternatural strength, and a rare ability called tacit casting. His major vulnerability seems to be a keen desire to protect children - particularly his prickly charge Sette.

An eternal hunger torments Duane's corpse-body, flaring to life and muddling his judgment when confronted by blood or raw meat or flesh. In addition, Duane loses his mind after sundown, becoming a simple zombie with a hunger for flesh until morning. While in this state, he can be commanded by Sette, with the help of a necklace given to her by Lord Winalils.

Duane's eyes and larynx are pymaric replacements that enable him to see and speak without the original organs. He conceals his undead state with a glamour that borrows the beauty Aspect from his natural environs. The glamour is broken by eye contact, so he wears a hood that hides his eyes.


Duane harbours an intense hatred of Cresce, warning Sette multiple times not to lead them too far west and into Crescian lands. His short temper seems to grow even shorter when faced with Crescian opponents, and Duane is at his most violent when at odds with them.

Visual flashbacks at moments of extreme emotion hint towards a strange and bloody past.

In life, Duane was a citizen of Alderode and a soud, or a member of the Aldish Gold caste. He had a daughter named Mikaila, who seems to be the origin of his protective attitude toward children such as Sette or Cara. He also had a wife named Leysa and a son named Simon. Duane and his family all had strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. He had a younger brother named Lemuel Adelier but unlike Duane and his family, he had yellow eyes.

Duane is known to have been a soldier, and in the comic, a flash-back is shown with Duane preaching as a cleric, and later, in council with government officials and high members of the temple. He wears thorns, or distinctly colored gloves indicating that he is a first-class wright, and he was considered for the title of spell composer, making him among the best wrights in the country.

In the side story Interior Emanations, Duane was romantically involved with a Silver third option, which was forbidden for both of them. Because of his academic excellence, he was allowed to stay in the academy, but because the Silver was expelled, he decided to leave for the army and, later, the clergy.

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