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Cara was a young Aldish prepubescent girl. She spoke in third person and did not seem fully fluent in Continental.

Her parents were killed by the Weeping Plague; though Cara attempted to stay with the bodies of her parents, her mother and father were burned, presumably as per Ssaelit tradition, and Cara was taken away by a Black-Tongue doctor and went to live with her uncle. She ran away shortly after and was somehow captured by the Red Berry Boys and taken out of Alderode.

After her capture, she was taken to a crypt and briefly met Jivi. Cara was in the midst of having surgery performed on her by Cutter when the Red Berry Boys had to flee, leaving her dying on the operating table. She would breathe her last breath when Duane found her; mistaking him for a Black Tongue doctor, she said a brief monologue before passing away despite Duane's efforts to save her.

Duane gave her a Ssaelit funeral.

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