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Prakhuta, or Cutter, is a two-toe member of the Red Berry Boys. He is the surgeon who removes the organs of the kidnapped victims and puts silver in their bodies. Cutter speaks in rhyme, and shows an affinity for eating humans and especially killing children. He was the one who butchered Cara. Unlike other two-toes, he work pymary. He told Starfish he is one of the Black Tongues, an organization reportedly exclusive to humans.

His forehead is branded with the mark 'L12'. This same mark is seen on the Two-toe that a young Bastion is conversing with about gaining a soul due to the work of Master Delicieu, hooked up to a machine just before an experiment was begun. He also claims the name of Delicieu while conversing with Duane. He claims to understand pain, just as Delicieu was intent on making Bastion understand it.

After killing Delicieu, he studies his research to create the First Silver weapon. Posing as Delicieu, he offers to sell the weapon to Queen Sonorie to destroy Alderode.

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