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Sette Frummagem is a short and barefoot young girl hailing from the city of New Tawhoque, in Sharteshane. Her most remarkable feature is a lengthy tail and a mouthful of inhumanly sharp teeth. Currently Sette is traveling with a wright named Duane, engaged in a mission to investigate her cousin Stockyard's failure to pay a debt to her father. Antics with a group of slavers and a pair of Crescian Peaceguard seem to have slightly derailed her goals.


Sette's father is Nary a Care Frummagem, head of the criminal Frummagem family and a moderately powerful figure among Sharteshane's corrupt leadership. Raised motherless, in an environment constantly at odds with the law, his daughter has become a well-practised pick-pocket, confidence trickster, and burglar with a twisted sense of morality. Sette believes that if she can prove herself indispensable and trustworthy, she may one day have the running of the family herself. As Nary's only daughter, Sette insists this is not outside the realm of possibility, even if her unnatural features call the legitimacy of her birth into question.


Sette boasts a heightened sense of smell, one that extends even to the olfactory discernment of pymary and spellwork. She's also an excellent thief and acrobat, and has proven herself more than capable in a fight, despite her small stature.

One ability that Sette keenly lacks is literacy. She can neither read nor write, though her mental arithmetic skills well suit one so miserly.

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