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Sette Frummagem ['sɛ.ti 'frʌm.ə.ʤɛm] is a barefoot young girl hailing from the city of New Tawhoque, in Sharteshane. Her most remarkable features are a lengthy tail and a mouthful of sharp, filed teeth. Currently Sette is traveling with a wright named Duane Adelier, engaged in a mission to investigate her cousin Stockyard's failure to pay a debt to her father. Antics with a group of slavers and a pair of Crescian Peaceguard seem to have slightly derailed her goals.



Motherless, Sette lives with her father Nary-A-Care Frummagem, head of the criminal Frummagem family and de facto ruler of the city of New Tawhoque. Along with her paternal grandmother, uncles, cousins, and an assortment of cutthroats, thieves, and con-men, Sette calls home a sprawling underground complex near the New Tawhoque waterfront, crowned by an enormous seedy pub called the Midnight Cricket. All members of the family are required to pay a weekly sum - called jukrum - to Nary, and Sette is not excluded. To meet her obligations she's become a talented pick-pocket, burglar, and confidence trickster.

"Sette learned a lot of stuff from her granny: how to be a snakeoil salesman, how to lie and flirt and cheat and keep your head about you in hairy situations, and how to dress a squirrel or a rat for a quick dinner. She learned lock-picking from Nary but at a very young age, as a game to play at his feet while he was doing the books. She perfected it on her own. She learned how to handle dogs from watching the two-toes that keep the Frummagem’s kennels (you haven’t seen this but Sette rides and handles hounds very well) and she learned how to fly and fight and insult and boast from the gangs of feral kids on Tawhoque’s streets."

But her future need not be bleak. Sette is convinced if she can prove herself indispensable and trustworthy, she may one day herself have the running of the family. As Nary's only daughter, Sette believes the inheritance of the organisation should fall to her, even if her unnatural features call the legitimacy of her birth into question. This mission for her Da will seal her future with the family.


Having presumably grown up in a criminal family and raised to possibly inherit her father's title, Sette is, at first glance, amoral and largely devoid of any otherwise-expected childlike innocence. She has no qualms with stealing from more or less anyone and even admitted that she had already "nicked everything valuable [Duane] had two hours" after setting off on her mission. She has a general lack of interest in helping others, or at least expects a reward if she does so, and has little respect for ancient creatures. She is largely apathetic towards politics and related subjects that do not concern her directly; rather, Sette seems most concerned with filling her pockets with money and valuables, and is sometimes seen pouring coins and watches into her shirt. She sometimes exaggerates about her successes and frequently wrongly takes credit for victories or grand feats.

Sette is fairly intelligent for her age, as well as manipulative. Even while apparently apologizing and briefly opening up to Duane, she continued to lie about her true intentions to travel all the way to Cresce, knowing that informing him of her destination would extinguish any chance of bringing him there. She is quick to make excuses or cover-ups when needed.

Yet perhaps because she is still a child, and perhaps because she isn't as rotten as she seems, Sette does have a sense of compassion, as shown when she frees a number of fetus-like creatures from their attachments to the ground in the khert. Although largely amoral herself, she is apparently aware of what IS right and wrong, as she called out Duane on seeming more concerned about his gnawing hunger than for the safety of a girl. Sette is also opposed to unnecessarily killing people despite once claiming that "further harm's always necessary." Perhaps as a result of her not caring about politics, she does not seem to harbor bad feelings towards particular groups of different religions and ethnicities.

Sette is also religious, though she once made a large offering to Fat Yerta and told her god "to take the day off" before going on a pickpocketing spree.


Duane - Though she has been seen unabashedly looking for replacements for Duane as her underling, Sette appears to genuinely care for and appreciate her Galit companion and frequently turns to him for aid. Sette doesn't mind taking advantage of his trusting nature to help further her mission, however.

Nary Frummagem - Sette's Da. He is the only person she seems to look up to despite her knowledge that he would dispose of her if she failed her mission. She quotes him often.

Boo - A broken spider pymaric that adores Sette. Boo shows much enthusiasm for helping Sette, and is often seen perching on her shoulder.


Sette boasts a heightened sense of smell, one that extends even to the olfactory discernment of pymary and the khert. She's also an excellent thief and acrobat, and has proven herself more than capable in a fight despite her small stature. She is also a very good liar.

One ability that Sette keenly lacks is literacy. She can neither read nor write, though her mental arithmetic skills well suit one so miserly.

Sette seems to have a strange connection to pymarics and the khert. She could use Boo, tell Swarm (Quigley's pymaric cloak) what to do, and also dig through the khert walls. She can also hear ghosts talk that aren't pymaric.

That Tail

Sette's been shown to conceal her tail when in uncertain company though when strangers do manage a glimpse of it they seem largely unconcerned. Most assume it an unreal, glamoured accessory.

Sette claims her tail is that of a lion. It may increase her balance when climbing trees.

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