Senet beasts

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Senet beasts are ageless creatures that wander the world of Kasslyne in a variety of wondrous forms. Legend has it that these creatures precede the khert, having been created first, and are not bound by the same natural laws that bind the rest of the world. Standing apart from their less fortunate living kin, senet beasts do not and cannot age, nor do they have a place in a food chain, nor are they subject to disease. Many senet beasts can perform feats that are for all intents and purposes "miraculous" as they fly in the face of what natural law finds permissible.

Because they preceded the khert, senet beasts possess their own separate and unique khert fields, making them worlds unto themselves. This separate nature suffuses their flesh, making them natural producers of various First Materials.

Senet beasts cannot reproduce but violent trauma can kill them as easily as any other creature. As such there are fewer and fewer of them all the time, and more species extinct than there are extant.

Known Species

Wandering Roots Spindleworms (First Silkworms) Efheby (Nagas) Salt Dragons Water Women (Nereids) Stormbringers (Sylphs) Mountain Ogres

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