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Lord Bastion Winalils [wɪn.ə.lɪlz] is a wright, a doctor and a member of the Black Tongues. He is responsible for resurrecting Duane. He is a Jet of noble birth but was disowned by his family. "Bastion grew up out in the country and was being groomed to take over the facility for his father, but he absconded to Cresce to join the Black Tongues." This is when he learned Continental. Later he is seen in Sharteshane. Winalils then hired Nary Frummagem to have Sette take Duane back to Alderode through Cresce. He gave her the blood-filled amulet necklace that can apparently command Duane at night. He also supplied the spell that keeps Elan's heart beating. At the time of our story, he is forty-two years old.

As a boy he was an apprentice to Delicieu, where he met Prakhuta.

He is friendly with Shadwe Grandvin. And he sometimes practices medicine in Fachlyne, despite(or perhaps because of) the Weeping Plague.

Timofey is Lord Winalils' loyal ghost servant and reconnoiter.

He is known to practice medicine in disguise with great skill, exhibiting some degree of compassion beneath his machinations.

Is capable of teleportation across great distances which he uses to his advantage but cannot take any physical objects that are not part of his body with him meaning that he is naked on arrival. Because of this disadvantage he instead creates glamours in the form of clothing.

He has distinctive scarring on his back, from wounds sustained during Duane's assassination.

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