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Lady Ilganyag is an enormous black raven-like creature that makes a prominent appearance in Chapter 7 when Sette is in the khert. However, she also sports many bizarre physical traits, such as two-toed feet without hind toes, a feathered tail that is more similar in flexibility to that of a lizard, and three pairs of breasts. She has red eyes and a distinct pattern on her beak. The Lady can also take on a more humanoid appearance. She seems to only speak Tainish and resembles depictions of Lady Ilganyag, one of the senet beasts said to inadvertently kill infants by attempting to suckle them. Lady Ilganyag is associated with the Black Tongues, as many Black Tongues have birds, crow and crows with teats imagery.

Although strange in appearance, Lady Ilganyag is apparently benevolent, as she attempted to warn Sette to leave the khert as soon as possible and also brought Duane to rescue her from Murkoph. She also warns Duane about Stockyard and greater danger. Lady Ilganyag helps Duane to wake up from his nighttime slumber.

“Duane took a step back, startled. He wasn’t certain what manner of speech he’d expected the grotesque to utilize, but this certainly wasn’t it: a deep and intimidating befuddlement of feminine beauty and avian squawk. Intimately acquainted with the mechanics of speech, Duane wondered how many vocal passages existed in that long neck. She spoke like a choir of birds and women fighting over each other to be heard.

Her dialect, too, was bizarre. It took Duane a moment to parse the melange of Old and Revised Tainish, but it immediately reminded him of another conversation he’d had long ago. He’d been outclassed and afraid then, too.”

A crow-like animal adorns Sette's amulet. Whether or not it has any relation to the Lady is unknown, though it is from Lord Winalils, a member of the Black Tongues.

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