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Sette Frummagem ['sɛ.ti 'frʌm.ə.ʤɛm] is a barefoot young girl hailing from the city of New Tawhoque, in Sharteshane. Her most remarkable features are a lengthy tail and a mouthful of sharp, filed teeth. Currently Sette is traveling with a wright named Duane Adelier, engaged in a mission to investigate her cousin Stockyard's failure to pay a debt to her father. Antics with a group of slavers and a pair of Crescian Peaceguard seem to have slightly derailed her goals.


Motherless, Sette lives with her father Nary-A-Care Frummagem, head of the criminal Frummagem family and de facto ruler of the city of New Tawhoque. Along with her paternal grandmother, uncles, cousins, and an assortment of cutthroats, thieves, and con-men, Sette calls home a sprawling underground complex near the New Tawhoque waterfront, crowned by an enormous seedy pub called the Midnight Cricket. All members of the family are required to pay a weekly sum - called jukrum - to Nary, and Sette is not excluded. To meet her obligations she's become a talented pick-pocket, burglar, and confidence trickster.

But her future need not be bleak. Sette is convinced if she can prove herself indispensable and trustworthy, she may one day herself have the running of the family. As Nary's only daughter, Sette believes the inheritance of the organisation should fall to her, even if her unnatural features call the legitimacy of her birth into question. This mission for her Da will seal her future with the family.


Sette boasts a heightened sense of smell, one that extends even to the olfactory discernment of pymary and the khert. She's also an excellent thief and acrobat, and has proven herself more than capable in a fight despite her small stature.

One ability that Sette keenly lacks is literacy. She can neither read nor write, though her mental arithmetic skills well suit one so miserly.

That Tail

Sette's been shown to conceal her tail when in uncertain company though when strangers do manage a glimpse of it they seem largely unconcerned. Most assume it an unreal, glamoured accessory.

Sette claims her tail is that of a lion. It may increase her balance when climbing trees.

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