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Lists of assorted examples of Tainish words and phrases from sources other than the comic itself.

For unverified fan speculation, see the Tainish speculation page.

Generic Examples

English/Continental Tainish
Tainish Tairet
Continental Llederoret
Yes Ssha
No Ko
Hello! Aum yut shenut! (formal) or Pahol! (informal)
Farewell! Mallil i Yerta! (Gefendur only) or Laemasa, llaemas e Mann! (Ssaelit only)
Have a nice day! Timmabi nasamasota!
Please Okhael emimabi akdem
Thanks Socha
You are welcome Lluomabi
Who? Akaa?
What? Solle?
When? Akaraa?
Where? Donaa?
Why? Pulinaa?
How? Charaa?
Come Tabi
New Gil
What is your name? Solle ssomun sa raek?
How much? Solle kafha?
I do not understand. Ssalim efhim.
Yes, I understand. Ssha, ssalim.
I agree. Lim.
Help! Falomabi!
Can you help me please? Okhael vhomal falom dan?
Where are the toilets? Reghal ssomunt donaa?
Do you speak Tainish? Vhomal tookim tairet?
I do not speak Continental. Vhom tookim efhim llederoret
I do not know. Llachom efhim.
I know. Llachom.
I am thirsty. Ssom hrashul.
I am hungry. Ssom matig.
Dog Llega
How is everything? Fhen ssomun sshenut?
Everything is alright/great/terrible. Fhen ssomun shenut/damma/fhel.
A vliegeng ate my baby. Vliegeng hhrashotemun da nall.
I will f*** stab you. Maa roilim chal.

Miscellaneous Examples

More examples (mostly requested translations) from Formspring:

Tainish English
Ssha llachom efhom nil, tim tookim basimen retit Tairet yoninSette. If I didn't know better I'd say you are taking Tainish lessons from Sette.
To kuralomm Deres. Piss off. (lit. "Get out of my eyes")
Llede Llaemasa Lions of Mercy
Ghutim pol Tairet mut llunsh tessiw, uulansshamin. Created the language a while ago, sunshine.
Nalo khichul Lots of laughter
Ulom. I like (you)
Sal rigumom. I love you. (informal)
Ssom fhal rigumom. I love you. (formal)
Sal pyalokom. I really love/adore you.
Ssom tokut na fhal. I worship you. (lit. "I am illuminated by you")
Ssomal mae mellasa ssomun pulina ssom tollomen dalim tairet. I'm attempting to learn Tainish because you are so inspiring.
Llokh ssomun fhundaet lloglinan. Death is the gods' crime. (lit. "Death is sin (of)Twins.")
Efhodait! Gaw balim ofh Demam lloret guit. Absolutely not! I have to look at my word lists constantly.
Amek tairet, socha dek sala nahroret. As for Tainish, thanks for your compliment.
Dae-glin nnakh, chin-llene gae-chikh hannba, kon dem (Old Tainish) Bright green: R64 G255 B0
Hannba Green
In, chin, glit, glin, chikh, da, do, chokh, nikh, bae One, two, three ... ten
Baen, baechi, baeglit, baeglin, baechikh, baeda, baedo, baechokh, baenikh, tae Eleven, twelve, ... twenty
Edesh taom kura'shebim paefh llo'Ssaelmannit inim da balimul ninitig. I go to join Ssael's Watch, to begin my vigil eternal. (formal, man speaking)
Fholakh! Brilliant!
Ephsephin (archaic spelling) Unlucky
Mann falomabi dan. God help me.
Soud & Semon va ebokh. Poltabi. Gold & Bronze top deck. No exceptions.
Yaem idanesocha, aneki nnama idamilaen. Reedoihuchik idamodüdilaen, maeshomun mak renit tesswe treenha. Stormy morn, sweet winds by eventide. Blizzards at the witching hour thawed to spring by dawn. (Duane's favorite saying.)
Da sufis da barit. My brother, my enemy.
Lulimal da vliegeng? Will you taste my vliegeng?
Gatim masallaga la sam'sopin. Tilimal? I dropped candy in my lap. Could you find it?
Fhomabi sa talopos la edam'iyan lowe. Put your mouth on my privates now.
Okhael balimimel! Please look!
Hhrashom uashom bebet. I do not eat fish. (formal)
Damma inul Class A First Material
Poltabi dwe sultet ssomun noligaet tessiw eres lloVits! All castes are without exception equal before the eyes of the law!
Vammak Llomann! God's Sword (exclamation of frustration)
Leedoaut Ilgan felan Black silty-loam
Elghavhuchaell Granite
Nelevara Unit of length, 1 nelevara is approximately 6 2/3 feet
Eni-evara Unit of length
Damma Great/Best/Superior/etc
Shebimem Meeting
Ukmel ghal Outside place
Ukmeghal Forum
Molla fhelimun nassamul saDalin. This creates happiness in+my+ghost.
Sufhossh roilia Sister-fucker
Hanbafhao Field pig
Sshupall Friend
Ilinit shamid First light (old Tainish)
Init shamid First light (modern Tainish; formal/old-fashioned word for "light")
Ssagalimul Light (most commonly-used modern term)
Ssiomabi Illuminate (with pymary)! (New Tainish)
Ssiomalia Illuminate (with pymary)! (Old Tainish)
Manngulann Right hand (Old Tainish)
Obitgulann Left hand (old Tainish)
Naama Right hand (New Tainish)
Tiama Left hand (New Tainish)
Treen Sun
Am Moon
Hinn Day
Tookimal solle, Duane? What do you say, Duane?
Dan paesabi, nafe. Forgive me, grandpa.
Ko! Tookimabi: da'giss ssomun moeshinn; okhael liilimil! No! You say: My life is forfeit; end it, please!
Faenilalim efhalim muol. I don't abide a nitwit/jerk

Sample Pronunciations

Pronunciations of some specific words and phrases:

Tainish IPA English sound-alike
Ssael [za'el] za-EL/zigh-EL/zhigh-EL
Llederod [je.de.ɾod] yeh-de-rod
Semon [ze'mõ] Zay-moong
Imunt hethllot [im'unt heθ'jot] ee-MOONT heyth-YOHT
Galit [χa'lit] (unvoiced uvular fricative)a-LEET
Anteit Vaosa [an.tait 'vao.sa] on-tight VOW-suh
Vliegeng ['vli.ʒũ] VLEE-zhung (it's a loanword)
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