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Jivi Flask [dʒiːviː] is a fourteen year old Crescian boy currently being held prisoner by the slaver gang the Red Berry Boys. Being the only captive who has not yet undergone the procedure that's left his fellow slaves comatose, Jivi's concern for their welfare and his own is palpable.


Very little is known about Jivi beside the fact he was captured while sleeping in a ditch. Repeated dreams and flashbacks of his mother, a "Captain," speak towards a troubled history.

Jivi was at some point working for his uncle, who owns a winery. The two had a fight and Jivi ran away; on the way home, he was ambushed and captured.


Although seemingly a bit doubtful of his own morality, Jivi possesses a fairly strong one; he has frequently attempted to aid his fellow slaves in spite of the risks of doing so and saved Mathis Quigley.

Perhaps as a result of his troubled past, Jivi is very independent as well as intelligent and brave enough to get himself out of sticky situations.

He also has a habit of calling people by their ethnicities or quirks rather than their actual names, such as calling Timofey "ghost" before correcting himself. Sometimes these names may be slightly offensive, but it is implied that Jivi had, at one point, done a lot of travelling and he is otherwise unprejudiced.


Jivi has proven himself quite resourceful.

He also seems to have some talent in making rhymes.

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